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KEYWORD "Student Tenants" - 29 RESULTS
Student tenants complaining about quality of furniture

A survey suggests students do not feel the furniture provided within student accommodation reflects the price they pay to live there. Manor...

01 September 2021

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Students rents are soaring according to bank study

Landlords with student tenants, as well as the growing number of institutional landlords of purpose built student accommodation, appear to be...

06 August 2021

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Landlord ordered to pay tenants £2,800 after deposit negligence

A landlord who did not secure the deposit of two students has been ordered to pay them £2,800.  The order was made...

11 February 2021

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Government told - Help ALL renters, not just students!

Landlords have told government that while they welcome new cash help for student tenants, the rest of the lettings sector needs...

04 February 2021

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Generous landlords praised for discounting rent to tenants

A not-for-profit educational charity that acts as a lettings agency has praised private landlords for contributing to a rent discount scheme. Sulets...

04 February 2021

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Landlord Dilemma: should I give discounts and refunds?

A landlord has opened up to a news website about the difficulties trying to accommodate student tenants during the lockdown.  Elizabeth Hunter is...

12 January 2021

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New guidance to help landlords arrange accommodation check-outs

The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) has issued fresh guidance to help students and landlords in England and Wales arrange accommodation check-outs...

24 June 2020

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Student union asks landlords to give tenants a rent break

Landlords with student tenants in Northampton are being urged to acknowledge the financial hardship some students are facing and give them...

20 April 2020

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Landlords urged to remain calm as students return to their parental homes

Student property has long been one of the most lucrative investments available to landlords, with sky-high double-digit yields typically available in...

25 March 2020

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Top tips for new student landlords

Student property remains one of the most lucrative investments available to landlords, with sky-high double-digit yields currently on offer in many...

09 January 2020

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Automated feeds service allows landlords to target potential student tenants

Accommodation for Students (AFS) has launched a new automated feeds service for buy-to-let landlords and letting agents, enabling them to instantly...

06 February 2019

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What are student tenants looking for when searching for a property?

Many buy-to-let landlords purchase properties near universities in order to take advantage of the lucrative yields that the student rental market...

25 January 2019

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Landlord sees HMO license application rejected due to fire safety concerns

A buy-to-let landlord in Glasgow will be left out of pocket after the renewal of her house in multiple occupation (HMO)...

18 January 2019

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Majority of students are ‘more than satisfied’ with their landlord

University students are generally happy with their living conditions and the services provided by their landlord, according to new research. The survey,...

02 January 2019

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Scotland’s most responsible student tenants unveiled

Students may work hard, but many also party hard, which is largely why they have a reputation for being bad tenants. Binge-drinking...

20 July 2018

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App claims to make it ‘more profitable’ for landlords to rent to students

A new student lettings app has been launched by SPCE that will potentially make it easier for landlords to find student...

09 November 2017

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Top tips for landlords letting to student tenants

Being a student landlord can be an attractive proposition especially in an area with a high student population which has the...

09 October 2017

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Greater Manchester mayor vows to clamp down on rogue landlords

A cap on rents and more stringent regulations are among the proposals put forward by the mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy...

26 September 2017

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Why are landlords turning student tenants down?

After a lifetime with the parents, students naturally want to let their hair down before the serious study starts, and that...

02 August 2017

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Student renters urged to reclaim tenancy deposits

As we approach the end of the academic year, you may care to remind any student tenants that you have to...

17 May 2017

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Inventory clerks raise concern at lack of tenants signing inventories

To help enjoy a risk-free tenancy, it is generally good practice for a landlord to have an inventory which records the condition...

06 November 2016

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Council proposes to tax student landlords

Students are currently exempt from paying council tax and student accommodation is currently exempt from business rates, but that could soon...

23 September 2016

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Expert Advice on Student Lets from mydeposits

Our key partner and buy-to-let specialist, Hamilton Fraser, and renown industry expert, Paul Shamplina have released the first in a new...

12 September 2016

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Cleaning costs biggest cause of deductions to student rental deposits

Cleaning costs and damage to fixtures and fittings are the primary reasons why deposit money is withheld when a student tenant...

08 September 2016

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Flatsharers increase their budgets to cope with rising rents

The average flatsharing tenant has increased their budget in order to stay in line with rent increases, according to EasyRoommate. The flatsharing...

17 August 2016

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What to consider when calculating 'fair wear and tear'

For a long time, fair wear and tear has been a grey area for landlords and letting agents alike; this is...

15 July 2016

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Traumatised students pursued for unpaid rent

A Kent landlord has come under attack for pursuing unpaid rent from three students “too traumatised” to return to their house...

10 October 2015

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Students twice as likely to lose part of tenancy deposits

Student tenants are almost twice as likely as other tenants to lose part of their deposit, according to the Deposit Protection...

23 September 2015

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Landlords “leave students at risk”

Landlords and letting agents of student accommodation are putting their tenants’ lives at risk by failing to fix serious safety hazards,...

05 August 2015

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