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Gove accuses landlords of letting tenants live in unsafe homes

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has made a sweeping attack on the conditions of homes run by private landlords. In a statement backing...

12 May 2022

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From ‘Buy to Let’ to ‘Fly to Let’?

A new kind of property investor is evolving. They’ve enjoyed the fruits of their labours, creating UK investments in property but...

30 April 2022

From: The Big Issues

Why Portugal is a great country for digital nomads

The Covid-19 pandemic sparked a global trend of remote working and companies realising that work can now be where your laptop...

14 June 2021

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Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme – what is changing from January 2022?

Since it was launched in 2012 to help the Portuguese economy bounce back from a damaging financial crisis, the Portuguese Golden...

19 May 2021

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Rental Income Taxation: A Landlord Impact Analysis

The changes to Mortgage Interest Tax Relief and impact on your wallet Before April 2017 landlords with a mortgage on their buy-to-let...

14 January 2021

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Smoke alarms alert - are landlords keeping up with the law?

Over two million homes in England - that’s almost one in 10 - do not have a working smoke alarm according...

05 October 2020

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Letting agent stole rent deposits to support failing business

A letting agent in Nottinghamshire stole close to £30,000 from several landlord clients and tenants to help prevent his business from...

28 September 2020

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Rogue landlord ordered to pay £190,000 for renting out illegal flats

A buy-to-let landlord has been ordered to pay back a whopping £190,000 after he was caught receiving rental from illegal flats. A...

28 February 2020

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Battery-powered smoke alarms failed in more than a third of property fires

As you will undoubtedly know, it is a legal requirement to ensure your rental property has adequate smoke detectors installed.  Some landlords...

02 December 2019

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UK rental sector generates more than £50bn in rental payments each year

The private rental sector in the UK generates more income than 130 world nations and FTSE 100 companies, new research shows. The...

20 August 2019

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Couple falsely claim £50,000 from DWP by pretending to be landlord and tenant

A couple from Barry in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, have been handed suspended prison sentences for benefit fraud after being convicted...

01 July 2019

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Top tips for your tenants at Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us once again and for many people, that means they are now making plans to go and...

20 December 2018

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More than half of landlords optimistic about the future of the BTL market

Going by press headlines, it would be easy to imagine that buy-to-let landlords in the UK are struggling to keep going...

10 September 2018

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Tenants fork out more than £1bn a year in repairs

Renters are spending more than £1bn of their own money every year on repairs their landlords failed to carry out, fresh...

08 May 2018

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Tenant jailed for attempted arson

A deranged tenant in Scarborough has been sentenced to 32 months in prison after he attempted to set fire to his...

18 December 2017

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UK slips down EU buy-to-let league table

The UK has dropped into the bottom five European buy-to-let markets for investors as UK yields plummet, according to the latest...

21 September 2017

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Tax hikes for landlords are ‘hurting but not working’

The stamp duty hike and mortgage tax relief cuts simply do not add up for buy-to-let landlords, leaving many with little...

04 July 2017

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The reputations of ‘good landlords’ being ‘tarnished by the bad ones’, says LGA

Local councils are calling on the government to close a legal loophole that allows landlords to get away with converting properties...

14 April 2017

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Lifting the Lid on Deposit Disputes

Our latest infographic shows figures of how the majority of deposits are repaid at the end of tenancy and goes into...

05 August 2016

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Buy-to-let investors now have one eye on overseas markets

Soaring UK house prices, the recent hike in stamp duty for buy-to-let investors and now the EU referendum are creating renewed...

17 June 2016

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More UK landlords set to invest in homes overseas

Almost a quarter of landlords in the UK are now considering investing in property abroad to avoid the new stamp duty...

23 May 2016

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Councils call for new powers to tackle rogue landlords

The legislative system dealing with rogue landlords is ‘unfit for purpose’ and should be replaced with a national database covering all...

15 December 2015

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Criminal landlords should face prison, say public

Some 71% of the public agree that landlords who commit housing offences should face prison sentences. A YouGov poll, commissioned by the...

24 September 2015

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Rogue landlords should face tougher sentences, say local councils

Councils need to be handed greater powers to tackle rogue landlords ‘taking advantage’ and ‘ripping off’ tenants. This is the call from...

21 September 2015

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Mayor’s rental standard has “flopped”, says critic

A member of Labour’s London Assembly has warned that “Boris Johnson’s system of voluntary self-regulation is failing private renters in Tower...

09 June 2015

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