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Labour pressure group tweets: “All landlords are bastards”

A Labour Party pressure group has tweeted the message: “All landlords are bastards.” The tweet, from Labour Tenants United, is the latest...

11 June 2021

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Large number of tenants eligible for controversial Breathing Space - claim

A large number of private rental tenants may be eligible to take advantage of the new and controversial Breathing Space debt...

11 June 2021

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New tenancy forms - landlords must use now or risk possessions being invalid

The government has released new forms for secure and assured tenancies - and agents who fail to use them risk having...

02 June 2021

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Full details of Notice and Eviction changes

The government has announced changes to tenancy notice periods in line with the phased easing of the pandemic restrictions.  Whilst some notice...

13 May 2021

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 Row blows up over rental perk for university Vice Chancellor

A row has blown up in Cheshire over a claim by a student tenant that she pays more rent than the college’s...

10 May 2021

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Landlord fined after Gangmasters authority investigates rental property

A landlord has been convicted and ordered to pay more than £11,500 in fines and legal costs for the offence of...

05 May 2021

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Government insists eviction ban “protects most vulnerable renters”

The government insists that its ban on bailiff-enforced evictions “protects the most vulnerable renters” during the pandemic. The claim comes in the...

11 January 2021

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All eyes on Jenrick after Scotland extends its evictions ban

It’s regarded as extremely likely that Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick will announce an extension to the eviction ban in England today. Pleas...

08 January 2021

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Leasehold reforms should be good news for landlords

Landlords with leasehold properties should be able to enjoy reduced costs and red tape when they wish to extend their leases,...

08 January 2021

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Call for Airbnb landlords to help domestic abuse victims

The Liberal Democrats want Airbnb to ensure its landlords offer free accommodation to victims and survivors of domestic abuse in Tier 3...

04 January 2021

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Latest two month eviction halt not enough for Generation Rent

The government’s announcement at the end of next week that almost no evictions would be possible before January 11 at the...

09 November 2020

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'Extreme arrears' is one of few reasons for eviction during lockdown

It’s been confirmed that during the current one month lockdown in England there will be no enforcement of possession orders except...

06 November 2020

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10 Essential Safety Requirements For New Landlords

With new regulations and rules now in place for landlords, our in-house property experts outline their 10 essential safety requirements for...

29 October 2020

From: Legislation, Regulation & Compliance

BTL landlords ‘can start to take action’ following end of the evictions ban

The six-month tenant eviction ban, which finally ended yesterday, has helped renters that are suffering financial difficulty, but it has also...

21 September 2020

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Agents can help landlords ‘reduce the need for evictions caused by rent arrears’

With courts now prepared to hear rental property repossession cases again following the end of the ban on evictions, there will...

21 September 2020

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Six month notice for evictions extended into next year

Rules which were due to expire at the end of September have been extended meaning buy-to-let landlords in Wales must now...

18 September 2020

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Tenant evictions will not be enforced in areas subject to local lockdowns

Many renters have welcomed the government's latest announcement around protecting tenants from eviction over the winter period, but tenants and landlords...

15 September 2020

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Why should landlords ‘subsidise those who are struggling to pay their rent’?

The government has been slammed for attempting to shift the responsibility for renters in need onto landlords.  Chris Town a landlord and...

09 September 2020

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Are there legal issues with the six-month notice period for possession claims?

Buy-to-let landlords must now provide tenants with at least six months’ notice period prior to seeking possession through the courts in...

03 September 2020

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Demand funding for renters, justice for landlords

Covid-19 has been a challenge for landlords and tenants, on a scale that no one could ever anticipate. Whilst our research shows...

03 September 2020

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New six-month notice period is introduced

Buy-to-let landlords must now provide tenants with at least six months’ notice period prior to seeking possession through the courts in...

01 September 2020

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Notice periods extended with a view to ‘supporting renters over winter’

Buy-to-let landlords in England will now have to give tenants six months’ notice to vacate their property except in cases involving...

24 August 2020

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Courts must prioritise rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and domestic violence

While the five-month tenant eviction ban has helped renters that are suffering financial difficulty, it has left landlords powerless to take...

18 August 2020

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The tenant eviction ban in England and Wales ‘is not without victims’

The government’s decision to extend the ban on evictions in England and Wales by a further two months has left victims...

16 June 2020

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Extension to eviction ban – three things landlords need to know

Earlier this month, the government confirmed that its ban on evictions due to the coronavirus pandemic is to be extended for...

