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What HMO Landlords should know about Licensing and Planning

Understanding Article 4 is crucial for HMO landlords and one legal expert says there is a big difference between HMO licensing...

13 July 2024

From: Legislation & Compliance

Anti-Landlord group is part of Labour teach-in for renters

A local authority’s teach-in for private tenants this weekend is to be addressed by a group which is known for its...

19 October 2023

From: Breaking News

Extinction Rebellion jumps on housing protest bandwagon

After genteel protests from the Generation Rent ginger group and more pro-active protests from the Acorn group of rental activists, tomorrow...

07 July 2023

From: Breaking News

Housing activists link with Extinction Rebellion to protest today

Campaigners in a group called Housing Rebellion are to meet in Central London today and make what they call “a few...

14 March 2023

From: Breaking News

Why Renewables Are Set To Take Off in the HMO Sector

While many eyes have been focused on COP27 in recent weeks, a massive sea change in sentiment and investment towards climate...

03 December 2022

From: The Big Issues

Activists want council to recruit staff to catch rogue landlords

Media reports from Cambridge say that rent protesters in the city are to demand the council employs staff dedicated to chasing...

30 August 2022

From: Breaking News

Rent Controls Campaign takes to the streets this weekend

A pressure group of campaigners highly critical of landlords and letting agents is organising protests at cities this weekend. Acorn - which...

07 April 2022

From: Breaking News

Activists want holiday lets allowed only to long-term local residents

The activist group Acorn is lobbying a local council to deny people the right to buy a second home or let...

24 March 2022

From: Breaking News

Landlord pays out £980 compensation over condition of flat

A landlord in Norwich has paid almost £1,000 in compensation following the discovery of black mould and damp in a property...

16 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Top Labour MP speaks out against “greed of the mega-landlords”

Former Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has spoken out against what he calls “the greed of the mega-landlords.” The veteran MP -...

02 June 2021

From: Breaking News

Landlord begins legal action against activists protesting outside her home

A landlord has begun legal proceedings against a pressure group after being the victim of a four-month campaign of harassment. Lawyers acting...

26 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Activists request meeting with government over rental reform

A coalition of 20 pro-tenant organisations - including at least one actively campaigning against some government measures - wants a meeting...

17 May 2021

From: Breaking News

Labour anti-eviction activists outline three-stage campaign

The Momentum group on the left of the Labour Party has outlined a three-stage campaign to secure a longer term ban on...

14 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Stand by for weekend of protests by anti-eviction campaigners

The Momentum movement on the left wing of the Labour Party is staging a series of protests this weekend targeting landlords...

09 April 2021

From: Breaking News

Labour tenants slam party housing spokeswoman over protests

A Labour housing pressure group has made strong public criticism of the party’s shadow housing spokeswoman, Thangam Debbonaire. Labour Tenants United was...

30 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Police help landlords conduct illegal and violent evictions - claim

A group of activists at the centre of campaigns for renters’ rights has claimed the police help landlords commit illegal acts. The London...

18 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Anti-landlord group objects to curbs on protests

The activists group Acorn, which has staged several anti-landlord demonstrations including some outside homes, is opposing a new Bill going through...

16 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Activists press another council to get tough on landlords

Activists from the Acorn campaign are pressing a council to get tough on landlords. Acorn has waged anti-landlord and anti-letting agent campaigns...

10 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Anarchist group says activists should hold anti-landlord protests

An anarchist group has admitted that protests against landlords and letting agencies present opportunities for disruption. The Solidarity Federation says it aims to “advance...

03 March 2021

From: Breaking News

Activists create crib-sheet to influence licensing consultation

The Acorn group of rental activists has created a detailed crib sheet of responses to a council consultation on landlord licensing. Acorn,...

07 December 2020

From: Breaking News

Second homes under attack from locals hit by high house prices

Local people in a part of Wales claim they are being priced out of their communities by investment buyers and second home...

15 October 2020

From: Breaking News

U-turn on evictions ban is simply ‘kicking the can a month down the road’

Protestors fear that there will be a potential spike in homelessness in the near future despite the government’s U-turn on lifting...

25 August 2020

From: Breaking News

LRU to hold a day of action demanding eviction ban extension

The London Renters Union (RLU) will hold a day of action next week demanding that the government acts to protect renters,...

19 August 2020

From: Breaking News

Scottish Labour hopeful calls for ‘stringent rent controls’

Richard Leonard, the Scottish Labour leadership candidate backed by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, has called for ‘stringent’ rent controls to be...

18 September 2017

From: Breaking News

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