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The average renter has saved £163 since tenancy deposits were capped

Renters across England have made an average saving of £163.08 since tenancy security deposits were capped last year at the equivalent...

05 February 2020

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Poor communication is the biggest cause of deposit disputes

A lack of communication when withholding a deposit is the most common cause for deposit disputes between landlords and tenants, according...

10 January 2020

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Raising a tenancy deposit ‘more of a cash flow problem than an affordability issue’

Buy-to-let landlords generally recognise the importance of taking a deposit from a tenant and placing it in a government-backed tenancy deposit...

06 January 2020

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Renters could save money by removing ‘unnecessary burden’ of rental deposits

When renting a property out, landlords and letting recognise that it is important to take a deposit from the tenant and...

30 December 2019

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Landlords in Inverness offered free tenancy deposits and disputes training

With the latest research showing that 50 disputes have arisen between landlords and tenants in the Inverness area in the last 12...

20 September 2019

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Allow tenants to transfer deposit between landlords, says RLA

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has proposed that tenants should be permitted to transfer a deposit between landlords when moving property.  The...

12 September 2019

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More than 200 Scottish landlords fail to protect tenancy deposits in 18 months

Buy-to-let landlords in Scotland are being urged to ensure that they protect tenancy deposits and seek legal advice if they are...

15 July 2019

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Is the deposit-free rental model a good idea?

When renting a property out, landlords recognise that it is important to take a deposit from the tenant and place it...

28 May 2019

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Deposit-free renting to be discussed on Radio 4 at 12.15pm today

Deposit-free renting will be a subject of discussion on the ‘You and Yours’ consumer affairs programme to be broadcast today on BBC...

31 January 2019

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Can a tenant who can’t afford the deposit be trusted to pay the rent?

Deposit-free renting is growing increasingly popular, with more providers than ever before now providing tenants with a range of nil deposit...

04 January 2019

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Good news for landlords in NI as less than 1% of tenancies end with deposit dispute

Less than 1% of private tenancies in Northern Ireland ended in a dispute over the deposit in the 12 months to...

19 December 2018

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Significant increase in rental deposit numbers as PRS continues to grow

There has been a sharp rise in the number of tenancy deposits held across the UK, new figures provided by deposit...

10 December 2018

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Landlords invited to TDS adjudication training session in London

Tenant deposit protection scheme, TDS, will be hosting a half-day workshop in London in February, designed to give landlords and property...

23 November 2018

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TPO expels agent that treated rent and tenant deposits as their own money

A letting agency in Isleworth, West London, which was recently penalised for a number of offences, has been expelled from The...

21 September 2018

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Lib Dems want to introduce mandatory licences for private landlords

The Liberal Democrats once again called for the introduction of mandatory licensing for PRS homes as well as a publicly available...

19 September 2018

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Almost half of private tenants would prefer deposit-free renting

Close to half of private renters would like to see tenant deposits scrapped and replaced with deposit protection insurance, according to...

19 September 2018

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Landlords face losing millions as government cracks down on letting fees

Landlords are set to lose out on millions of pounds through a clampdown on rental fees after the government yesterday announced...

06 September 2018

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House of Commons briefing paper on tenancy deposit schemes published

A briefing paper on tenancy deposit schemes has been published by the House of Commons ahead of the Report Stage and...

04 September 2018

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Reforming the deposit system offers no greater protection, says mydeposits boss

The chief executive officer of mydeposits, Eddie Hooker, has defended the current system of deposit protection schemes following criticisms from Which?.   The consumer group...

14 August 2018

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‘Broken’ tenant deposit system is forcing tenants into debt, says Which?

The existing tenant deposit system is “broken” and in desperate need of reform after a new report revealed that one in...

13 August 2018

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Tenancy deposit theft total hits almost £1m in just six months

Rogue letting agents and landlords have reportedly been convicted of stealing almost £1m worth of tenancy deposits so far this year,...

17 July 2018

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Cap tenant deposits at three weeks as part of ‘fairer deal’ for renters, say Labour

The tenancy security deposits that tenants leave with landlords or their letting agents should be capped at a maximum of three...

19 June 2018

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Landlords owed thousands by collapsed letting firm

Landlords in Norfolk claim that they are owed thousands in unpaid rent while tenant deposits were left unprotected by a local...

18 June 2018

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Letting agent who stole from clients ordered to payback £22k in compensation

The law has finally caught up with a letting agent who stole £22,000 from clients, including landlords. Peter Bell, now the former...

11 April 2018

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Average London renter now requires £3K deposit, says campaigning letting agent

Tenants in London are now required to pay up to £8,650 just to move into a rented home, it has been...

20 March 2018

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Many renters will ‘end up worse off’ unless the law is changed

The government’s proposal to cap tenancy deposits to six weeks’ rent will save many tenants money, given that a number of...

15 November 2017

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Sky-high tenant deposits ‘have spiralled out of control’

With many landlords and letting agents now demanding tenant deposits equivalent to six weeks, many renters across the country are required...

03 October 2017

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‘Deposit-free renting’ necessary to protect tenancies, says agent

With personal debt burden continuing to rise, anti-deposit campaigner Ajay Jagota of Dlighted has once again called for tenant deposits to be scrapped. The...

26 September 2017

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One month tenancy deposit cap is ‘just the first step’

With almost 5.8 million households expected to be living in private rented accommodation within four years as homeownership and social renting...

05 July 2017

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Student renters urged to reclaim tenancy deposits

As we approach the end of the academic year, you may care to remind any student tenants that you have to...

17 May 2017

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Lack of due diligence could have ‘financial implication for landlords’

Following a recent report which claimed that one third of private tenants would not tell their landlord if they did significant...

03 May 2017

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Cleaning is the main cause for deposit disputes between landlords and tenants

The most common cause of a tenancy deposit dispute in the private rented property sector is cleaning, while disputes over rent...

30 March 2017

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Cleaning remains a big problem for landlords

Landlords are increasingly faced with dirty properties at the check-out stage of a tenancy and this has led to cleaning now...

30 August 2016

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Tenants concerned about deposit protection

The majority of tenants are concerned that their deposit has not been placed in a tenancy protection scheme and fear that...

24 August 2016

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Letting agents accused of ‘ripping off’ landlords and tenants

We all know headlines sell newspapers, but a report in yesterday’s Daily Mirror brought shame on a host of letting agents...

08 July 2016

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In-house versus third party inventories

The latest TDS stats show that there has been a steep 25% rise in tenancy deposit disputes, with one-third of agents...

10 March 2016

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