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It can be difficult being a landlord. Some claim it’s a sure-fire way to gain a few extra pounds, but it’s not always as easy, or as simple as it sounds. There can be multiple problems that you can be up against, but we’re here to provide you with a selection of top tips to help you save time, and de-stress in the process.

Don’t settle for less

We get it, when looking to let your property, you want to find a tenant in the quickest time possible to avoid any void periods. However, although finding tenants quickly will save you time in the short-term, it may end in chaos if you don’t check them out before letting your property.

Ensuring you search for the right tenant to match your property will save you time in the long term. As a landlord you must ensure that you carry out all the correct checks. Tenant referencing is vital, and can tell you more about a tenant’s credit history, their background and their employment status. If you fail to carry this out correctly it can lead to a landlord’s worst nightmare, a long-winded eviction process. Here at Chimneypots we can help save you time as we can carry out tenant referencing for you, and can get a response back to the landlord within just 48 hours!

Nip it in the bud

Landlords are busy people, and are often dealing with multiple properties at any one time. However, a sure-fire way to save time is to act on any maintenance issues that occur in the property as they happen. Letting a problem fester to save money is a big mistake. The job is not only likely to cost more, but it’s also likely to be a longer job too!

Don’t let them go

One of the key ways to save time if you’re a landlord is to keep hold of any tenants and ensure they renew their tenancy. If you have managed to build up a solid relationship with your tenant and have kept on top of any outstanding maintenance issues then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Keeping hold of your tenants will not only minimise void periods, ensuring you maintain a steady income, but will also save you time. Finding new tenants, arranging property viewings and completing tenant referencing can be a long and arduous task.

Leave the marketing to the professionals

One of the simplest time-saving solutions for landlords is to hand over part, or all of the work to your local letting agents. That way, you’ll know your property is in the safest of hands and it will ensure that you’re left stress-free!

Here at Chimneypots, we manage a range of landlord’s properties in Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire on a daily basis, and there’s nothing we don’t know about finding and managing tenants. We also understand that every landlords needs are different, and we endeavour to tailor a property management package to suit your needs, so it’s you who remains in control.

If you would like further information or advice in letting your property across the south of England, get in touch with the team today. Alternatively, why not find out how much rent you could obtain from your property with our free instant, online valuation tool.


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