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Government urged to invest in housing benefit so it 'reflects real costs of renting'

Three-quarters of people across the UK believe housing benefit should increase in line with rents to help combat homelessness, new research...

10 October 2019

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One in eight retiring without a pension

Up to 12% of people retiring in 2018 have not made any financial provision for their retirement, according to fresh research...

28 March 2018

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RLA slams Joseph Rowntree Foundation for ‘misleading’ evictions report

Claims made by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation that the number of evictions was greater in the private rented sector than the...

26 July 2017

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Significantly more ‘truly affordable rented homes’ needed to reduce homelessness

A lack of affordable rented homes are contributing to rising levels of homelessness, according to a new report from the national...

22 March 2017

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