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New chancellor urged to use Budget to ‘encourage’ investment in the PRS

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) and the National Landlords Association (NLA) are calling on the new chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to use...

18 February 2020

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Tories target renters with pledge to introduce Lifetime Rental Deposits

The Conservatives have pledged to introduce a new scheme to allow tenants to transfer their tenancy deposits when they move homes.  The...

21 November 2019

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NLA welcomes Labour’s decision to drop ‘ludicrous’ right to buy tenant plan

Landlords have welcomed the news that Labour has dropped its proposed ‘right to buy’ policy that would have allowed long-term tenants...

19 November 2019

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Have your say: Section 21 consultation ends tomorrow

With the government consultation on tenancy reform ending tomorrow, time is running out for landlords wishing to have their say by...

11 October 2019

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Scrapping Section 21 would lead to an acute shortage of rental homes

Abolishing the use of Section 21 notices to evict tenants would lead to a dearth of private rental properties across the...

30 September 2019

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Rogue landlords database may be a pointless exercise, warns NLA

Introducing a ‘rogue landlords’ database without better enforcement would be a pointless exercise, according to the National Landlords Association (NLA). A rogue...

22 July 2019

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Landlords cast doubt on government's plan to scrap Section 21

Buy-to-let landlords are concerned about the proposed scrapping of Section 21 in the absence of a new system that allows them...

22 July 2019

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Renters could transfer deposit from one landlord to the next under new proposal

Tenants could be permitted to transfer rental deposits directly between landlords instead of having to pay up for their next property...

28 June 2019

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Mayor of London to develop ‘rent control’ proposals

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan is developing rent control proposals as part of his 2020 re-election bid in the hope...

24 January 2019

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‘Ask The Landlord’ platform launched to provide tenants with ‘help’ and ‘advice’

Private landlords are offering their expertise to the increasing number of renters in this country, as part of a new campaign...

12 September 2018

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Proposed changes will lead to an increase in costs for landlords – claim

The Welsh Assembly is being urged to reconsider the bill to ban tenants’ fees in Wales due to concerns that that...

12 July 2018

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‘No DSS’ landlords may be breaking equality laws

Private landlords who reject housing benefit claimants could be breaking the law. A recent legal case saw single mother Rosie Keogh win...

27 February 2018

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Rental deposits to be capped at six weeks rent

The security deposits that tenants leave with landlords or their letting agents will be capped at no more than six weeks...

02 November 2017

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Around 1.6 million rental homes at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning

Almost a third of rental properties in the UK are potentially at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to new research. The study, carried...

13 October 2017

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Landlords urged to remortgage ahead of tougher BTL regulations

If the existing mortgage deal on your buy-to-let property is about to come to an end, you may want to change...

23 August 2017

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Landlords and agents need ‘certainty about the market’s regulatory future’

Following a raft of changes, including tax measures, in the buy-to-let sector, the government has now published its consultation on banning...

10 April 2017

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NLA cautiously welcome BTL lending criteria proposals

The new lending criteria proposals for underwriting standards for future buy-to-let mortgage contracts put forward by the Prudential Regulatory Authority's (PRA)...

05 July 2016

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Half of landlords affected by removal of wear and tear allowance

Almost half (47%) of landlords will be affected by the removal of the annual wear and tear allowance, according to new...

13 August 2015

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