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Pro-tenant activists slam Labour’s rental reform plans

Labour’s manifesto commitment to empower renters to challenge unreasonable rent increases has been slammed because it “would leave millions trapped in...

17 June 2024

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Left wing renter groups slam Labour for prioritising first time buyers

The ink was hardly dry on Labour’s plan for a mortgage guarantee scheme for first time buyers before some left wing...

10 June 2024

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They Think It’s All Over - renter activists unhappy about Reform Bill

In theory the Renters Reform Bill could become law if government and opposition agree to prioritise it in the few remaining...

23 May 2024

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Only 1-in-20 tenants knows much about Renters Reform Bill - survey

Despite a plethora of press releases and statements from pro-tenant groups, it appears only one-in-20 renters knows details of the Renters...

23 May 2024

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NRLA accused of putting landlord profits before society’s interests

A leader of the Renters Reform Coalition activist lobby has made a specific targeted attack on the motives and honesty of...

04 March 2024

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Renters Reform Bill: government reveals another Commons delay

The Renters Reform Bill will not go for its Third Reading in the House of Commons for at least another fortnight. The...

05 February 2024

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Activist group makes formal public apology to landlords' chief

The controversial activist group Acorn has made a formal public apology to the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association. On...

04 January 2024

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Rental activists claim public support for radical five point 2024 wish list

The controversial Renters Reform Coalition - a band of campaigners including the Acorn and Generation Rent ginger groups - claims public...

27 December 2023

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Activist leader claims ‘one man band’ landlords worst at exploiting tenants

A leader of the pro-tenant activist group Acorn has told MPs that “one man bands” are more likely to exploit tenants...

22 November 2023

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Anti-Landlord group is part of Labour teach-in for renters

A local authority’s teach-in for private tenants this weekend is to be addressed by a group which is known for its...

19 October 2023

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Nationalise private rental homes, demands new manifesto

A collection of pressure groups, fronted by Generation Rent, wants all private rental homes going on sale to be offered first...

06 October 2023

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Hardline activists claim over 600,000 evictions using Section 21

The hardline activist group Acorn - part of the Renters Reform Coalition involving Generation Rent - now claims that some 600,000...

02 October 2023

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Activists complain to Rishi Sunak over Renters Reform Bill delays

The Renters Reform Coalition - an umbrella body which includes direct action groups Acorn and the Renters Rights London - has ...

27 July 2023

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Extinction Rebellion jumps on housing protest bandwagon

After genteel protests from the Generation Rent ginger group and more pro-active protests from the Acorn group of rental activists, tomorrow...

07 July 2023

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Renters Reform Bill - Penny Mordaunt gives progress report

A Labour MP has expressed concern at the speed of progress on the Renters Reform Bill - pushing Leader of the...

23 June 2023

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Activists to lobby MPs on rental reform in ‘day of action’

A coalition of tenant activists has called a Day of Action to protest at delays in the government’s rental reform agenda. The...

28 February 2023

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BBC series on tenants facing eviction seeking case studies

BBC Three is to show a TV programme about tenants facing eviction after being served with Section 21s. It’s an independent production...

05 December 2022

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Rent Reform Activists turn on each other in factional feud

Two groups of activists who campaign for rent controls and reform of the private lettings sector have turned on each other. Acorn...

29 November 2022

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Activists want Sunak pledge that Section 21 will be scrapped

Activists got reassurance from Boris Johnson and Liz Truss in the past, and have a supportive politician in the form of...

28 October 2022

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“We’ll train people to resist evictions” says Renters Reform group

One of the many activist groups in the so-called Renters’ Reform Coalition has pledged to “train people across the country to...

13 October 2022

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Almost total rent freeze STILL doesn’t go far enough for activists

A rent freeze in Scotland - which has been condemned by many experts in the private rental sector and by housing...

06 October 2022

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Some Rent Freeze and Eviction Ban activists pause campaigning

Both Shelter and Generation Rent have paused their campaigning on social media for the duration of national mourning for The Queen. A...

12 September 2022

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Activists want council to recruit staff to catch rogue landlords

Media reports from Cambridge say that rent protesters in the city are to demand the council employs staff dedicated to chasing...

30 August 2022

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Activists want Labour chiefs to hear case for selective licensing

Activists in the Acorn group is hoping to attract Labour councillors who run Leeds to a meeting next week, which will...

19 August 2022

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Warning to tenants - don’t be tempted by Don’t Pay UK

A warning has been issued that anyone wanting a mortgage in future may put their credit rating at risk if they...

10 August 2022

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Tenants take landlord to court and win £15,000

The Guardian newspaper has given an aggrieved tenant the opportunity to explain how he and other renters took a landlord to...

08 June 2022

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Points-based system of rent controls demanded by activists

A points-based system of rent controls is being advocated by activists associated with a controversial pro-tenant group. Living Rent, which is calling...

20 April 2022

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Here we go again! Activists prepare new attack on landlords

Rental activists have made clear that they are not going to stop when their objective to scrap Section 21 eviction powers...

12 April 2022

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Rent Controls Campaign takes to the streets this weekend

A pressure group of campaigners highly critical of landlords and letting agents is organising protests at cities this weekend. Acorn - which...

