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Tenant fee ban ‘clearly designed to shift the costs to landlords’

The government’s decision to ban tenant fees is clearly designed to shift the costs to landlords, according to Property Personnel. The estate...

06 June 2019

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Renters stand to save £192m a year as a result of the tenant fee ban

Private renters in the UK look set to save in the region of £192m a year as a consequence of the...

05 June 2019

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Sharp rise in number of landlords selling up ahead of tenant fee ban

There has been a significant increase in the number of buy-to-let landlords offloading properties ahead of the introduction of the tenant...

31 May 2019

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Tenant fee ban to be introduced tomorrow

From tomorrow, it will be illegal for tenants in England to be charged letting fees, with deposits capped at five weeks’...

31 May 2019

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Rents to rise as government efforts to make renting cheaper ‘fall flat on its face’

Rents are expected to increase over the next few months, according to the latest survey from Just Landlords. The study found that almost half of...

30 May 2019

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Tenant fee ban could see many landlords ‘opt to do without agents’

The next few months are likely to be challenging for letting agents as they adjust to an outright ban on letting...

29 May 2019

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Tenant fee ban comes into effect this weekend

The Tenant Fees Act 2019, banning landlords and agents from charging fees to tenants, will come into effect on Saturday in...

29 May 2019

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Alternative to tenancy deposit scheme for landlords proves popular

Flatfair, the payment technology firm, believes that its deposit replacement scheme can help strengthen ties between landlords and tenants. The initiative, which...

24 May 2019

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Where in the UK has seen the largest increase in room costs over the past year?

London unsurprisingly remains the most unaffordable city to rent a room in the UK with the average cost in the capital...

03 May 2019

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Daniel Gibson, director at Daniel Craig Residential

Who are you and what does it say on your business card?  My name is Daniel and I’m a director at...

30 April 2019

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New tenancy deposit replacement product launches

Another tenancy deposit replacement insurance scheme has been launched – this time by Goodlord. The property technology firm is offering the deposit...

02 April 2019

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Lee Dahill, Director of Sales for the Today publications and The ValPal Network

Who are you? I’m the Director of Sales for both the well-known industry leading Today publications and The ValPal Network. Leading publications: Estate Agent Today,...

12 February 2019

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Online letting agency launches new subscription model for landlords

It is becoming increasingly clear that some letting agents may not survive the tenant fee ban coming into force next spring...

11 January 2019

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New energy and void period management product launched

Goodlord has partnered with Octopus Energy to launch Goodlord Switch, a new energy switching and void period management product that it...

10 December 2018

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UK’s highest yields: the best postcodes for buy-to-let

Landlords currently looking for the UK’s best buy-to-let areas should consider locations with a high student population, with yields of up...

03 December 2018

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Tenant fee ban will not stop ‘hidden charges’

The government’s plan to introduce a ban on fees charged by landlords and letting agents is likely to come into force...

26 November 2018

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Minister to address Future Renting Wales conference next week

The Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance, Justin Tomlinson, will address the Residential Landlords Association’s (RLA) Future Renting Wales conference...

23 November 2018

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Landlords face losing millions as government cracks down on letting fees

Landlords are set to lose out on millions of pounds through a clampdown on rental fees after the government yesterday announced...

06 September 2018

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Majority of landlords ‘remain positive about the future’ of the BTL sector

More than half of UK landlords are now feeling optimistic about the existing buy-to-let environment, and the opportunity it presents. The industry...

15 August 2018

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Buy-to-let remains an attractive asset class with the best yields up north

Buy-to-let returns continue to outperform many major asset classes with property investors in northern areas benefitting from higher yields, owed in...

19 June 2018

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Tenancy deposit theft total hits £750k so far this year

Rogue letting agents have reportedly been convicted of stealing more than £750,000 worth of tenancy deposits so far this year –...

27 February 2018

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Inclusion of letting agency fee ban in Queen’s Speech ‘reeks of desperation’

The Queen’s Speech was unsurprisingly dominated by Brexit, with a host of proposed new laws designed to prepare the UK for...

22 June 2017

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