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Proceeds of Crime - £250,000 must be paid by landlord

A rogue landlord prosecuted for illegally squashing seven flats into a development with planning permission for six must pay around £250,000.  In...

17 May 2022

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Do you run the best holiday let in the UK and Ireland?

Landlords renting out to holidaymakers could be in with a chance of winning £10,000 as part of a nationwide search for...

12 May 2022

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The Ultimate Guide to Investing in a Holiday Home

With the rising cost of living and the UK’s inflation crisis creating financial uncertainty, many are looking to make more secure...

30 April 2022

From: Agent Advice

Airbnb properties will return to mainstream use, pledges politicians

Politicians in a city with one of the UK’s most frenzied short lets markets are pledging to return Airbnb style units...

20 April 2022

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Short Lets and Holiday Lets cash in on eco-conscious vacationers

Representatives of holiday let landlords say they hope to capitalise on the increased number of staycations for economic-conscious  holidaymakers. They claim the...

08 April 2022

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Tips For Landlords Entering The Holiday Let Market

Even before the pandemic, we were seeing dramatic changes across the buy-to-let landscape with holiday lets steadily increasing in appeal –...

02 April 2022

From: Top tips & guides

Holiday Lets increasingly attractive investment for new landlords

The staycation craze has made holiday lets a far more attractive proposition to many would-be landlords, according to a new survey. Research...

30 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Activists want holiday lets allowed only to long-term local residents

The activist group Acorn is lobbying a local council to deny people the right to buy a second home or let...

24 March 2022

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Tax on buy to lets and landlords - tell the government what should change

The independent Office for Tax Simplification wants to know how it can make landlords’ tax issues simpler - and it’s started...

17 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Labour MP launches ‘First Homes, Not Second Homes’ campaign

A Labour MP in the westcountry appears to be winning support for a campaign he has launched called First Homes, Not...

14 March 2022

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Top Tips when Buying a Property at Auction

With the housing market showing little sign of a slowdown, interest in auction properties also signals a busy year ahead. Here's my...

05 March 2022

From: Top tips & guides

Massive tax hike and stiffer rules for holiday lets in one part of UK

The Welsh Government has announced an increase to the maximum level of council tax premiums for second homes, as well as...

03 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Navigating the holiday let investment market

Covid-19 has upended most industries, at least for a short while, over the past two years. But the tourism sector has...

19 February 2022

From: Tax & Finance

You can’t just rely on Airbnb to make Holiday Lets Profitable

Airbnb entered the realm of holiday lettings in 2009, but it wasn’t until 2016 that it really started to gain traction...

19 February 2022

From: Top tips & guides

Rent Controls and EPCs - landlords urged to respond to consultation

A prominent country property expert has issued an urgent appeal to rural landlords to become involved in the consultation process which...

16 February 2022

From: Breaking News

Conservatives increasingly keen on helping renters rather than landlords

A poll of Conservative voters shows strong majorities for higher taxes on second homes and empty properties, and tougher demands on...

10 February 2022

From: Breaking News

Tory MP lobbies Sunak over “tax-avoiding absentee landlords”

An MP has lobbied Chancellor Rishi Sunak about what he calls “tax avoiding absentee landlords” who have moved into the holiday...

03 February 2022

From: Breaking News

UK Holiday lets attracting more landlords, says mortgage lender

The specialist holiday let market is becoming increasingly attractive to ex-pat investors - and another mortgage lender has entered the sector...

02 February 2022

From: Breaking News

Airbnb and short lets wreck local housing markets, say conservationists

The Council for the Protection of Rural England is the latest body to blast Airbnb and other short lets for their...

17 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Tax clampdown on holiday lets will help 'genuine’ agents - claim

A tourism chief has stood up in favour of closing what the government calls a tax loophole for landlords letting out...

17 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Tax loophole closed for landlords claiming business rates

Landlords who let out holiday properties as businesses may have to fork out as much as £1,000 more per year as...

