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Most landlords would fit EV car charger if asked by tenant - claim

A survey claims that 86 per cent of freehold landlords with a suitable property would install an electric vehicle (EV) charge...

02 July 2024

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Landlords Suffer Huge Numbers of Tenancy Breaches

Direct Line is highlighting the importance of residential landlords having their properties inspected regularly, with research revealing 83 per cent of...

13 January 2024

From: Legislation & Compliance

Young renters most likely to sub-let their properties - research

One in eight tenants admit to letting out part or all of their rented property - and that rises to a...

28 July 2023

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Accidental damage leaves hefty bill for holiday let landlords

One in nine holidaymakers say they have accidentally caused damage to a holiday home according to new research by Direct Line...

07 October 2022

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Government clampdown on sociallandlords in new Bill launched today

Failing social housing landlords could face unlimited fines and Ofsted-style inspections, under the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill being introduced into Parliament...

08 June 2022

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Renting set to prosper as FTBs face “frightening” price rise

The house price inflation facing first time buyers is “frankly frightening” according to a new analysis which suggests typical FTB house...

20 May 2022

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One in four landlords are baffled by changing regulations

Almost exactly a quarter of landlords questioned in a survey admit to being baffled by the constantly changing regulations surrounding the...

24 February 2022

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Leaks and water supply problems plague most landlords - survey

Almost three quarters of landlords have experienced an escape of water incident in their properties over the last five years, according...

19 January 2022

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Energy efficiency may be make or break for tenants, survey claims

A survey claims that 80 per cent of prospective tenants would consider energy efficiency as one of the critical items determining...

02 September 2021

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Smoked Out: The signs a property is used for Cannabis cultivation

Direct Line Business Insurance has outlined seven tell-tale signs of cannabis cultivation, which it says is an increasing problem for landlords across...

20 May 2021

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Cannabis Cost - this is how much landlords lose thanks to rogue tenants

An expert assessment of the average cost of damage caused by rogue tenants growing cannabis suggests landlords will typically pay almost...

12 May 2021

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Half of landlords back measures to get pets in rented property - claim

A controversial survey by an insurance firm suggests almost half of landlords welcome the government’s new Model Tenancy Agreement which allows...

15 April 2021

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Huge costs of emergency call-outs identified by insurer’s research

Research by an insurance firm has identified the high costs incurred by landlords on emergency call-outs. Whilst inevitably promoting the merits of...

26 November 2020

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What rental issues do landlords know most (and least) about?

A new survey suggests that one in five individual and multi-property landlords felt unprepared when they first started letting properties -...

05 November 2020

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UK holidays: Landlords should have ‘protection in place’ for short lets

Landlords thinking of letting property on a short-term let this summer are being urged to have the right insurance protection in...

17 July 2020

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InventoryBase Workstreams provides vetted and professional suppliers local to your property to carry out a property visit

InventoryBase Workstreams​ is a new innovative network module of InventoryBase that enables anyone to outsource property visits like inventory/check out reports...

01 June 2020

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Landlords forced to shell out £4.5bn on emergency contractors in past 12 months

With demand still far outstripping supply, buy-to-let remains an attractive asset class, but while the majority of landlords say they are...

01 November 2019

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Cannabis farms are responsible for a quarter of all electricity stolen in UK

There has been a notable increase in landlord insurance claims where properties have been damaged by people using them to grow...

17 October 2019

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New landlord emergency cover launched by Direct Line for Business

Direct Line for Business has launched new landlord emergency cover, which includes call-out charges, costs for labour and materials up to...

02 October 2019

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Average monthly rent is not enough to cover cost of fixing a faulty boiler

The cost of repairing a faulty boiler currently stands at about 60% more than the average UK monthly rent, according to...

22 March 2019

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The most expensive landlord licence costs 21 times more than the cheapest

Landlord licensing schemes are being introduced across England, while they are mandatory in Scotland and Wales, as local authorities attempt to...

20 March 2019

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Security advice for student landlords

As a new intake of students look forward to starting university, the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) has issued new advice to...

31 August 2018

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UK buy-to-let hotspots revealed

There is still plenty of money to be made in buy-to-let, provided you invest in the right areas, according to new...

29 June 2018

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Two-thirds of renters do not intend to purchase property

More than two thirds of UK renters have no plans to acquire a property, according to new research by landlord insurer...

20 June 2018

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Top tips to keep your boiler warm this winter

Amid what is likely to be one of the coldest Februarys for a century the last thing you need – or...

22 February 2018

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Sky-high tenant deposits ‘have spiralled out of control’

With many landlords and letting agents now demanding tenant deposits equivalent to six weeks, many renters across the country are required...

