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Written by Emma Lunn

Stoke-on-Trent City Council is considering designating parts of Fenton and Cobridge as selective licensing areas. This means that if it is approved, all private landlords in these areas will have to have a licence to practise as a landlord.

The Council has designated areas around Fenton and Cobridge as the focal points of the licensing scheme.

For maps of the proposed areas please click below.

Portland Street area
Oldfield Street area

The Housing Act 2004 states that prior to an area becoming a licensed area the city council should consult with anyone who has an interest in the area concerned.

Local landlords, agents, and resident forums will be taking place over the coming weeks. A questionnaire with important information is being sent to invested parties, along with crucial information such as the designation area.

The consultation runs until the 15 November.

For more information contact the selective licensing co-ordinator on:
Tel: 01782 236107
Email: selectivelicensing@stoke.gov.uk