11 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Compulsory Landlord Register? Clamp-down likely on holiday lets

The government looks set to clamp down on holiday rentals and will this year formally consult on the concept of a...

10 January 2022

From: Breaking News

HMRC to clamp down on landlords in 2022, warns accountancy firm

A leading accountancy firm says the relative good health of the rental market and house price appreciation will trigger stricter enforcement...

07 January 2022

From: Breaking News

Pets - Short Lets say they're more dog-friendly than mainstream rentals

The trade body representing Airbnb and other short let providers and sector suppliers says the short let industry is best placed...

13 December 2021

From: Breaking News

Airbnb v Long-Lets: the benefits of holiday-lets for landlords

Airbnb can make life easier for UK landlords by increasing yields, simplifying the rental process and providing peace of mind against...

11 December 2021

From: The Big Issues

Letting a holiday home? Here’s how to make it more sustainable

Harry Roberts, managing director of My Favourite Cottages, outlines how holiday homes can be made more sustainable. Earlier this month, world leaders...

27 November 2021

From: Industry Views

Bravo for second home-owners - senior politician speaks up for sector

A leading politician in Wales has spoken out in favour of second homeowners, who are under increasing scrutiny in that country...

22 November 2021

From: Breaking News

HMRC and Valuation Office working on new tax regime for holiday lets

A government housing minister has confirmed to the House of Lords that a new tax regime for Airbnb hosts and holiday...

12 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday Lets mortgage boost as staycations attract investors

The Primis mortgage network, owned by estate agency-led company LSL Property Services, says it’s seen a surge of enquiries regarding holiday...

05 November 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday Lets backlash - protest claims local being priced out

The protest movement against second homes in Wales appears to be gathering pace. The BBC reports that over 150 campaigners have gathered...

26 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Labour councillor want holiday lets to pay five times normal council tax

A Labour councillor in the Lake District says second home owners who let their properties should be obliged to pay five...

20 October 2021

From: Breaking News

 Tax clampdown on landlords planned for New Year - claim

If you let out holiday properties or have switched to Airbnb or similar platforms, tax inspectors may be coming for you. Accountancy...

15 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Staycation yield boom likely to stay for up to two years - forecast

Fabrik Invest, which works with holiday parks across the UK, says the staycation boom is here to stay despite the easing...

14 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Possession Process - new guidance issued for landlords

The government has issued new guidance for landlords and tenants concerning the possession process as applied to those on an Assured...

05 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Tips for landlords to maximise holiday let income in 2022

Landlords in or anticipating entering the holiday let market are being offered a series of tips by one of the country’s...

05 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday Lets may be the next Buy To Let, says Moneyfacts

Independent finance service Moneyfacts says increasing numbers of people are keen to explore alternative investment options - with holiday lets a...

04 October 2021

From: Breaking News

Big boost in holiday let mortgage deals available to landlords

Independent mortgage market monitor Moneyfacts says there’s been a big increase in choice available to landlords wanting to enter the holiday...

17 September 2021

From: Breaking News

Top MP tells Airbnb it’s doing “nowhere near enough” about rental crisis

Former Liberal Democrat party leader and Lake District MP Tim Farron has met with bosses from Airbnb to challenge them on...

13 September 2021

From: Breaking News

Activists accuse landlords of tearing apart communities via short lets

The Generation Rent group has renewed its attack on landlords who let properties to holidaymakers rather than long term tenants.  The group...

25 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Airbnb fights back against criticism of short lets

Airbnb has issued a lengthy statement in response to a recent raft of criticisms about the effects of soaring numbers of...

12 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Petition to increase lettings tax nears 45,000-signature target

A petition calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to increase tax on holiday lettings has neared its 45,000-signature target over the weekend. Former...

09 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Cheaper Rents - tenants' protest scheduled for next week

Protesters in a part of the UK with high numbers of holiday lets will stage a demonstration next week demanding cheaper...

