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Labour call for rent caps and landlords to pay tenant moving costs

London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed credit for many of the measures contained in the government’s Fairer Private Rented Sector...

05 August 2022

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Have Your Say! Consultation opens on Rental Reform White Paper

The National Residential Landlords Association is asking all landlords - not just its members - to contribute to a consultation on...

29 July 2022

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Stop knocking landlords!  Trade body’s key message to government

The National Residential Landlords Association has identified five key areas for its campaigning in the short term, as the Conservatives elect...

14 July 2022

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Landlords Must Take Pets - government announcement likely

What looks suspiciously like a government leak to the Daily Mail says the long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper will be unveiled...

15 June 2022

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Landlord Register via new portal demanded by lettings industry chiefs

A collection of rental experts in a body called The Lettings Industry Council have called for the creation of a Landlord...

26 May 2022

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Mandatory Airbnb landlord register: Could it avert housing crisis?

Consultation events are to be held this week to gauge the reaction to a possible compulsory register for all Airbnb and...

16 May 2022

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Landlord-Tenant Tensions ahead of the Queen's Speech

What are the main causes of tension and disagreements between tenants and landlords ahead of the Rental Reform Bill, which is expected to...

07 May 2022

From: Rental Reform

Airbnb disowns landlords who evict long-term tenants for short-let gains

Airbnb, so often criticised for operating in the largely-unregulated short lets market, has called on the UK government to scrap Section...

25 April 2022

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Taxing landlords has directly led to some rent increases, survey shows

Some landlords admit to increasing their rents directly as a result of being taxed more through the various fiscal changes introduced...

11 April 2022

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National Landlord Register - first details emerge of new scheme

The government has indirectly given away early details of its long-expected National Landlord Register - but it still appears to be...

31 March 2022

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Rental Reform White Paper - has it been delayed AGAIN?

The government appears to have admitted that the long-awaited Rental Reform White Paper has now been delayed yet again, this time...

31 March 2022

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Newspaper campaign to scrap Section 21 and clamp down on landlords

The Mirror newspaper has launched a campaign to “make rented homes safer”. It says its campaign - called Safe As Houses -...

21 March 2022

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Shamplina Speaks - Redress: Should greater accountability be feared?

It goes without saying that any decent landlord wants to provide their tenants with a safe and secure home and to...

12 March 2022

From: The Big Issues

PropTech boss wants rental reform - but landlords must be kept on-side

A leading figure in the PropTech sector says more regulation could make the rental sector fairer and more transparent - but...

28 February 2022

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Landlord Woes - Rising Costs, Levelling Up, Cladding Confusion

Last October, stakeholders across the private rented sector were told by ministers that the Government needed extra time to create a...

12 February 2022

From: Legislation & Compliance

Section 21 scrapped as Gove hands rental power balance to tenants

The government’s new Levelling Up White Paper includes a dramatic reshaping of the private rental sector. Section 21 eviction powers will be...

02 February 2022

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Generation Rent claims victory over landlord register

The activist group Generation Rent says it’s celebrating a victory in its campaign to secure a national mandatory landlord register. Newspaper leaks...

01 February 2022

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Radical rental reforms to be announced this week

The government is expected to announce the introduction of a national landlord register in England on Wednesday as part of its...

31 January 2022

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Compulsory Landlord Register? Clamp-down likely on holiday lets

The government looks set to clamp down on holiday rentals and will this year formally consult on the concept of a...

10 January 2022

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 Scrapping Section 21 may take three years says industry expert

A leading experts on the private rental sector predicts it will take three years for the government to scrap Section 21...

22 December 2021

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Think-tank backs Generation Rent call for greater controls on landlords

An independent think-tank is the latest organisation wanting landlord licensing schemes across England plus a nationa landlord register, emulating similar schemes...

27 October 2021

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National Landlord Register could lead to tax clampdown, say activists

The Generation Rent activist group has repeated its call for a landlord register in England, saying it could mean more tax...

26 October 2021

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Stand Easy! Rental Reform White Paper appears some way off

The White Paper on rental reform may still be some time away, with a minister at the centre of its preparation saying...

06 October 2021

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Law Breakers: Shelter slams landlords for “criminal behaviour”

Campaigning charity Shelter has made a shocking attack on landlords, claiming many of them are acting illegally. It claims 45 per cent...

14 September 2021

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£100,000 public cash to be spent on landlord database study

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is spending £100,000 on a feasibility study to investigate the setting up of...

13 July 2021

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Activists demand mandatory register to root out “criminal landlords”

Activists led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy of Generation Rent say the proposed reform of the private rental system must include a...

12 May 2021

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Order in Court! TV Star says he wants Section 21 scrapped

TV star Robert Rinder - best known for his performances under the guise of Judge Rinder - has made an outspoken...

21 April 2021

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Petition for National Landlord Register struggles for signatures

A petition created by the Generation Rent group of activists and seeking a national landlord register appears to be struggling to...

23 October 2020

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Mandatory landlord register demanded by Generation Rent activists

The Generation Rent campaign says a mandatory landlord register is necessary - and would have stopped the actions of a rogue...

06 October 2020

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A flawed plan: ‘Rent controls are complex to introduce and deeply controversial’

The recent decision to abolish The Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill demonstrates the difficulty of introducing lettings regulation amid ongoing uncertainty, while...

13 August 2020

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Rogue landlord jailed after failing to pay £12k fine

An unscrupulous landlord who illegally rented out properties in Fife has been sentenced to two years in prison after failing to...

24 February 2020

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Government has no plans for a national register of landlords

Proposals for a national register of landlords have been rejected by the government.  A report on the joint research project between the...

08 November 2019

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Landlords urged to make clear they are complying with their legal obligations

Buy-to-let landlords north of the border are being urged to demonstrate that they are complying with all of their legal obligations...

08 June 2018

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Councillor in charge of punishing rogue landlords failed to declare rental property

A Labour councillor tasked with clamping down on rogue landlords has found herself in hot water after failing to declare a...

01 May 2018

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Article 4 is nothing more than a ‘revenue generating exercise’, NLA says

The government is being urged by the National Landlords Association (NLA) to repeal the fee that councils can now charge when...

12 March 2018

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Four rogue landlords, including child sex offender, banned from renting properties

A man who is currently serving six years in prison for child sex abuse offences is among four rogue landlords in...

22 March 2017

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Conservatives “will make life easier for landlords”

As David Cameron announced his cabinet, Brian Murphy of the Mortgage Advice Bureau has said that the new Government will make...

12 May 2015

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