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National scheme wants landlords to lease homes to councils

Details have been released of a scheme seeking to encourage private landlords to lease their properties to local councils. The scheme in...

19 May 2022

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Massive tax hike and stiffer rules for holiday lets in one part of UK

The Welsh Government has announced an increase to the maximum level of council tax premiums for second homes, as well as...

03 March 2022

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 Landlords offered leasing scheme to bring empty homes back to use

A council is calling on landlords of empty properties to take the necessary actions to get their homes back into use...

01 March 2022

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Conservatives increasingly keen on helping renters rather than landlords

A poll of Conservative voters shows strong majorities for higher taxes on second homes and empty properties, and tougher demands on...

10 February 2022

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Councils MUST give cash help to tenants with Covid arrears - NRLA

Approaching one in four private landlords have suffered income losses as a result of the pandemic. As a result the sector’s trade...

27 January 2022

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Hotspot’s second homes council tax premium to be agreed soon

Councillors in a second home hotspot will be asked to decide on the level of council tax premium for the next...

26 November 2021

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Bravo for second home-owners - senior politician speaks up for sector

A leading politician in Wales has spoken out in favour of second homeowners, who are under increasing scrutiny in that country...

22 November 2021

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Top tips for landlords faced with empty properties

ARLA Propertymark has issued five top tips to landlords whose properties may be left empty by tenants on holiday.  ARLA president Maxine...

17 August 2021

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Landlords warned of high cost of keeping properties empty

Landlords in one part of England are being urged to get their properties back on the market or face inevitable council...

05 July 2021

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Cash help to get empty homes back to habitable condition

A grant scheme helping buyers to get empty properties back into use has been relaunched in part of Wales. The Valleys Taskforce...

30 June 2021

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Council warns landlords of higher tax if homes remain empty

Landlords across North Lincolnshire are being urged to get their properties back on the market or face inevitable council tax rises. It...

24 June 2021

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Landlords encouraged to use ‘under-utilised’ homes for council

Owners of apparently empty or under-utilised properties in a prime London area are being asked to bring them into use to...

01 March 2021

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Landlords wooed by council pledge of rent guarantees

Thirty properties owned by private landlords have been let thanks to a new rent guarantee scheme run by a Midlands council.  Let’s...

11 January 2021

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Majority oppose licensing - but Labour council set to ignore verdict

South Tyneside council is considering a selective licensing in two areas of South Shields - and looks likely to ignore its...

29 October 2020

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London rents drop by up to 15% amid the coronavirus crisis

Private landlords in London have been forced to drop rents by up to 15% following a significant increase in the number...

29 May 2020

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Stop thieves targeting empty properties during lockdown with these top tips

Back in 1940, when this country was again fighting a ruthless enemy, albeit of a very different kind to now, Winston...

22 April 2020

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Landlords - protect your home while tenants are away this summer

The children are off school, which means the summer break has officially begun and people are gearing up for the holidays....

25 July 2019

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Two-thirds of rental applicants deemed unsuitable

Landlords now face the prospect of two unsuccessful tenant applications on average for every successful one, resulting in an increase in...

27 June 2019

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BTL landlord fined £7k for allowing garden to become ‘extensively’ overgrown

A landlord has been ordered to pay £7,000 for neglecting the garden at one of his properties and allowing to become...

19 June 2019

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Offer landlords tax incentives to end the ‘scandal of empty homes’, says RLA

The government is being urged to do more to address the ‘scourge’ of empty homes in England by supporting buy-to-let landlords...

13 March 2019

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Selective licensing set to be extended in Burnley

Councillors in Burnley are expected to extend the existing selective licensing schemes in Trinity, Gannow and Queensgate, as well as introduce...

07 February 2019

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Will paying 50% more council tax get landlords ‘a return on their investment’?

A 50% council tax increase could be on the way for owners of empty properties across many parts of the country...

07 December 2018

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Council to pay private landlords £5,000 reward to house tenants

A new landlord reward scheme designed to increase the stock of private rented accommodation in the marketplace in Rochford, Essex, has...

23 October 2018

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Grants of up to £25,500 offered to landlords to restore empty homes

Private landlords are being offered money to help encourage them to restore their empty homes in the London borough of Barnet.  Empty...

22 October 2018

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No stress test Buy to Let Mortgage solutions

If the rental income calculation on your BTL doesn’t stack up we can help. If you wish to finance a new...

27 July 2018

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Council launches new private rental scheme in bid to provide more homes

Peterborough City Council has launched a new private rental scheme aimed at landlords who are looking for a long term tenant...

18 June 2018

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What’s the true cost of holding an empty property?

According to official figures, more than 200,000 homes in England were empty for at least six months during 2016. In London,...

01 February 2018

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Many renters will ‘end up worse off’ unless the law is changed

The government’s proposal to cap tenancy deposits to six weeks’ rent will save many tenants money, given that a number of...

15 November 2017

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Abandoned homes are ‘disgusting’ and ‘wearing me down’, says landlord

A landlord in Burnley fears that he will be left with no choice but to board up and abandon his rental...

31 October 2017

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Dangers faced by unoccupied rental properties

As a buy-to-let property owner, the last thing you want is for your investment to be sitting empty. But it’s not...

09 June 2017

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Council seeks to work with private landlords for housing solutions

Many private sector landlords see social housing tenancies as a higher risk than traditional rentals, and rising rents in the open...

10 February 2017

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Landlords offered £1,000 to bring empty homes back into use

Owners of vacant homes in the Rochford district in Essex are being offered grants of up to £1,000 by Rochford District...

04 November 2016

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Cash incentives to help bring empty properties back into use

Homeowners and prospective landlords across the Deepings and Bourne districts of Lincolnshire are being offered grants of up to £5,000 to...

03 June 2016

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Man’s best friend? Tips on letting to tenants with pets.

WHILE, statistically speaking, pet owners are likely to be happier than their animal-free alter-egos, letting a property to a tenant with...

28 May 2015

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