09 August 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday let landlords starting to use virtual tours in marketing

A virtual tour company says this kind of property viewing is now being adopted by holiday let operators as well as...

30 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Politicians want action on Airbnb lets using ex-council houses

Politicians of both major parties have voiced concern over former council houses being used as Airbnb and other short lets in...

29 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Property Investor Show is back - and it’s REAL, not virtual

The Property Investor Show is back and in person, rather than virtual. It’s been announced that it will take place at London’s...

28 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday let landlords advised to ‘invest in luxury’ to bag more tenants

New research shows that holiday let features appear to be the most in demand, based on Google searches.  Prospective renters appear most...

20 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday lets set to face extra financial penalties in one part of UK

Landlords in the holiday let market in Wales look almost certain to face hefty new barriers under proposals being considered by...

07 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Holiday let landlord could win £10,000 cash

A holiday lettings agency is offering £10,000 to the owner of what it declares to be Britain’s Best Holiday Let. Sykes Holiday...

06 July 2021

From: Breaking News

Buy to let lender says landlords push for holiday let products

Buy to let lender Keystone says demand from landlords making the switch to holiday lets have driven it to expand its...

29 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Furnishing a property? Top tips for best quality and best value

If you are furnishing your long-term let or holiday let, a new guide to the best value second hand furniture may...

16 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Airbnb’s ‘responsible’ approach to short lets welcomed by trade body

Airbnb says it’s working to consider new approaches to short-term letting and the burgeoning holiday lets sector - and this has...

09 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Accountants warn landlords who have not declared to HMRC

A property accountant is warning that ‘accidental landlords’ may not have been aware of the complexity of property taxation and so...

12 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Activists want Rent Control Board to limit rent rises

A pressure group for tenants wants the next Mayor of London to win powers from the government to reduce rents, through a...

07 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Big surge in choice of mortgages for holiday let landlords

There’s been a surge in the number of mortgage products aimed at landlords in the holiday let market. There’s been a 45...

07 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Closing tax loophole for rentals doesn’t go far enough for some

The closing of a tax loophole which allow some owners of holiday lets to avoid paying council tax does not go...

29 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlords warned tax change could have surprising impact

The government’s much-hyped ‘tax day’ yesterday had - by comment consent - an underwhelming impact on the property sector. However, one tax...

24 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Staycation explosion makes holiday lets a viable alternative to BTL

A holiday lets firm has outlined six reasons why that sector may be a good bet for property investors, despite recent...

05 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Police probe homes let by landlords contrary to Covid rules

Police in Devon say they will be cracking down on holiday homes let by landlords in contravention of Coronavirus lockdown rules...

20 January 2021

From: Breaking News

Expert tips - How to set up and manage a holiday let

Britain’s holiday rental market is preparing for a busy year ahead, as many travellers are expected to opt for staycations over...

12 January 2021

From: Property Investment & Strategy

More criticism of landlords claiming Coronavirus business grants

There’s been renewed media spotlight on landlords who register their holiday lets as businesses, and can thus claim a key grant. The...

01 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Rethinking hospitality in a post-Covid world – how to meet rising demand for holiday lets

For over two decades, The Cumberland has been offering specialist lending to the hospitality sector, and 10 years ago, it became...

29 October 2020

From: Property Investment & Strategy

What should any prospective holiday let investor ask themselves before investing?

With the staycation boom caused by Covid-19, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future as travel restrictions remain for...

29 October 2020

From: Property Investment & Strategy

Spike in demand from first-time landlords

From accidental landlords to those wanting to embark on buy-to-let as a business, renting out property can be extremely rewarding, and...

22 September 2020

From: Breaking News

West One introduces new limited edition BTL products

West One has launched two limited edition buy-to-let mortgage products, which both benefit from West One’s ‘no credit scoring’ approach, with...

13 August 2020

From: Breaking News

David Alexander, Joint Manager Director

Who are you? David Alexander What does it say on your business card? Joint Manager Director What is apropos? Apropos is a revolutionary...

