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Ex-Corbyn shadow minister leads MP support for Generation Rent

A former member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has thrown his weight behind Generation Rent’s latest campaign. Lloyd Russell-Moyle - chair of...

16 September 2021

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Labour pressure group tweets: “All landlords are bastards”

A Labour Party pressure group has tweeted the message: “All landlords are bastards.” The tweet, from Labour Tenants United, is the latest...

11 June 2021

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Top Labour MP speaks out against “greed of the mega-landlords”

Former Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has spoken out against what he calls “the greed of the mega-landlords.” The veteran MP -...

02 June 2021

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Sacked Labour left-winger speaks up for pro-renter campaigns

Rebecca Long Bailey, a left wing MP sacked in controversial circumstances by party leader Sir Kier Starmer, has spoken up for...

21 May 2021

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Stand by for weekend of protests by anti-eviction campaigners

The Momentum movement on the left wing of the Labour Party is staging a series of protests this weekend targeting landlords...

09 April 2021

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Is there a witch-hunt of landlords in the Labour Party?

A Labour activist claiming to represent tenants is putting the squeeze on party members who are also landlords. An article on the Labour...

19 October 2020

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour manifesto is ‘too extreme’ and ‘unrealistic’

Labour’s general election manifesto promises to “transform” the UK with what some commentators view as the most ambitious - and most...

26 November 2019

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Labour vows to ‘put bad landlords out of business’ and introduce rent controls

Labour has pledged to clampdown on rogue landlords and restrict rent hikes in England if it wins next month’s general election.  A...

25 November 2019

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Message to Labour conference: ‘Rent controls do not work’

Labour’s plan to introduce a rent cap has been slammed by ARLA Propertymark.  Labour has proposed capping rents and with Labour’s conference...

24 September 2019

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BTL landlords are worried about the prospect of a Labour government

Hundreds of buy-to-let landlords have expressed concerns for the future of the buy-to-let industry if Labour comes into power.  Boris Johnson is...

09 September 2019

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Labour ‘hell-bent’ on dragging the UK rental sector backwards

Labour’s plans to scrap legislation permitting private landlords to evict tenants without reason has been slammed by a leading letting agency...

26 September 2018

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Labour wants to offer private tenants greater power

Labour plans to abolish legislation permitting private landlords to evict tenants without giving a reason. Section 21 notices, which have been in...

25 September 2018

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Rent control proposed north of the border

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has unveiled proposals to control rents and limit the power of private landlords, despite concerns that...

12 March 2018

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The government is “in the pockets of rogue landlords”, says Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused the Tory government of intentionally not fixing the housing crisis after revelations that thousands of...

30 January 2018

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Jeremy Corbyn pledges to introduce rent controls

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to give cities the power to introduce rent controls under a Labour government. Yesterday was the last day...

28 September 2017

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Scottish Labour hopeful calls for ‘stringent rent controls’

Richard Leonard, the Scottish Labour leadership candidate backed by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, has called for ‘stringent’ rent controls to be...

18 September 2017

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Landlord association hits back at Corbyn's 'misguided' accusations

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has hit back at accusations made by Jeremy Corbyn in his Labour conference speech that private...

29 September 2016

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Jeremy Corbyn vows to better protect private tenants if elected PM

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out plans to introduce a new Tenants’ Rights Charter to increase protection for tenants in...

02 September 2016

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Corbyn’s proposed ‘rent controls’ would be a ‘disaster for tenants’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to introduce rent controls and secure tenancies in the private rented sector (PRS) if elected prime...

08 August 2016

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Right to Buy should be extended to private tenants, says report

A radical proposal initially put forward by the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, to extend the Right to Buy...

13 June 2016

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Corbyn would introduce right-to-buy in private sector

Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn would introduce right-to-buy for private tenants if he came to power. Corbyn has a published his proposed...

07 August 2015

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