12 June 2020

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Rental reform: The government must act to ‘have the full confidence of landlords’

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) is calling on the government to ensure that reforms are made to the way good landlords...

16 December 2019

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Allow tenants to transfer deposit between landlords, says RLA

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has proposed that tenants should be permitted to transfer a deposit between landlords when moving property.  The...

12 September 2019

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Axing Section 21 will leave landlords ‘powerless’ to evict anti-social tenants

The government’s controversial plans to scrap Section 21 of the Housing and Planning Act, the so-called ‘no fault eviction’, will leave...

04 June 2019

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House of Commons briefing paper on tenancy deposit schemes published

A briefing paper on tenancy deposit schemes has been published by the House of Commons ahead of the Report Stage and...

04 September 2018

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Pervert landlord installed cameras in tenants’ rooms to film them having sex

A disgusting landlord has been ordered to pay a £5,000 fine plus £500 in costs, and handed 100 hours of unpaid...

14 August 2018

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Give councils power to ‘confiscate’ properties from rogue landlords, say MPs

Local authorities should be given the power to confiscate properties from landlords who break the law, according to a committee of...

23 April 2018

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Landlord handed suspended sentences for harassment and illegal eviction

A pair of private landlords from Sheffield who harassed and illegal evicted their tenant have been handed suspended prison sentences. Mark Cashin...

23 March 2018

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Council urged to get tough on Airbnb-style rentals

A north London council is being encouraged to take a tough stance on reported Airbnb and equivalent style rentals in an...

19 March 2018

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Property manager jailed after stealing money from landlords

A crooked property manager who pocketed thousands of pounds in rental income which he failed to pass on to landlords has been...

05 December 2017

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Rogue landlords slammed for ‘knowingly renting property to illegal migrants’

Buy-to-let landlords allowing illegal immigrants to live in their properties may face jail after hundreds of people suspected of not having...

21 August 2017

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Nightmare tenant jailed for setting fire to her rental property

A tenant who set fire to her flat because her landlord was planning to evict her has been sentenced to three...

21 June 2017

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Race row landlord facing legal action

The UK’s largest and arguably most controversial buy-to-let landlord who banned ‘coloured people’ from renting his properties because ‘they make them...

18 May 2017

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Some landlords miss out on ‘good mortgage deals’ because of ‘lazy’ brokers

Many buy-to-let landlords are simply not getting the best mortgage deal, or find themselves trapped into mortgages with high standard variable rates, as...

14 April 2017

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Controversial landlord calls in police after receiving online abuse

The UK’s largest and arguably most controversial buy-to-let landlord Fergus Wilson has called in the police after receiving a tirade of...

04 April 2017

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Four rogue landlords, including child sex offender, banned from renting properties

A man who is currently serving six years in prison for child sex abuse offences is among four rogue landlords in...

22 March 2017

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MPs call for greater powers to ‘clamp down’ on illegal lets in London

With a growing number of buy-to-let landlords in London now using short-term letting platforms like Airbnb to breach the rules for...

22 March 2017

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Short-term letting industry vow to stop landlords converting ‘homes into hotels’

The short-term letting industry, which includes the likes of Airbnb, joined local authorities and community groups at City Hall yesterday to...

22 February 2017

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Government consults over ‘banning orders’ for rogue landlords

The government has launched an official consultation process on plans to for new banning orders to clampdown on rogue landlords and...

17 December 2016

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Thousands of private landlords suffer abuse from tenants

Thousands of private tenants claim to have suffered abuse at the hands of landlords according to Shelter, which include threats, assaults...

23 September 2016

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Encourage landlords to “exit their investments” by simplifying CGT

The government could go a long way towards boosting the stock of properties available for sale, which remains close to record...

09 September 2016

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Landlord accused of homophobic abuse

A landlord has been accused of hurling homophobic abuse at his gay tenants, even after they moved out of his property.  The...

30 August 2016

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Homeowners’ tax relief open to abuse

Greater scrutiny of the capital gains tax exemption, which is used by people selling their main home, is required to help...

29 July 2016

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Holiday rental sites being abused for long term letting

A growing number of landlords are attempting to shirk their legal responsibilies of renting out property by advertising it as a holiday...

16 May 2016

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Richard Price, Glide Executive Sales Director

Who are you? I joined Glide in 2011 and am responsible for overseeing the external and internal sales teams. Over this time...

24 February 2016

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Eviction specialist warns about subletting scams

A tenant eviction specialist has warned that the Government’s proposal to introduce minimum room sizes will not prevent subletting scams which...

11 November 2015

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