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Selling a low-EPC Buy To Let? You may have to slash the price…

Rightmove is warning landlords and other sellers that properties with poor levels of energy efficiency may have to sell with a discount.  The...

27 July 2022

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New claim that heat pumps save 20%-plus on energy bills

Heat pumps - central to a government energy efficiency drive started under Boris Johnson - could save 20 per cent higher...

13 July 2022

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Heat Pumps - the future for heating in rental properties?

A trade body is calling for a partnership with the government to push the domestic heating market towards heat pumps as...

20 June 2022

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Rent Controls hit capital values according to letting expert’s analysis

Landlords and owner occupiers alike could lose the most financially from rent controls according to a prominent rentals expert. The claim comes...

17 June 2022

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Capital Gains Tax cuts for landlords considered by government - report

A report in a government-supporting newspaper suggests that a proposal to cut Capital Gains Tax for landlords who sell to first...

24 May 2022

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Boiler Upgrade scheme now open for landlords to apply

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has now opened its controversial boiler upgrade scheme. Landlords across England and Wales as...

24 May 2022

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Capital appreciation still strong despite flurry of interest rate rises

Analysis by Rightmove suggests that capital appreciation remains strong for landlords and owner occupiers alike, despite the recent flurry of interest...

23 May 2022

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Higher interest rates spark cooling in new-build market

An online property platform says it expects May’s sales figures for new build searches to be slightly below expectations. This is as...

16 May 2022

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Lender drops red tape for landlords helping Ukraine refugees

Landlords who have mortgages from the Yorkshire Building Society have been told that they do not need to inform the lender...

13 April 2022

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UK Holiday lets attracting more landlords, says mortgage lender

The specialist holiday let market is becoming increasingly attractive to ex-pat investors - and another mortgage lender has entered the sector...

02 February 2022

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Government told: Don’t penalise landlords over cladding

The campaign to ensure that landlords are included in the government’s measures to alleviate the problem of dangerous cladding is gathering...

21 January 2022

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Why are landlords deliberately excluded from cladding help?

The National Residential Landlords Association is seeking clarification from gov ernment about whether landlords are included in the latest measure to...

19 January 2022

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Compulsory Landlord Register? Clamp-down likely on holiday lets

The government looks set to clamp down on holiday rentals and will this year formally consult on the concept of a...

10 January 2022

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Is Buy To Let Over? Not yet it isn’t…

The demise of the buy to let market has been much predicted over recent years. Major tax changes, a three per...

20 November 2021

From: Tax & Finance

Landlords paying more for BTL mortgages despite base rate hold

The Bank of England may have voted to keep its base rate at a historic low of 0.1 per cent yesterday,...

05 November 2021

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Landlords need ‘green grants’ to make basic eco-improvements - claim

The head of a building body says landlords and home owners need a replacement for the defunct Green Homes Grant to...

22 October 2021

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New Boiler Ban - Problems already emerge with heat pump alternative

Experts are already warning of shortcomings in the government’s latest Green initiative, banning new boilers from 2035 and offering £5,000 grants...

20 October 2021

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Landlords treated less well than owner-occupiers in new green initiative

A local council is one of the first to be offering new Go Green Grants to landlords to improve energy efficiency...

28 September 2021

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Hopeless - Finance watchdog slams government’s Green Homes Grant

The government’s Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme - which left thousands of landlords in the lurch when it collapsed earlier this...

08 September 2021

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Good EPCs won’t help landlords achieve better capital appreciation

With landlords under pressure to improve energy efficiency, a new report suggests that even significant improvements in EPC levels won’t be...

07 September 2021

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Rental activists want their homes nationalised - could it happen here?

A referendum in Berlin next month is being watched closely by rental activists in the UK, in case it offers them...

26 August 2021

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Green Homes Grant replacement may help landlords slash carbon

It appears that the government is considering a replacement for the ill-fated Green Homes Grant, which was to have helped thousands...

12 August 2021

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Labour wants Green New Deal to replace axed government scheme

Labour has called for what it describes as a Green New Deal to replace the axed government scheme which had been...

11 August 2021

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Outlook uncertain for buy to let after recent retreat - Nationwide

The private rental sector is in slow retreat according to a new analysis by Nationwide-owned specialist lender, The Mortgage Works. Nationwide chief...

05 May 2021

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Too much, too quickly! Call for energy efficiency timescales to slow

A respected private rental sector body wants the government to slow its timetable for energy efficiency reform, warning that landlords could...

08 April 2021

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Green Homes Grant failure down to outsourcing logistics to US - claim

A logistics software company with clients across the property spectrum has become the latest critic of the government’s axing of the...

