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Allow us to charge tenants for pet damage - landlords demand

Landlord leaders are calling for a change to the Tenant Fees Act to allow renters to be charged for pet damage. Some...

08 July 2022

From: Breaking News

Furnished or Unfurnished? What’s the rental difference?

A new survey claims to show the rent differences between furnished and unfurnished homes to let in various cities. For example London...

24 June 2022

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Lodging becoming less popular despite HMRC tax break

The number of households taking lodgers has declined in recent years according to new research. The number of homes taking one lodger...

22 June 2022

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Landlords told to 'up their game' to compete with Build To Rent

A furniture firm which supplies to some Build To Rent operators has told buy to let landlords to up their game...

25 May 2022

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Tips For Landlords Entering The Holiday Let Market

Even before the pandemic, we were seeing dramatic changes across the buy-to-let landscape with holiday lets steadily increasing in appeal –...

02 April 2022

From: Top tips & guides

Tax on buy to lets and landlords - tell the government what should change

The independent Office for Tax Simplification wants to know how it can make landlords’ tax issues simpler - and it’s started...

17 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Navigating the holiday let investment market

Covid-19 has upended most industries, at least for a short while, over the past two years. But the tourism sector has...

19 February 2022

From: Tax & Finance

Can BTR Renting Be As Satisfying As Home Ownership?

There are numerous reasons as to why renting is the way forward and how it can bring just as much, if...

15 January 2022

From: Industry Views

Flats at £1,000 a week called 'competitive' by Build To Rent developer

High end agency Savills and a London developer have launched apartments in a new Build To Rent scheme costing tenants up...

13 January 2022

From: Breaking News

2022 Rental Trends - a Build To Rent perspective

1. Outdoor space: After nearly two years of restrictions, 2022 will see renters continuing to prioritise outdoor space. For residents of...

08 January 2022

From: The Big Issues

Landlords urged to bail out council as housing shortage worsens

Coventry council is the latest to appeal to private landlords to help it meet its housing obligations. It wants to sign up...

24 September 2021

From: Breaking News

Furnished v Unfurnished - research shows city premiums for furniture

New research shows how the rental premium for a furnished property compares to the cost of furnishing a rental home individually. The...

11 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Tenants happy to pay for furnished flats, says Build To Rent supplier

A supplier to the niche Build To Rent sector claims new research shows private rental tenants happy to pay a premium...

08 July 2021

From: Breaking News

New threat to buy to let? John Lewis gets into Build To Rent

Another new Build To Rent player is emerging - in the unlikely form of the John Lewis Partnership. The company has long...

05 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Investment firm says serviced apartments now an option for investors

Investment consultancy Thirlmere Deacon says serviced apartments, typically for visitors, can provide an attractive option for investors right now. Thirlmere Deacon director...

22 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Appeal to landlords to house refugees in government-funded scheme

A council is appealing to landlords to help it fulfil a pledge to be a sanctuary to vulnerable refugees. Bristol council has...

21 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Furnishing a property? Top tips for best quality and best value

If you are furnishing your long-term let or holiday let, a new guide to the best value second hand furniture may...

16 June 2021

From: Breaking News

 New guidance given to first time landlords

The Association of Residential Landlords Association - part of Propertymark - has issued guidance to first time landlords letting out property.  Check...

10 June 2021

From: Breaking News

 Row blows up over rental perk for university Vice Chancellor

A row has blown up in Cheshire over a claim by a student tenant that she pays more rent than the college’s...

10 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Covid prompts surge in niche ‘medium term’ rentals

An online corporate rental platform says Covid 19 has led to a six-fold increase in demand for medium-term rentals in this...

30 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Boris Johnson becomes a landlord (and will allow pets)

The Daily Mail is reporting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to let his Oxfordshire cottage out - and he’s taking...

13 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Closing tax loophole for rentals doesn’t go far enough for some

The closing of a tax loophole which allow some owners of holiday lets to avoid paying council tax does not go...

29 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords warned tax change could have surprising impact

The government’s much-hyped ‘tax day’ yesterday had - by comment consent - an underwhelming impact on the property sector. However, one tax...