05 August 2020

From: 60 Second Interview

YBS launches new holiday BTL product

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) Commercial Mortgages has introduced a new limited company buy-to-let product targeted specifically at holiday letting properties in...

20 July 2020

From: Breaking News

A quarter of BTL landlords plan to add to portfolios

One in four buy-to-let landlords are planning to expand their portfolio this year, according to new research. With buy-to-let continuing to deliver...

16 July 2020

From: Breaking News

SimplyBiz Mortgages adds Paragon to BTL panel

SimplyBiz Mortgages has added Paragon’s buy-to-let range to its mortgage panel.  The buy-to-let range includes support for SPV limited company lending, including...

06 July 2020

From: Breaking News

Roma Finance introduces new holiday let product

Roma Finance has launched a holiday let and serviced accommodation five-year term base rate tracker mortgage product. The criteria offered by the...

26 June 2020

From: Breaking News

Mansfield BS caps BTL lending at 65% LTV

Mansfield Building Society has limited lending to 65% loan-to-value across its buy-to-let mortgage range in response to the coronavirus outbreak.  The Society has...

31 March 2020

From: Breaking News

Government policy is deterring landlords from providing long-term homes to rent

A growing number of buy-to-let landlords are switching to short-term lets, as a consequence of skewed policy that favours holiday homes...

24 February 2020

From: Breaking News

The Tories are chasing the tenant vote, but what about landlords?

Given that the number of people living in private rented accommodation has grown, doubling in the past three decades, renters are...

18 February 2020

From: Breaking News

Growth in the number of short-term lets is bad news for the PRS

The tax and regulatory changes introduced in recent years have led to an increase in the number of landlords exiting the...

31 January 2020

From: Breaking News

Holiday let or buy to let?

It’s impossible to ignore the recent boom of the short let market, as more and more buy-to-let owners opt to try...

04 December 2019

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Habito adds portfolio landlord deals to BTL range

Habito has added portfolio landlord mortgages to its buy-to-let product range. Rates are available from 2.54% for individuals and 2.59% for those...

20 November 2019

From: Breaking News

Transport for London bans short term letting ads

Transport for London (TfL) has finally bowed to pressure from campaigners and announced a ban on adverts that promote short-term letting...

19 September 2019

From: Breaking News

Britain’s holiday rental market looks set to boom this summer

The holiday rental market in this country looks set for another busy summer as the weak pound persuades millions to opt for...

21 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Scottish government urged to protect tenants’ rights

The Scottish government is being encouraged to acknowledge that some landlords north of the border are breaking the law by letting...

13 June 2019

From: Breaking News

West One launches new first charge BTL mortgage range

West One Loans has launched a new range of first charge buy-to-let mortgage products, including both standard and specialist deals. The new...

05 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Hostmaker to pull their ‘misguided’ short-term rental ads

Hostmaker, which specialises in managing London properties put on to Airbnb and other short-let platforms, has apologised for causing controversy over...

04 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Petition calls for Sadiq Khan to ban holiday let adverts in London

More than 8,300 Londoners have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ban adverts ‘encouraging’ landlords to abandon long-term tenants for...

03 June 2019

From: Breaking News

Hostmaker defends adverts that encourage short-term lettings

Controversial short-lets managing agents Hostmaker has defended its latest advertising campaign after once again sparking outrage among some industry professionals for...

28 May 2019

From: Breaking News

Masthaven revamps buy-to-let range

Masthaven has announced changes to its buy-to-let mortgage range, including flexible criteria, rates for non-traditional tenants and landlords, as well as...

22 May 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords could ‘potentially do very well out of Brexit’ by turning to UK holiday lets

Brexit uncertainty could lead to a rise in demand for holiday let rental homes, which is potentially good news for landlords...

21 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords who have tax to pay urged to come forward ‘sooner rather than later’

HMRC’s Let Property Campaign, which provides an opportunity for landlords to come forward and report undeclared rental income and expenditure to...

