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Should landlords pay early redemption fees to avoid mortgage misery?

The latest Bank of England base rate increase will serve only to increase the pain on landlords, it’s been claimed. This is...

17 June 2022

From: Breaking News

Brace, Brace - interest rates likely to rise further this week

The Bank of England is this week expected to increase base rate for the fifth time in a row. The Bank’s monetary...

14 June 2022

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Mortgage costs soar for landlords, with worse to come - warning

Landlords have been hit with steep rises in the cost of buy to let fixed rate mortgages even before the Bank...

11 May 2022

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Rate rise likely to hit landlords quickly - maybe with worse to come

A prominent buy to let mortgage expert says yesterday base rate rise by the Bank of England is expected to hit...

06 May 2022

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Bad News - Lenders speed up passing on interest rate rises to landlords

An online specialist mortgage broker claims that lenders are getting quicker at passing in interest rate rises to landlords. Property Master says...

08 April 2022

From: Breaking News

Buy To Let mortgage costs soar as interest rate rises fees through

Landlords now have to pay as much as £40 extra per property because of interest rate rises. That’s the calculation of online...

10 March 2022

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Base Rate Fallout: Review your mortgages now, landlords urged

Buy to let mortgage rates will rise “very quickly” this year according to a leading broker. Last week base rate was increased...

09 February 2022

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Brace, Brace - landlords warned mortgage rates are set to rise

Landlords are being warned that the next Bank of England base rate rise, possibly at its next meeting in early February,...

10 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlords braced for more interest rate rises in New Year

The Bank of England has raised interest rates for the first time in more than three years, in response to calls...

17 December 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords paying more for BTL mortgages despite base rate hold

The Bank of England may have voted to keep its base rate at a historic low of 0.1 per cent yesterday,...

05 November 2021

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Going Green: What landlords need to know now

Landlords can be forgiven for being exasperated by the government’s exhortations to go green.   I don’t need to rehearse here again...

16 October 2021

From: The Big Issues

HMRC change of heart is good news for landlords - claim

Landlords have been given a boost from an unlikely source - HM Revenue & Customs. HMRC has given landlords and other businesses...

27 September 2021

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Can landlords take advantage of new Permitted Development Rights?

Landlords are being invited to a free webinar that promises to bring them up to date with the new planning regime...

24 August 2021

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Mortgage boost for landlords with buy to let deals on the rise

New research from online buy to let mortgage broker Property Master reveals there are currently 41 BTL mortgages at the record...

15 July 2021

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Sigh of relief over no Capital Gains Tax hike - for now, at least

No news is good news, they say - and the absence of any announcement about Capital Gains Tax in thre Budget...

04 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Green Homes Grant farce - landlords may throw in the towel

A call has gone out for the overhaul of the Green Homes Grant scheme, which so far has left thousands of...

01 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Many landlords optimistic about 2021, despite huge challenges - claim

Some 45 per cent of landlords remain optimistic about the year ahead, despite the obvious health and regulation challenges - and...

05 January 2021

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Landlord mortgage tool uses AI to search for best deals

An online mortgage broker specialising in buy to let has launched a new tool using Artificial Intelligence to show landlords how...

09 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Race Against Time! Landlord buyers may not make stamp duty deadline

There’s another warning today that buy to let landlords wanting to expand their portfolio are in a race against time to...

21 October 2020

From: Breaking News

Coronavirus concerns: BTL borrowing options have been ‘drastically reduced’

Hundreds of buy-to-let mortgage products have been withdrawn from the market due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to Property Master. The online buy-to-let...

27 March 2020

From: Breaking News

Drop in the cost of borrowing ‘will be a boost for landlords’

The cost of buy-to-let mortgages has continued to fall, according to the latest research from Property Master.  The biggest month-on-month fall in...

10 March 2020

From: Breaking News

Reduced cost of BTL mortgages ‘is very good news for landlords’

The cost of buy-to-let mortgages has dropped further, the latest research from Property Master shows.  The biggest month-on-month fall in cost was...

19 February 2020

From: Breaking News

The pace of BTL mortgage rate falls slow

Buy-to-let mortgage rates continue to fall, albeit at a slower rate, the latest data provided by Property Master shows.  October’s report from...

09 October 2019

From: Breaking News

Fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages fall further

The majority of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage rates are continuing to fall, according to the latest research from Property Master. The online...

20 August 2019

From: Breaking News

Lowering of mortgage costs ‘will be very much welcomed’ by BTL investors

There has been an ‘unprecedented’ drop in the cost of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages, according to the latest research from Property...

09 July 2019

From: Breaking News

Cost of buy-to-let mortgage rates set to rise, says Property Master

Fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage costs look set to rise in the near term, according to Property Master. Property Master’s May 2019 Mortgage...

09 May 2019

From: Breaking News

Sharp rise in cost of 5-year rate BTL mortgage products

There has been a significant increase in the cost of popular fixed term buy-to-let mortgage rates, fresh data shows. The latest research...

25 March 2019

From: Breaking News

‘Mixed picture’ for BTL mortgage rates

The average cost of three out of six categories of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgage has increased over the past month, while...

05 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Cost of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages fall year-on-year

Mortgage lenders have reduced the cost of most of their fixed rate buy-to-let deals for landlords over the past 12 months,...

08 January 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords urged to look beyond product fees and factor in extra mortgage costs

Headline mortgage rates are misleading borrowers and could be costing them thousands of pounds, according to Property Master. It may initially seem...

13 December 2018

From: Breaking News

Fixed BTL mortgage rates on the rise

Mortgage lenders have increased their fixed rate buy-to-let deals for landlords, according to Property Master. The firm’s mortgage tracker, which follows a...

08 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlords being encouraged to re-evaluate mortgage position

Do you know how much you could save by switching mortgages? Research from Property Master reveals that landlords on standard variable...

10 October 2018

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let lenders adjust rates ‘upwards’ following Bank rate increase

A number of lenders have now passed on the recent interest rate hike to mortgage customers, which means that borrowers, including...

13 September 2018

From: Breaking News

Cost of five-year fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages fall

The cost of five-year fixed rate mortgages has continued to fall despite fears of an imminent interest rate rise, new figure...

19 July 2018

From: Breaking News

BTL mortgage rates continue to fall

Mortgage lenders have cut their rates for buy-to-let investors looking for deals in a bid to attract landlords. The cost of a...

09 May 2018

From: Breaking News

Digital BTL mortgage brokerage aims to become ‘destination site’ for landlords

A recently launched digital buy-to-let mortgage brokerage service that enables landlords to find, compare and secure the best mortgage deals available...

18 January 2018

From: Breaking News

New digital BTL mortgage brokerage service ‘puts landlords in control’

A new digital buy-to-let mortgage brokerage service that enables landlords to find, compare and secure the best mortgage deals available for...

31 May 2017

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