24 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Samsung teams up with Build To Rent firm to deliver hi-tech homes

Technology colossus Samsung has teamed up with a Build To Rent provider to create what it calls “next generation neighbourhoods” of...

20 November 2020

From: Breaking News

What should any prospective holiday let investor ask themselves before investing?

With the staycation boom caused by Covid-19, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future as travel restrictions remain for...

29 October 2020

From: Property Investment & Strategy

Landlords – here’s how to create the perfect property listing

Despite another national lockdown seemingly on the horizon, the property market remains resilient, with the stamp duty holiday and other initiatives...

05 October 2020

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Strong tenant demand for unfurnished properties

A majority of tenants are looking for unfurnished homes, new research shows.  Online property management platform Howsy analysed existing rental property listings...

04 August 2020

From: Breaking News

Government policy is deterring landlords from providing long-term homes to rent

A growing number of buy-to-let landlords are switching to short-term lets, as a consequence of skewed policy that favours holiday homes...

24 February 2020

From: Breaking News

Growth in the number of short-term lets is bad news for the PRS

The tax and regulatory changes introduced in recent years have led to an increase in the number of landlords exiting the...

31 January 2020

From: Breaking News

How to attract tenants to your property this winter

With the private rented sector continuing to expand, landlords must work hard to get ahead of the competition and attract suitable...

30 January 2020

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How do you attract a corporate tenant?

When deciding on whether or not to let a property furnished or unfurnished, landlords need to consider their personal circumstances as...

25 September 2019

From: Breaking News

Government attacked for ‘incoherent’ approach to PRS

The government has been attacked by a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee for its “incoherent” approach...

11 September 2019

From: Breaking News

What are renters really looking for?

Whether you are about to acquire a new property or preparing to re-let an existing home, it is helpful to know...

05 September 2019

From: Breaking News

New online platform targets BTL investors chasing high yields

A new online platform dedicated to the buying and selling of income-generating properties has been launched. Powered by Experience Invest, yieldbase allows...

13 August 2019

From: Breaking News

The next chancellor must reverse ‘tax changes impacting private landlords’

The Tory leadership contest is well underway with just two candidates - Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt - left in the...

28 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Britain’s holiday rental market looks set to boom this summer

The holiday rental market in this country looks set for another busy summer as the weak pound persuades millions to opt for...

21 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Hostmaker to pull their ‘misguided’ short-term rental ads

Hostmaker, which specialises in managing London properties put on to Airbnb and other short-let platforms, has apologised for causing controversy over...

04 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Hostmaker defends adverts that encourage short-term lettings

Controversial short-lets managing agents Hostmaker has defended its latest advertising campaign after once again sparking outrage among some industry professionals for...

28 May 2019

From: Breaking News

“A good time to be a landlord in London’ as renters seek long-term tenancies

A growing number of renters in the capital are looking for longer-term tenancies as home ownership becomes increasingly out of reach...

02 April 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords could ‘potentially do very well out of Brexit’ by turning to UK holiday lets

Brexit uncertainty could lead to a rise in demand for holiday let rental homes, which is potentially good news for landlords...

21 March 2019

From: Breaking News

What do renters really want?

Whether you are looking to add to your portfolio by acquiring a new property or preparing to re-let any of your...

08 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Top tips for renting out your property

ARLA Propertymark has compiled some top tips aimed at novice landlords that some experienced buy-to-let landlords may also find useful. Peter Savage,...

01 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Less than 3% of BTL landlords offer informal short-term lets

Despite the growing popularity of Airbnb and other short-term letting websites, less than 3% of landlords are currently engaged in the informal...

25 February 2019

From: Breaking News

It’s simple: Immaculately presented rental properties will get a ‘higher price’

From furniture and lighting to bedding and tabletop items, there is a lot that can be done to improve a property’s...

17 January 2019

From: Breaking News

Will paying 50% more council tax get landlords ‘a return on their investment’?

A 50% council tax increase could be on the way for owners of empty properties across many parts of the country...

07 December 2018

From: Breaking News

Landlords can get up to 21% more rent for a furnished property, research shows

While the cost difference between furnished and unfurnished rentals varies across the country, generally speaking you can typically expect to receive...

