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Virgin Money increases rates across buy-to-let range

Virgin Money has increased its buy-to-let rates by up to 20% as part of a series of changes to its mortgage...

28 August 2020

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BTL product numbers dip as rates start to rise

There appears to have been an increase in demand for buy-to-let property since the chancellor announced a stamp duty holiday, but...

19 August 2020

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Rise in mortgage products ‘is a vote of confidence in the buy-to-let sector’

There has been a steady increase in the numbers of buy-to-let mortgage products since the start of May in a sign...

09 July 2020

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Buy-to-let mortgage market shows tentative signs of recovery

There are emerging signs of recovery in the buy-to-let mortgage market, following the major initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic-induced lockdown,...

08 July 2020

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Mortgage advisor jobs - shortage of advisors to meet demand

Mortgage advisor jobs - shortage of advisors to meet demand The mortgage market, like all other parts of the property industry,...

25 June 2020

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Why good communication is essential in these difficult times

As we keep being regularly told at the moment, we are living through unprecedented times, with the greatest restrictions on our civil...

06 April 2020

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Number of buy-to-let deals for first-time landlords hits record high

The number of first-time landlord buy-to-let mortgage products hit a record high of  1,474 in October, up 297 on the same...

02 October 2019

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Barclays trims lending rates

Barclays has introduced marginal rate cuts across some of its buy-to-let mortgage products. The biggest cut in its buy-to-let range is a...

09 July 2019

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Drop in buy-to-let mortgage costs spells boost for landlords

Landlords stand to benefit from a drop in buy-to-let costs, new figures show. Fresh research from Moneyfacts.co.uk reveals that buy-to-let mortgage costs...

08 July 2019

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Number of deals available to first-time landlords has ‘boomed to a record high’

The choice of first-time landlord buy-to-let products has increased to an all-time high, according to the latest research from Moneyfacts.co.uk. The data...

02 July 2019

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Cashback incentives becoming a ‘more prominent feature of the BTL market’

A growing number of mortgage lenders are trying to lure both residential and buy-to-let mortgage borrowers with a wide range of...

28 November 2018

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Number of first-time landlord products hits record high

A record number of first-time landlord mortgage products have been made available to borrowers as lenders launched extra loans to attract...

03 July 2018

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Significant increase in number of fee-free BTL mortgages

Previously, nearly all buy-to-let mortgages charged a minimum 1% arrangement fee, but fresh data from specialist buy-to-let broker Mortgages for Business...

21 May 2018

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Number of BTL mortgage products hits record high

Buy-to-let investors now have plenty of choice when looking for a mortgage after new data revealed that the number of buy-to-let...

02 May 2018

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Number of limited company BTL products at record levels, says Moneyfacts

The number of limited company fixed rate buy-to-let products hit a record high this month as mortgage lenders respond to changing...

24 April 2018

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Five-year BTL mortgage interest rates fall to record lows

The average five-year fixed rate has fallen to a joint record-low of 3.43%, a rate last seen in October 2017, according...

07 March 2018

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Buy-to-let mortgage rates are ‘shooting upwards’

The average two-year tracker buy-to-let mortgage rate has increased by 0.2% over the past month, following the Bank of England base...

05 December 2017

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BTL deals available to limited companies double in a year

It is a currently a challenging time for buy-to-let landlords, following a raft of changes introduced by the government which are...

23 May 2017

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More than 1,000 mortgages for first-time landlords

Despite the government’s decision to introduce a number of measures to curb the growth of buy-to-let landlords, prompting concern that the...

12 April 2017

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Best buy-to-let mortgages: rates at a record low

Looking for a buy-to-let mortgage? There are some excellent deals available – provided you know where to look. The number of buy-to-let...

11 April 2017

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Borrowing has never been cheaper - the best-buy BTL mortgages unveiled

There has been a significant increase in the number of buy-to-let mortgage products available, with recent research by Mortgage Brain revealing that...

03 October 2016

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Buy-to-let mortgage rates plummet to record lows

Buy-to-let investors are continuing to enjoy a fall in mortgage rates, particularly those looking for longer-term fixed rates, following last month’s...

23 September 2016

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Landlords may wish to reconsider plans to sell-off property as savings rates plummet

For many people buy-to-let has been an attractive income investment at a time of low saving rates and stock market volatility....

12 July 2016

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Fall in mortgages for first-time landlords

The proportion of mortgage deals for new landlords has shrunk to a record low despite the fact that the overall number of...

05 July 2016

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Buy-to-let mortgage lenders slash rates

Mortgage lenders are slashing rates on mortgage deals designed for landlords, according to Moneyfacts.   The data analysis site points out that with...

13 April 2016

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Moneyfacts: Buy-to-let mortgage market is “booming”

The popularity of buy-to-let as an investment option continues to soar thanks to high rents and increasing demand, according to data...

17 November 2015

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BTL mortgages reach 1,000

The number of buy-to-let mortgages on the market has hit 1,000 and a seven-year high. Moneyfacts reports that product numbers have soared,...

26 August 2015

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More buy-to-let deals for first-time landlords

The number of buy-to-let mortgage deals available to novice landlords is on the rise, according to Moneyfacts. The data analyst worked out...

24 June 2015

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Cheap buy-to-let mortgage deals on the rise

Good news for landlords: data from Moneyfacts shows that not only is the number of buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages on the rise,...

22 April 2015

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