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Shelter backs Citizens Advice concern over landlords passing on rebate

Campaigning charity Shelter has backed a call by consumer organisation Citizens Advice to seek government pledges that a £400 energy bill...

04 August 2022

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Landlords to be offered incentives at council talk-in

Landlords and owners of empty homes iare being invited to a free event next week to find out more about help...

07 July 2022

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Revealed: top 5 energy efficiency tips for landlords

Energy bills have increased for around 22 million energy consumers – and they’re expected to escalate again later this year when...

21 June 2022

From: Legislation, Regulation & Compliance

Anger as politicians accused of caving in to landlords

There has been an angry response by some politicians in Wales to the decision by the Labour administration to delay implementation...

07 June 2022

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So-called Illegal Evictions - training body wants action

A group delivering tenant relations training claims thousands of illegal evictions are made possible because many local councils have no trained...

06 June 2022

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Ukraine Crisis - it will hit landlords and tenants this spring

Russia sending tanks into Ukraine sounds terrifying, but it also sounds a long way away. Unfortunately, in a world of global...

26 February 2022

From: The Big Issues

Council to use Zoom to unveil new initiatives for landlords   

A council is to unveil its latest initiatives for landlords via a webinar. West Berkshire council will be running a virtual landlord...

01 February 2022

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Special Citizens Advice helpline opens for landlords AND tenants

A Citizens Advice helpline has opened in Wales for both renters struggling with arrears, and for landlords who believe their tenants...

30 November 2021

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Free advice for landlords on lettings incentives

Landlords and owners of empty homes in North Somerset are invited to a free event next month to find out more...

29 October 2021

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Charity backs landlord case for cash help to meet new EPC targets

A charity is warning that landlords may not government help in reaching new EPC targets. Citizens Advice Scotland says the private rental...

17 August 2021

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Tenancy Deposit changes coming as MPs receive first-ever history

The first-ever history of Tenancy Deposit legislation, legal challenges and proposed future changes has been published by the House of Commons...

13 August 2021

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Are landlords and tenants paying too much for utilities?

A new report shows a growing difference in customer service levels between the best and worst energy suppliers in Britain -...

28 June 2021

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Fake investment scams on the rise, warns Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice consumer charity is warning that fake investment scams are amongst the fraudulent activity that’s on the rise across...

16 June 2021

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Licensing landlords would help students, insists charity and union

A Citizens Advice and Students Union study into student accommodation in its patch says there should be an additional licensing scheme...

01 June 2021

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Surge in tenants seeking charity advice - claim

A charity claims it’s seen increasing numbers of private tenants seeking help, just as the bailiff enforced eviction ban has ended...

01 June 2021

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Breathing Spaces “not a fix to keep creditors at bay” admits charity

The controversial Breathing Space policy comes into effect from next Tuesday, May 4, and a charity is admitting it is not...

28 April 2021

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Huge rise in complaints about landlords, claims charity

A charity claims it’s helping one person every minute with problems relating to renting from a private landlord. In the first two...

29 March 2021

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Owe council tax and worried about the upcoming price hike? Here's what to do

From April, almost two-thirds (67%) of England’s councils are set to increase their council tax by 4.90 – 5.0%. However, the pandemic has...

21 March 2021

From: Conveyancing, Mortgages, Tax & Finance

Sunak must help tenants in arrears, pleads coalition of rental groups

A coalition of rental groups with the same view on how to tackle arrears is calling on the Chancellor to help...

18 February 2021

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Charity renews call for ‘targeted financial support’ for tenants

Citizens Advice has called once again for public funds to help tenants in Covid-related arrears. Alistair Cromwell, acting chief executive of the...

12 January 2021

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Break Clauses: Student lockdown unlikely to affect contracts, says trade body

The National Residential Landlords Association says the latest stays report on students under the Coronavirus lockdown is unlikely to have an...

07 January 2021

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Citizens Advice claims to have one private rental case every two minutes

The Citizens Advice charity claims to have dealt with a private rental sector case “every two minutes” during December - and...

07 January 2021

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Landlords’ leader tells MPs they should give cash help to rental sector

Senior MPs have been told by the chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association that they must provide financial assistance...

17 December 2020

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New call for grants and loans for tenants to clear Covid arrears

Citizens Advice says the government should prioritise tenants with rent arrears who are the most significant victims of the financial fallout...

15 December 2020

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Council urges private landlords to reach out to tenants

A county council and the local Citizens Advice service are asking private landlords in their area to reach out to tenants...

15 December 2020

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Property expert's dispute resolution service to avoid evictions

A property expert in the Home Counties has launched a dispute resolution service to avoid evictions. Julie Ford - who’s been in...

16 November 2020

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Advice for BTL landlords: How to operate successfully during a recession

The coronavirus crisis has hit the UK's economic outlook, and many buy-to-let landlords are understandably worried about their post-lockdown rental property...

30 October 2020

From: Tax & Finance

Government must protect people ‘who have fallen into arrears’

With the Coronavirus crisis widely expected to lead to a rise in rent arrears as many tenants face financial hardship, Citizens...

01 June 2020

From: Breaking News

NRLA slams Citizens Advice for ‘misleading’ report

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has criticised Citizens Advice for over-egging rental default levels due to coronavirus.  Research carried out by...

