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Universal Credit rollout delayed again until 2024

The full rollout of universal credit, the government's flagship welfare reform, has been delayed yet again - until 2024.  The system was...

04 February 2020

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What Universal Credit means for landlords

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published updated guidance for landlords with tenants in receipt of Universal Credit. The information is...

08 January 2020

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Couple falsely claim £50,000 from DWP by pretending to be landlord and tenant

A couple from Barry in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, have been handed suspended prison sentences for benefit fraud after being convicted...

01 July 2019

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New Universal Credit system will see rent be paid directly to landlords

Significant changes are being made to the Universal Credit system that will see the housing element of the benefit paid directly...

07 June 2019

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Allowing banks to operate a “no DSS” policy is “housing discrimination”

Mortgage lenders have once again been criticised for not permitting landlords to rent property to people claiming benefits – this time...

22 November 2018

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IPSE backs Vince Cable’s call for halt to Universal Credit roll-out

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) has backed the Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable’s calls for a halt...

29 October 2018

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Rented homes are urgently required, so why are landlords ‘underappreciated’?

Private landlords provide a vital service for people looking for housing, and that is why the government is wrong to persecute...

25 October 2018

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Tenants leave property in a disgusting state before fleeing owing £1,700 rent

A landlord was handed a huge cleaning bill after his house was left in a horrific and disgusting state. The landlord was...

02 October 2018

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IPSE calls on government to halt Universal Credit rollout

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) is the latest organisation to call on the government to immediately pause...

18 September 2018

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Universal credit could cause up to 1.3 million evictions

Universal credit will cause up to 1.3 million evictions from privately rented homes, Liberal Democrat Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)...

23 March 2018

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Trade body welcomes changes to Universal Credit

The government’s decision to make it easier for landlords to apply for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs) without the consent of tenants’...

08 January 2018

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More tenants face eviction and rent arrears due to universal credit

Delays in universal credit benefit payments for housing costs are leaving claimants unable to pay rent and pushing some deep into...

18 September 2017

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Are you familiar with the changes to the welfare benefits reform?

You may have heard about the welfare reform changes that started in 2013. Many existing benefits are being abolished and replaced...

27 April 2017

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Lifting the Lid on Deposit Disputes

Our latest infographic shows figures of how the majority of deposits are repaid at the end of tenancy and goes into...

05 August 2016

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