14 March 2019

From: Breaking News

Less than 3% of BTL landlords offer informal short-term lets

Despite the growing popularity of Airbnb and other short-term letting websites, less than 3% of landlords are currently engaged in the informal...

25 February 2019

From: Breaking News

Landlords should be offered incentives to ‘come back into the long-term market’

More needs to be done to stem the rise in short-term lets on Airbnb in Scotland to ensure that the market...

31 December 2018

From: Breaking News

Paragon extends BTL range for expat landlords and holiday lets

Paragon has added to its buy-to-let mortgage range to include mortgages for expat landlords with rental property in the UK and...

06 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Vernon Building Society launches 5-year fixed rate on its buy-to-let range

Vernon Building Society has launched a new five-year fixed rate deal, as part of its buy-to-let product review. The new product, which...

01 November 2018

From: Breaking News

Tourist surge boosts demand for holiday lets in the UK

The UK’s tourism sector is going from strength to strength with growing visits by foreigners in the country, and the increasing...

23 August 2018

From: Breaking News

Precise Mortgages launches into holiday buy-to-let market

Precise Mortgages has launched into the holiday buy-to-let market and enhanced criteria for its multi-unit range. The specialist lender decided to make...

16 August 2018

From: Breaking News

The Swansea BS team up with TBMC to offer BTL and holiday let products

The Swansea Building Society will now offer its buy-to-let and holiday let products through TBMC’s mortgage panel after joining forces with...

31 July 2018

From: Breaking News

Tipton & Coseley launches short-term let loans for landlords using AirBnB

The Tipton & Coseley Building Society will now accept mortgage applications for second homes and holiday lets where borrowers wish to...

19 July 2018

From: Breaking News

BTL landlords will turn to holiday lets

Disgruntled private landlords are likely to turn their attention from buy-to-let to holiday lets if the government presses ahead with its...

04 July 2018

From: Breaking News

Top buy-to-let tips from Together

Despite changes to tax relief for residential landlords, buy-to-let remains a popular choice, supported by record-low mortgage borrowing rates, solid demand...

10 May 2018

From: Breaking News

Spike in BTL landlords looking to diversify

An increasing number of buy-to-let landlords are looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in Houses with Multiple Occupants (HMOs), commercial...

18 April 2018

From: Breaking News

Airbnb sees sharp rise in bookings thanks to the royal wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding has caused a major tourism boost for areas surrounding London and Windsor as illustrated...

17 April 2018

From: Breaking News

Council urged to get tough on Airbnb-style rentals

A north London council is being encouraged to take a tough stance on reported Airbnb and equivalent style rentals in an...

19 March 2018

From: Breaking News

Government urged to introduce new buy-to-let tax on ‘nightly letting’

Buy-to-let landlords who let out their properties as short-term holiday lets should be hit with fresh taxes to deter them from...

14 December 2017

From: Breaking News

Tax hikes is incentivising the use of homes as ‘short-term holiday lets’

A growing number of buy-to-let landlords are letting out their homes as short-term holiday lets, making them no longer available for...

12 December 2017

From: Breaking News

Leeds unveils portfolio buy-to-let plans

Leeds Building Society has confirmed that it will continue to accept buy-to-let mortgage applications from portfolio landlords despite the buy-to-let lending...

08 August 2017

From: Breaking News

Regulator set to introduce tougher buy-to-let lending rules

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has confirmed that it will introduce tougher underwriting standards for buy-to-let lenders by the start of...

30 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Airbnb adding to London's housing crisis, says RLA

An increasing number of landlords are attempting to evade their legal responsibilities when it comes to renting out property by advertising...

02 September 2016

From: Breaking News

Thousands of amateur landlords putting tenants’ lives at risk

Many part-time landlords across the UK are putting their tenants’ lives at risk and could face hefty fines for breaking basic...

18 May 2016

From: Breaking News

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