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Landlords losing money by selling properties tenant free

More than £500m worth of rental income is lost annually in this country because buy-to-let landlords are often encouraged to sell...

20 September 2018

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It is ‘best to invest’ up north, says buy-to-let specialist

Buy-to-let landlords are being advised to turn to the North West of England in a bid to increase their annual yields following the...

01 March 2018

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New platform to help landlords buy and sell property while tenanted

Many buy-to-let landlords are reluctant to sell a tenanted property because it can increase the chances of the sale falling through...

13 February 2018

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The Scottish rental market is ‘a great place to invest’

Rental price growth north of the border continued to outstrip the rest of the UK with an annual rise of 1.7%...

31 January 2018

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Search over 300,000 properties - register for off market and high return opportunities

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05 August 2015

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