21 September 2018

From: Breaking News

Newcastle Quayside to receive North East’s first Build to Rent development

Construction work is progressing well on a new ultramodern, multimillion pound Build to Rent development on Forth Banks in Newcastle, which...

02 August 2018

From: Breaking News

Shared occupancy test for rent-a-room relief will add ‘unnecessary complexity’

The government’s plans to change the rules on its ‘rent-a-room’ scheme, which allows people to earn up to £7,500 a year...

01 August 2018

From: Breaking News

The summer rental market - top tips for landlords

While the UK weather continues to defy all expectation, with scorching temperatures raging across the country, the rental market in London...

24 July 2018

From: Breaking News

Top tips for new landlords

Whether you are a first-time landlord or have let properties before, there are a number of factors to consider in order...

13 March 2018

From: Breaking News

Man, whose family are victims of Leicester explosion, offered rent free flat

A generous landlord, who has asked to remain anonymous, has donated one of her rental properties to Jose Ragoobeer, whose family...

02 March 2018

From: Breaking News

Sharp rise in super prime tenancies agreed in London

With residential property prices in super prime London continuing to fall, an increasing number of would-be purchasers are turning to luxury...

20 February 2018

From: Breaking News

New platform to help landlords buy and sell property while tenanted

Many buy-to-let landlords are reluctant to sell a tenanted property because it can increase the chances of the sale falling through...

13 February 2018

From: Breaking News

Rate of rental price decline moderates in prime central London

Average rents in prime central London recorded a fall of 3.1% over the course of 2017, but the rate of decline...

31 January 2018

From: Breaking News

Is buy-to-let still a good investment? The PM certainly seems to think so

Over the past couple of years, private landlords have suffered some disappointing blows compared with other investors, such as the scrapping...

30 October 2017

From: Breaking News

Letting agents under ‘increasing pressure’ from changing legislation

It is currently a challenging time for letting agents, following a raft of changes introduced by the government prompting concern that...

25 September 2017

From: Breaking News

Rental market in Scotland ‘remains in good shape’ despite ban on fees

It is currently a challenging time for letting agents, following a raft of changes introduced by the government prompting concern that...

13 September 2017

From: Breaking News

Landlords urged to run their buy-to-let portfolio ‘as a business’

Private landlords are being advised to adopt a more professional approach when it comes to managing their property portfolio, after new...

01 September 2017

From: Breaking News

Rents fall in London despite greater demand from tenants

Average rents continued to fall across many parts of London during the second quarter of the year despite the fact that...

17 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Demand for buy-to-let falls as higher taxes bite

The number of buy-to-let landlords registering to buy property fell last month by 3.7% in England and Wales compared with the...

07 June 2017

From: Breaking News

Landlord fined £16k for tenant’s anti-social behaviour

A landlord has been handed a £16,000 fine because his tenant would not stop playing loud music. Jason Duffield must pay the...

25 May 2017

From: Breaking News

Lower profits for many landlords mean ‘rents will have to rise this year’

A number of buy-to-let landlords are still unaware, or only vaguely aware, of the changes to mortgage interest relief, despite the...

11 April 2017

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let is becoming a ‘less attractive investment for landlords’, says ARLA

The past year has been a challenging time for landlords, following a raft of changes introduced by the government, prompting concern...

04 April 2017

From: Breaking News

Council offers five-year tenancy agreements to house Syrian refugees

Landlords with family size homes in East Devon are being urged to rent their properties to vulnerable Syrian refugees after East...

23 March 2017

From: Breaking News

Majority of landlords undeterred by tax changes

The government’s decision to introduce a raft of changes, including buy-to-let tax hikes, to create what the former chancellor George Osborne...

08 March 2017

From: Breaking News

5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Tenants Have Pets

We as the human race have long since had an affinity with animals, inviting them into our homes and making them...

24 February 2017

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Buy-to-let lending falls following introduction of new rules

Paragon Bank witnessed a sharp decline in its buy-to-let lending in the final quarter last year following the introduction of more...

30 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Landlords offered online tax training

With less than just three weeks remaining until the January 31 Self Assessment deadline, buy-to-let landlords are being reminded that there are...