04 May 2020

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Rogue agents sentenced after receiving fraudulent rental payments

Three rogue operators in London have been sentenced after pleading guilty to money laundering fraudulent rental payments received for properties that...

18 October 2019

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Nine out of ten landlords would support a new dedicated housing court

The vast majority of private landlords are dissatisfied with the existing courts process to repossess properties and would support an alternative...

01 August 2019

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A high number of private renters living in ‘hazardous homes’ – Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has called for more regulation of the private rented sector after research revealed that hundreds of thousands of tenants...

27 June 2019

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New Universal Credit system will see rent be paid directly to landlords

Significant changes are being made to the Universal Credit system that will see the housing element of the benefit paid directly...

07 June 2019

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Section 21 ban without making Section 8 fully ‘fit for purpose’ would be an error

Abolishing Section 21 without making Section 8 fully “fit for purpose” will have dire consequences on our housing supply. This week, the...

17 April 2019

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Call for Universal Credit overhaul as many claimants fall into rent arrears

Half the people seeking help with their Universal Credit claim are in rent arrears, according to Citizens Advice. More generous advance loans...

08 February 2019

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Universal Credit sends rent arrears soaring

The number of people seeking advice over rent arrears has increased by 47% over the past five years due primarily to...

19 October 2018

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Landlords need to be able to ‘regain their property’ when things go wrong

A proposal to scrap Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, the clause which allows landlords to evict tenants without cause, would...

28 August 2018

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Tenants who complain almost twice as likely to be evicted, says Citizens Advice

Private renters who complain to their landlord about problems at their rental property, including issues such as damp and mould, are...

28 August 2018

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Make CMP mandatory on agents ‘at the earliest opportunity’ government told

Given that thousands of landlords and tenants are not protected by client money protection (CMP), placing money held by letting agents are...

25 October 2017

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Landlords will be forced to register with an ombudsman redress scheme

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, yesterday pledged to offer private sector tenants’ greater rights by...

02 October 2017

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TDS Charitable Foundation donates £94k towards improving PRS

The Charitable Foundation of TDS, the deposit protection scheme, has announced that it made just over £94,000 in awards in its...

28 September 2017

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Private renters reluctant to ask for repairs to their home due to ‘fear of retaliation’

Fears about potential eviction, blacklisting, and rent increases are stopping four in ten private tenants from making complaints about or requesting...

14 July 2017

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Boost for renters as poll shows little public support for tenant fees

The government’s proposed ban on letting agents charging tenant fees has gained significant support from members of the general public, while...

04 May 2017

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Letting fees crackdown will have a ‘negative impact’ on the rental market

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has reiterated its call for the government to reconsider banning letting agents in England...

01 February 2017

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Longer term tenancies needed to enable tenants to plan for the future

More needs to be done to focus on improving renting rather than obsessing over property ownership, according to a specialist provider...

12 January 2017

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Tenants ‘need better protection’, says trade body for landlords

Councils across the country are being urged to raise their game when it comes to protecting private tenants from a minority...

04 January 2017

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Buy-to-let landlords likely to increase rents to offset higher costs

There are growing fears that tenants will end up bearing the cost of the government’s decision to ban letting agents' fees...

29 November 2016

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Scrapping agent fees set to lead to higher rents

Letting agents in England will be banned from charging fees to tenants under plans announced by the chancellor in his Autumn...

24 November 2016

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All letting fees should be covered by landlords, says charity

All letting agency fees should be paid by landlords, rather than tenants, as is the case in Scotland, according to Citizens...

19 September 2016

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Calls for greater powers to clampdown on rogue landlords

The government and local councils are not doing enough to clampdown on rogue landlords, according to a new report. A survey of...

24 June 2016

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Criticism of government’s ‘insufficient’ £5m to tackle rogue landlords

The consumer charity Citizens Advice is the latest body to say the government’s heavily-publicised £5m given to councils to tackle rogue...

25 January 2016

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Luton council cracks down on rogue landlords

Luton Borough Council has launched a new initiative which aims to tackle rogue landlords who are letting properties that are being...

17 December 2015

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Rogue landlords forcing tenants into a ‘living nightmare’

Private housing tenants from across income scales are living in unsafe homes that fail to meet basic legal standards, a report...

16 December 2015

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Local council consulting on landlord charter

Reading Council has launched a consultation on the creation of a Private Rented Sector Housing Charter. If established, the Charter will include...

22 September 2015

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Tenancy deposit protection scheme to launch in Jersey

Tenancy deposit protection scheme mydeposits is to launch in Jersey after the organisation signed contracts with the Jersey Government last week. The...

21 September 2015

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Generation Rent: Criminal landlords are not being brought to justice

The tiny number of landlord convictions is no deterrent to the worst landlords, Generation Rent has said, as it calls on...

27 July 2015

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MP plans for new criminal landlord crackdown

MPs have introduced two new bills that will crackdown on rogue landlords. The first measure introduced to parliament yesterday was by the...

25 June 2015

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NLA responds to CAB report

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has responded to last week’s Citizens Advice report on the private rented sector in a statement...

26 May 2015

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Charity claims half a million children living in unsafe private rented homes

Rogue landlords are raking in £5.6billion a year for unsafe homes that fail to meet legal standards, a report by Citizens...

22 May 2015

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