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Changes to possession rules and their impact on landlords and tenants

These days, housing probably ranks right up with the NHS and education as a political battleground and over recent years, politicians...

26 July 2019

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How the tenant fee ban is changing buy-to-let

The tenant fee ban is new to most of the UK, but has been in place in Scotland since 2012. Advocates...

24 June 2019

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Expat mortgages and the process for applying for them in the UK

In the context of mortgage applications, the term expat mortgages applies to anyone who lives outside the UK but wishes to...

30 May 2019

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Brexit and the Right to Rent for EU nationals

Few people familiar with the UK property market would dispute the fact that the Right to Rent scheme has been deeply...

02 May 2019

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Can you let out your BTL flat? - The problem with leasehold

As a landlord, you may have purchased a flat for the purposes of subletting, but are you actually allowed to rent...

28 March 2019

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Birmingham and Manchester benefit from Brexit blues

Despite Brexit, homebuyers, including buy-to-let investors, in the north of England are showing much more confidence than those in the south. Since...

28 February 2019

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Which University towns and cities make the best buy-to-let investment hotspots?

It is common knowledge (and common sense) that university towns and cities are full of people who are natural renters. This...

28 December 2018

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How landlords can protect their property in cold weather

Winter is now very definitely here and the weather is only going to get harsher, possibly a lot harsher, before spring...

14 December 2018

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Landlords would agree to three-year tenancies but conditions are needed

One of the government’s suggestions to help fix the UK’s “broken housing market” was to oblige landlords to offer tenancies with...

03 December 2018

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Changes to the eviction rules now impact older tenancies

Good tenant selection can go a long way to reducing the likelihood that you will have to go through the eviction...

01 November 2018

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Where does the challenges faced by BTL landlords and lenders end?

Investing in buy-to-let property has long been a lucrative business opportunity for both recreational and professional investors, but could harsh tax...

31 October 2018

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Liverpool is ideal for BTL investors looking for ‘lucrative long-term rental returns’

Liverpool has once again been highlighted as an ideal destination for buy-to-let landlords seeking solid rental returns, this time by an...

03 October 2018

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Why your next property investment should be in Birmingham

Birmingham, a metropolitan borough and major city located in the West Midlands, has been awarded the title of the 6th best...

28 September 2018

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More than half of landlords optimistic about the future of the BTL market

Going by press headlines, it would be easy to imagine that buy-to-let landlords in the UK are struggling to keep going...

10 September 2018

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Are landlord licensing schemes actually a good idea?

Licensing schemes can serve purposes which are indisputably genuine and valid. They can, however, also be used as money-making schemes, particularly...

03 September 2018

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Is it time to consider investing in student buy-to-let property?

Over recent times, politicians of all persuasions have been increasingly vocal about their sympathy for the plight of renters. So far,...

16 August 2018

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Why you should consider Glasgow as your next property investment destination

Glasgow or Edinburgh? Glasgow is a lot like Edinburgh, only more affordable. Obviously don’t make that comment if you’re actually talking...

30 July 2018

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The rise in 'staycations' and the opportunities they create for landlords

Overseas family holidays are a relatively recent concept in the UK. They came about as a result of air travel becoming...

02 July 2018

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How to avoid fines as a BTL landlord

As a landlord, you have a number of different responsibilities and obligations that you need to stay on top of, in...

11 June 2018

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Top tips for success in the ever changing BTL property market

The UK buy-to-let property market has witnessed some extensive changes over the last couple of years, making the market much more...

31 May 2018

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Why Nottingham appeals to buy-to-let investors

Located in a central position of the UK, Nottingham is a fantastic city with a population of more than 350,000 people,...

08 May 2018

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A guide to property tax for non-residential landlords

Many buy-to-let landlords in the UK are often overwhelmed with confusion and fear whenever discussing or thinking about tax, as it...

01 May 2018

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Property Vs pensions – which is best for your retirement?

As we grow older, we begin to think about life after work, and being to imagine how retirement may be for...

09 April 2018

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How BTL landlords can combat increases to the UK interest rate

When the Bank of England increased the interest rate to 0.5% in late 2017, buy-to-let landlords throughout the UK felt the...

03 April 2018

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What makes Sheffield a property investment hotspot?

In recent years, cites within the north of the UK have become more and more popular within the property investment world,...

29 March 2018

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Is now the best time to invest in Birmingham property?

In recent times, Birmingham has widely been considered as one of the very best places to invest in, throughout the whole...

14 March 2018

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Family BTL mortgages increase student property investment opportunities

Changes to the way in which buy-to-let mortgages are assessed and sold has meant that those wishing to invest in property...

01 March 2018

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Landlords to face remortgaging difficulties

Over the next few months, it is anticipated that tens of thousands of private landlords in the UK will face struggles...

20 February 2018

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What should landlords be aware of going into 2018?

The buy-to-let property market is currently experiencing a wave of reforms, with the government looking to alter the way in which...

02 February 2018

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The effects of the Manchester city centre housing boom

A continuous increase in the number of cranes, hoardings and skyscraper frames around Manchester’s inner ring road is visual proof of...

21 November 2017

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Buy-to-let landlords face compulsory ombudsman scheme

In order to solve tenant disputes, landlords will soon be required to register with a redress scheme, helping to improve operating...

10 November 2017

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Why the Northern Powerhouse is a beacon for buy-to-let investors

With the benefit of hindsight we always know, with painful clarity, which investments we should have bought and which we should...

09 October 2017

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Renting becomes cheaper than buying, particularly in the South East

  For many years, rent has been called “dead money” and young people have been urged to “get on the housing ladder”...

03 August 2017

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