03 October 2017

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Direct Line Group acquires stake in rental market disrupter Canopy

Direct Line Group has announced that it has taken a 15% equity stake in Canopy, a rental market disruptor founded last...

03 October 2017

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Buy-to-let landlords need to be ‘fully up-to-speed with legislation’

With a high number of laws affecting buy-to-let landlords and changing frequently, it is now more important than ever to keep...

12 September 2017

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Landlords identify London’s next buy-to-let hotspots

Landlords have identified what they believe to be London’s next buy-to-let hotspots, which includes the likes of Woodford, Leytonstone and Redbridge. North...

31 August 2017

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BTL landlords ‘remain resilient’ despite ‘ever-changing property marketplace’

But-to-let landlords are a resilient bunch of people who continue to adopt a ‘positive’ attitude towards the private rented sector (PRS)...

27 July 2017

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New rent guarantee launched by Direct Line Landlord Insurance

To help safeguard landlords from losing out on rental income, Direct Line Landlord Insurance has launched a new rent guarantee product...

14 June 2017

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Vast majority of landlords have a good relationship with their tenants

More than two thirds of private landlords have a good relationship with their tenants, according to the latest poll. A total of...

18 May 2017

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Here are some top tips to keep your boiler running smoothly this winter

Well cared for central heating systems will help keep your rental properties warm and cosy. But be warned, fresh analysis by...

30 January 2017

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Are your tenants planning to secretly sublet their home this Christmas?

Total Landlord Insurance is warning landlords to be extra vigilant over the festive period as it reports a 14% year-on-year increase...

19 December 2016

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Tenants leave agent stunned at some of the items stolen

Televisions, boilers and even beds are incredibly among some of the larger items stolen by tenants in the North East of...

14 November 2016

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Almost a third of tenants think it’s acceptable to take landlord's possessions

Almost a third of tenants in the private rented sector think it’s ‘fair game’ to keep items belonging to the landlord...

14 October 2016

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Top tips to ensure your tenants stick to the rules

While we all know that it is important for all landlords to have a watertight legal contract in place to fall...

23 September 2016

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One in seven renters breach tenancy rules

One in seven renters have broken one or more rules outlined in their tenancy agreement, while 11% of renters surveyed claimed...

23 September 2016

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Landlord hands over drugs cash

A landlord who was jailed earlier this year after being found guilty of cultivating a cannabis crop of £75,000 in two...

19 September 2016

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Legal Documents

Legal documents are a necessary requirement for landlords. From tenancy agreements, deposit protection schemes and demand for rent, making sure you...

13 September 2016

From: Video Articles

LBC’s ‘The Property Hour’ returns today

A popular property radio show is to return to the airwaves on LBC later today, and will be broadcast every Thursday...

08 September 2016

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Is your rental property potentially being used as a cannabis farm?

With an increasing numbers of rental properties being targeted by gangs of cannabis cultivators looking to house their criminal activities, it...

12 August 2016

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Don’t let your property investments go to pot

Landlords are being reminded to remain attentive when viewing or inspecting rental homes in order to weed out tenants that may...

11 August 2016

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Top tips for landlords wanting to keep their tenants

With more people renting than in previous generations, buy-to-let can be extremely lucrative, but only if you avoid some major pitfalls. Your...

21 May 2016

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Average tenancy is now 18 months

Tenants are now adopting a more short-term view on renting property, reflected in the average assured shorthold tenancy length which is...

13 May 2016

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One in 10 landlords have no formal tenancy agreement in place

Research by landlord insurance provider Direct Line for Business has revealed that one in 10 private landlords has no formal tenancy...

07 April 2016

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MCD could bar cheap loans to accidental landlords

The Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD), could bar accidental landlords from switching to cheaper mortgage deals on affordability grounds. Many could be told...

14 March 2016

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LBC launches “The Property Hour” radio show

A radio station is launching a new property programme with a focus on landlords.  New LBC programme ‘The Property Hour’ will be...

07 March 2016

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One in six tenants sublets their home

Do you know who’s living in your property? Maybe not, according to new research.   Direct Line for Business found that one in...

24 February 2016

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Accidental landlords at risk from new EU rules

More than half (55%) of buy-to-let mortgage applicants are unaware of the impending changes to mortgage law, according to a survey. Accidental...

08 February 2016

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Landlord Action: What does Right to Rent mean for you?

Landlord Action founder Paul Shamplina has teamed up with Direct Line for Business to create an advertorial video all about Right...

29 January 2016

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Winter boiler warning from insurer

With temperatures plummeting in some areas of the country, landlords are being advised to make sure their boilers are in good...

01 December 2015

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13 September 2016

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29 January 2016

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