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By Andrew Foster

Development Director, Wildstone


How landlords can profit from having a digital billboard on a property

Property owners who have a building or disused piece of land by a high traffic road can make a significant profit from having a digital billboard installed on their property. It requires no capital investment on your side and is more profitable than renting traditional billboard panels. How does it work and is your property suitable?  

Landlords can benefit from the digital revolution in out-of-home

Digital Out-of-Home advertising accounted for 64 per cent of total Out-of-Home revenue in the UK in 2021 and continues to grow at a pace three times as fast as its traditional counterpart. With the sector clearly shifting from classic billboards to digital screens, rents on traditional billboards are being squeezed.


Many landlords who currently own a traditional billboard on their wall experience their sites be decommissioned. That’s why now is a great time to partner up with a company that specialises in Digital OOH and, not only protect your income, but enjoy an uplift in rent too.

What makes a good outdoor advertising site?

There are a few factors that need to be taken into account when deciding whether the site can be used for outdoor advertising. Some landlords already have existing billboards on their property, which is a great first sign that they’re in a good location. These sites have the highest chance of approval for the digital screen to be installed.

For landlords who are seeking advice on a currently unused site, it’s worth considering factors such as:

- The volume of traffic that passes your building or land – the more the better

- How good the long-distance visibility is from the site

- Whether there are any obstructions to where the billboard will be situated

- Whether there are any developments being planned in the area

How can you profit from having a digital billboard at your property?

You can opt for a one off capital payment for your advertising site or choose to secure your income in a long lease. In terms of making it all happen, a specialist outdoor media infrastructure company with a dedicated planning team will be your best bet. At Wildstone, we manage the whole process at absolutely no cost to you. The service includes:

- Expert help identifying potential locations for advertising

- A free, no obligation valuation of your potential advertising site

- A specialist planning team to secure planning consent

- Managing the construction of new digital billboard panels

- Maintenance of the advertising site and associated costs

You can transform your unused gable wall or pocket of land into a profitable asset, without any capital investment on your side.

* Andrew Foster is Development Director at Wildstone *

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