13 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Dress to impress to achieve a higher rental yield

Home staging can not only help to make a property highly desirable, but it can also help to deliver a higher...

10 January 2017

From: Breaking News

Days of the buy-to-let landlord are numbered, says Fergus Wilson

Tax changes and more stringent mortgage lending conditions will sound the death knell for small buy-to-let landlords, according to Britain’s largest...

12 December 2016

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let purchases plummet following government’s ‘war on landlords’

There has been a sharp decline in the volume of buy-to-let transactions following the government’s outright assault on buy-to-let landlords, according...

09 December 2016

From: Breaking News

Demand slumps following ‘extraordinary attack on buy-to-let landlords’

One of Britain’s largest housebuilders has warned of a sharp decline in demand caused by Brexit uncertainty and the government’s outright...

05 December 2016

From: Breaking News

BTL mortgage costs set to soar as landlords pushed into longer deals

But-to-let landlords face paying an extra £6,700 on their mortgages when new rules forcing them to take out longer term loans...

02 December 2016

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let landlords likely to increase rents to offset higher costs

There are growing fears that tenants will end up bearing the cost of the government’s decision to ban letting agents' fees...

29 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Many buy-to-let landlords plan to add to their buy-to-let portfolio

A significant number of buy-to-let landlords are planning to increase their property portfolios over the next few years, according to research...

11 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Greater ‘appetite’ for buy-to-let properties after ‘topsy-turvy’ summer

From a landlord’s perspective, it has been a tough year, with a raft of changes designed to bring the booming housing...

02 November 2016

From: Breaking News

Almost a third of tenants think it’s acceptable to take landlord's possessions

Almost a third of tenants in the private rented sector think it’s ‘fair game’ to keep items belonging to the landlord...

14 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let mortgage lending rockets despite stamp duty hike

From a landlord’s perspective, it has been a tough year, with a raft of changes designed to bring the booming housing...

12 October 2016

From: Breaking News

Society of Mortgage Professionals launches buy-to-let CPD events

The Society of Mortgage Professionals (SMP) has announced that it will deliver a CPD event programme dedicated to buy-to-let following the...

28 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Surge in buy-to-let activity post-Brexit

Buy-to-let activity surged in August despite the various economic and political challenges that the sector has faced recently, fresh research shows. Despite the...

12 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Fed up with letting agents? This is how to do it yourself.

When you’re letting out your property, you don’t have to pay a high street letting agent hundreds, or even thousands of...

11 July 2016

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Who’s renting where in London?

Success in the letting industry hinges largely on the ability to find good tenants. And while it may be obvious what...

07 July 2016

From: Breaking News

Buy-to-let investors to sell up in droves

Thousands of landlords will be forced to sell up over the next couple of years amid Chancellor George Osborne’s tax hikes...

17 June 2016

From: Breaking News

Landlords advised to wait until April to replace furniture

Landlords should wait to replace furniture in let properties until 6 April 2016 when the 10% wear and tear allowance is...

12 February 2016

From: Breaking News

Tenants face “winter of discontent”

Tenants asking their landlords to do anything more than the most urgent repairs face an uphill struggle this winter, according to...

20 November 2015

From: Breaking News

Half of landlords affected by removal of wear and tear allowance

Almost half (47%) of landlords will be affected by the removal of the annual wear and tear allowance, according to new...

13 August 2015

From: Breaking News

Airbnb host tax warning

A firm of accountants has warned that homeowners using Airbnb to raise extra cash could end up in conflict with HMRC...

12 August 2015

From: Breaking News

RLA launches “campaigning” toolkit for tax-hit landlords

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has launched a new campaign page full of tools to enable landlords to lobby against the...

07 August 2015

From: Breaking News

HMRC gives full details of wear-and-tear tax changes

HMRC has revealed the scope of its proposed changes to the wear and tear allowance, as announced in George Osborne’s budget...

22 July 2015

From: Breaking News

Landlord insurance comparison tool creates new insight for landlords

Our comparison tool creates new insight for landlords. When choosing a letting agent or utilities supplier it’s vital to be able to...

30 April 2015

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