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How is the property market bouncing back?

There’s no question it’s been a tough start to the year, not just for individuals but also for businesses and specific...

23 June 2020

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What happens when tenants leave in the middle of an agreement?

In principle, tenancy contracts are binding upon both parties and hence can be enforced in a court of law. In practice,...

27 March 2020

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Why new EPC rules favour new-builds as investment properties

The UK government has legally committed to going carbon neutral by 2050. That’s going to require a huge effort and significant...

28 February 2020

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How will the election result impact landlords and tenants?

Although the recent election was indisputably dominated by the Brexit question, the fact is that there’s far more to managing the...

18 December 2019

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Why it's worth the hassle for landlords to switch letting agents

On the one hand “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, seems like common-sense advice, especially when making a change and...

30 October 2019

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How landlords can make their properties appeal to younger tenants

These days, renting isn’t just for younger adults, but it’s probably fair to say that younger adults are natural renters. It’s...

26 September 2019

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The hidden short-term letting hotspots in Liverpool and Manchester

Liverpool and Manchester are both recognised as great destinations for property investors. Property is (still) very affordable and both cities have...

03 September 2019

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Manchester trials restricting short-term lets

When people think of Manchester these days, possibly their first thought is of its thriving economy and the opportunities it now...

29 July 2019

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Questions raised about letting agents in England and Wales

Consumer organization Which? recently undertook a mystery-shopping exercise at 20 letting agents in England and Wales and unearthed some disappointed results,...

17 May 2019

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Where are the best places to currently invest in the North West?

The North West has long since ceased to be an “inside tip” amongst forward-looking property investors. It’s now one of the...

07 May 2019

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Falling property sales in Manchester: has the bubble burst?

If you’ve been reading about the Manchester property market, then you will probably have read that overall sales volumes have fallen...

04 March 2019

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Where is best to invest in Manchester?

Residential popery prices in Manchester have increased significantly in recent years, with research showing that the city outperformed all other core...

07 December 2018

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