01 April 2021

From: Breaking News

This is where landlords are hit most by Green Homes Grant axe

An analysis of the Green Homes Grant applications show exactly which areas will be hit most when the scheme comes to...

31 March 2021

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MPs blast government as landlords miss out on Green Homes Grant funds

There’s a new call on the government to get its act together on the Green Homes Grant, which has failed to live...

22 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Green Homes Grant farce - landlords may throw in the towel

A call has gone out for the overhaul of the Green Homes Grant scheme, which so far has left thousands of...

01 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Thousands of landlords set to miss out on Green Homes Grant

The chaos surrounding the government’s Green Homes Grant, which was to have helped thousands of landlords and owner occupiers, appears to...

22 February 2021

From: Breaking News

Tenants increasingly worried over personal credit scores

Despite talk of increased arrears and wider economic concerns, it appears tenants are increasingly worried about the long-term effects of poor credit...

12 February 2021

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Respite for landlords behind with buy to let mortgage payments

The Financial Conduct Authority is extending the ban on repossessions by two months until April 1, in light of the pandemic...

18 January 2021

From: Breaking News

London Mayor wants windfall tax to fund cladding removal

London Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan wants a £3 billion one-off windfall tax on private developers to fund replacement cladding on affected...

30 December 2020

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Local politician slams landlords as “not caring” about balanced community

A cluster of owner occupiers living near a city centre are demanding that landlords win planning consent before operating HMOs. The Gloucestershire...

27 November 2020

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Landlords have extra year for Green Homes Grant projects

Landlords now have another year to apply for the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme. The 12 months extension, announced last evening, follows...

19 November 2020

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Landlords “not taking their share of the Covid crisis” says academic

A visiting professor and accountancy academic claims landlords are not carrying their fair share of the financial burden caused by the...

03 November 2020

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Drop rents, Don’t evict! Think-tank says tenants need more protection

A think tank is calling for landlords to consider rent reductions and is also suggesting the return of an eviction ban...

02 November 2020

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New advice on Capital Gains Tax on sale of rental units

Tax experts at specialist landlord accountancy firm Gorilla Accounting are giving the sector fresh advice on minimising CGT liability when selling...

30 October 2020

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What should any prospective holiday let investor ask themselves before investing?

With the staycation boom caused by Covid-19, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future as travel restrictions remain for...

29 October 2020

From: Property Investment & Strategy

London landlords testing the water for possible sales, says agency

Some London landlords are testing the water to see if they can downsize or sell their entire portfolios. Chestertons, a London-focussed high end...

14 October 2020

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Smoke alarms alert - are landlords keeping up with the law?

Over two million homes in England - that’s almost one in 10 - do not have a working smoke alarm according...

05 October 2020

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BTL landlords urged to invest in property sooner rather than later

Buy-to-let landlords are being urged to take advantage of the stamp duty tax savings announced in the chancellor’s summer statement by...

17 July 2020

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Most tenants satisfied with private rented housing, says new report

The majority of private renters were satisfied or very satisfied with their current accommodation, according to the English Housing Survey report...

18 July 2019

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BTL landlords are ‘increasingly looking for longer term fixed rates’

The majority of private landlords are understandably looking for greater security in the current climate and that largely explains why they...

22 January 2019

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New homes desperately needed for growing number of life-long renters

While most private renters in the UK aspire to buy property, the reality is that many people simply cannot afford to...

05 September 2018

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These are the big issues facing property investors, including BTL landlords

Brexit uncertainty, higher taxation and more stringent mortgage lending conditions are among the toughest challenges currently facing property investors, including buy-to-let...

14 June 2018

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Average BTL landlord who sold last year gained £86,651 – Countrywide

The average buy-to-let investor who sold their rental property in 2017 did so for £86,651 more than they paid for it,...

12 March 2018

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Is there an uoccupancy clause in your building insurance?

Buy-to-let landlords are being urged to check the small print in their building insurance to ensure that their building insurance covers...

21 December 2017

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First-time buyers offered chance to get foot on the property ladder through BTL

First-time buyers will no longer have to own a residential property in order to access finance from Barclays to invest in...

11 December 2017

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Legislation and technology is giving more power to tenants

As the letting fees ban looms ahead, it is clear that however it plays out we are seeing more and more...

06 November 2017

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Almost a quarter of households will be renting privately by end of 2021

With home ownership levels continuing to fall, almost a quarter of all UK households are expected to be living in private...

13 June 2017

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Airbnb host tax warning

A firm of accountants has warned that homeowners using Airbnb to raise extra cash could end up in conflict with HMRC...

12 August 2015

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