07 April 2022

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Activist group must pay £100,000 damages to landlord

Local media in Sheffield are reporting that the activist group Acorn must pay just under £100,000 in costs and damages to...

06 April 2022

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Activists want holiday lets allowed only to long-term local residents

The activist group Acorn is lobbying a local council to deny people the right to buy a second home or let...

24 March 2022

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“We’re sick of rip off landlords” says rent control activist

One of the driving forces behind a summit being held to consider rent controls in a major city says she is...

16 February 2022

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It’s War! Activists and Green Party at loggerheads over landlords

Activists in the Acorn pro-tenant movement have sharply criticised the Green Party which runs Brighton council for allegedly failing to prosecute...

19 November 2021

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Landlord pays out £980 compensation over condition of flat

A landlord in Norwich has paid almost £1,000 in compensation following the discovery of black mould and damp in a property...

16 June 2021

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Activists thank unions ahead of week of tenants’ rights webinars

The tenants’ campaign group Generation Rent is planning a week of events to promote renters’ rights later this month. The campaign says...

03 June 2021

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Landlord begins legal action against activists protesting outside her home

A landlord has begun legal proceedings against a pressure group after being the victim of a four-month campaign of harassment. Lawyers acting...

26 May 2021

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Activists request meeting with government over rental reform

A coalition of 20 pro-tenant organisations - including at least one actively campaigning against some government measures - wants a meeting...

17 May 2021

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Anti-landlord group objects to curbs on protests

The activists group Acorn, which has staged several anti-landlord demonstrations including some outside homes, is opposing a new Bill going through...

16 March 2021

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Activists press another council to get tough on landlords

Activists from the Acorn campaign are pressing a council to get tough on landlords. Acorn has waged anti-landlord and anti-letting agent campaigns...

10 March 2021

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Activists use agent’s blunder to accuse landlords of “moral bankruptcy”

A group of anti-landlord activists has used an incident involving an estate agency publicity leaflet as a reason to accuse all...

27 January 2021

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Activists create crib-sheet to influence licensing consultation

The Acorn group of rental activists has created a detailed crib sheet of responses to a council consultation on landlord licensing. Acorn,...

07 December 2020

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Another landlord confronted at home by anti-eviction activists

Anti-eviction campaigners have confronted two landlords over an alleged planned eviction.  Members of the Living Rent tenants union are pictured by the...

23 November 2020

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Anti-eviction activists stage protest outside home of landlord

It’s being reported that a so-called ‘rental union’ group of activists has staged a protest outside a landlord’s own home. Acorn - a...

27 October 2020

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Housing charities call on the government to extend the ban on evictions

Housing charities want the government to extend the ban on landlords evicting renters beyond 20 September. Renters across England and Wales received...

11 September 2020

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U-turn on evictions ban is simply ‘kicking the can a month down the road’

Protestors fear that there will be a potential spike in homelessness in the near future despite the government’s U-turn on lifting...

25 August 2020

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Unions demand that all rent payments are suspended immediately

Some of the UK’s largest tenants unions have joined forces to heap pressure on the government to suspend all rent immediately,...

13 May 2020

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Government urged to suspend rents during the Covid-19 pandemic

Renters’ unions are calling on the government to suspend rents for the duration of the coronavirus crisis after new research found...

15 April 2020

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Petition calling for ‘rent holiday’ to support tenants hits 100,000 signatures

The government is under mounting pressure to consider doing more to protect tenants from the threat of eviction during the coronavirus pandemic,...

15 April 2020

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Petition calls for ‘rent holiday’ to support self-isolating tenants

The government is under growing pressure to consider doing more to protect tenants from the threat of eviction during the coronavirus...

17 March 2020

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Carter Jonas, Marsh & Parsons and James Pendleton to offer Zero Deposit guarantee

Carter Jonas, Marsh & Parsons and James Pendleton have become the latest letting agents to sign up to the Zero Deposit guarantee,...

12 March 2020

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Chestertons to offer Zero Deposit guarantee

Chestertons has become the latest letting agency to sign up to the Zero Deposit guarantee, a tenant’s deposit replacement product that...

26 September 2019

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Housing campaigners target NatWest branch over BTL mortgage ‘discrimination’

Campaigners opposed to mortgage lenders allowing landlords to rent property to people claiming benefits tried to voice their discontent over the...

26 November 2018

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Croydon becomes first council to support campaign to scrap Section 21

Croydon Council has become the first local authority to support calls to scrap the so-called ‘no fault’ evictions in order to...

10 October 2018

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Tenants union targets rogue landlords

We all know that buy-to-let landlords have a bad reputation, which is largely undeserved, but a growing anti-landlord movement would have...

29 November 2017

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Do you meet new scheme’s ethical letting standards?

A new ‘Rent with Confidence’ scheme, which features a list of approved landlords and letting agents, has been created by local...

11 July 2017

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Tenants’ backlash against Santander over mortgage clause continues

Santander continues to face the wrath of private tenants after it emerged last month that there is a clause in its...

16 February 2017

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Campaign to reintroduce proposed landlord licensing scheme

A petition has been set up to overturn what has been described as a ‘shameful’ decision to abolish a selective licensing...

14 September 2016

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