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Many BTL landlords worried their properties won't ‘cover their own costs’

Bricks and mortar have provided stellar returns for many people over the past couple of decades, prompting many to rely on...

16 July 2018

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Dominic Raab’s exit leaves us ‘staring down the barrel’ of a housing crisis

Kit Malthouse has been named as the government’s latest housing minister after Dominic Raab, who spent just six months in the...

10 July 2018

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Tenants face rent bombshell

Rent hikes are inevitable unless the government reverses tax changes for landlords, it has been claimed.  Tenants face paying an average of £23 a...

01 June 2018

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Third of landlords thinking of quitting BTL sector due to ‘challenging’ tenants

MakeUrMove is warning that a significant number of buy-to-let landlords are thinking about quitting the private rented sector due to problem tenants...

09 May 2018

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Landlords plan to sell up as buy-to-let crackdown bites

A growing number of private landlords are planning to exit the buy-to-let market, prompting fears that rents will rise sharply as the...

07 March 2018

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