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Airbnb properties will return to mainstream use, pledges politicians

Politicians in a city with one of the UK’s most frenzied short lets markets are pledging to return Airbnb style units...

20 April 2022

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Rent Controls: Will politicians who own Buy To Lets scupper plans?

A newspaper is suggesting that proposals for rent controls could be scuppered because of the relatively large proportion of elected politicians...

18 January 2022

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Rent Controls: Now Labour jumps on the bandwagon

Labour is the latest political party to call for rent controls following similar pleas from the Green Party and the Scottish Nationalists. Paul...

04 January 2022

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Rent Controls - consultation opens for landlords and general public

Scotland’s controversial Green Party housing chief - who is part of a governing arrangement with Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party -...

21 December 2021

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Shelter backs call for rent controls and anti-eviction powers

Shelter has given what appears to be unconditional support to the SNP-Green proposals for reform of the private rental sector in...

21 December 2021

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Rent controls on the agenda for another part of the UK

The new coalition of the Scottish National Party and the Greens in Scotland has pledged to introduce rent controls - and...

23 November 2021

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Home for sale - but not to landlords

A social landlord is selling a home on the open market but says it should go only to a first time...

02 November 2021

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Looming rent controls may be deterring landlords from buy to let

A leading market analyst says the looming threat of rent controls may be deterring landlords entering the buy to let sector,...

18 October 2021

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Rent Controls: Agents urge ‘gentle caution’ after political pledges

The letting agents’ trade body ARLA Propertymark has made a very cautious approach to the Scottish Government over its strident pledge...

02 September 2021

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Renter Power! UK's first-ever Minister for Tenants' Rights appointed

The prospect of increased renters’ power has already been seen north of the border with the pledge to introduce rent controls...

01 September 2021

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Rent controls needed because tenants “pay way over the odds”

The UK’s first Minister for Tenants’ Rights says he will introduce rent controls because renters currently “pay way over the odds”. Although...

01 September 2021

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Here They Come: Rent controls to be introduced in part of the UK

Rent controls, possibly ensuring that rents do not exceed 25 per cent of household income, are poised to be introduced into...

23 August 2021

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Activist group wants more “engagement” between councils and tenants

Tenant activist group Generation Rent says it’s working with five councils to find out more about private renters in those areas. The...

24 May 2021

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Labour wants more eviction evidence after Wrongful Termination Order

The Scottish Labour Party has written to the SNP government of that country to demand more protection for private tenants. Labour housing...

26 January 2021

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Growing political anger over Sex For Rent landlords

Both Labour and the Scottish National Party have spoken out over online platforms carrying advertisements from landlords seeking sexual favours in...

20 January 2021

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Rental Income Taxation: A Landlord Impact Analysis

The changes to Mortgage Interest Tax Relief and impact on your wallet Before April 2017 landlords with a mortgage on their buy-to-let...

14 January 2021

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General election 2019: Key housing policies, at a glance

With just one day until voting day, each of the main political parties has outlined its plans for the country, including for...

11 December 2019

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Rental prices rise 1.7% in Scotland

Scottish rents continued to edge up in the first quarter of the year, the latest figures show. The Scottish national average increased...

02 May 2019

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Landlords and tenants to be consulted over Scottish rent restrictions proposal

Landlords and tenants across Scotland will be consulted over plans to impose rent restrictions north of the border. Scottish Labour wants to...

20 August 2018

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More than £2bn in housing benefits paid to private landlords in Scotland

Private landlords north of the border have received more than £2bn in housing benefit over the past five years, new figures...

05 January 2017

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Scottish landlords support SNP's proposed changes to Finance Bill

The government’s proposed changes to mortgage interest relief, which will  see landlords taxed on their turnover rather than profit, has been...

06 September 2016

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Lifting the Lid on Deposit Disputes

Our latest infographic shows figures of how the majority of deposits are repaid at the end of tenancy and goes into...

05 August 2016

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Senior politician accused of not declaring that he is a landlord

A top politician has been reported to the ethics watchdog following accusations that he broke strict parliamentary code on financial and...

07 June 2016

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