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Scrapping Section 21 - Mismanaged from start to finish

The government has been accused of mismanaging reforms to no-fault evictions saying: “It’s created uncertainty upon uncertainty”.

Theresa May first made the pledge to scrap Section 21 (S21) notices on 15 April 2019 and it was also in her successor Boris Johnson's manifesto.

But last month, the government announced an indefinite delay to the plan to ban them, pending court reforms.


A Section 21 order allows landlords to evict tenants with just two months' notice, without providing a reason for doing so.

Housing campaigners say they are a major contributing factor to rising homelessness.

But many property experts in the sector claim it will lead to an exodus of landlords, at a time many are already leaving in droves.  Property expert Jonathan Rolande, founder of House Buy Fast says: “The entire process has been mismanaged – it has taken too long. It has created uncertainty upon uncertainty. 

“Of the thousands of landlords I have dealt with over the years, only a tiny fraction would not pass the “would I want you to be my landlord?” test.

“Landlords are not charities but almost without exception, those I have dealt with have wanted to obey safety and contractual legislation, are sympathetic to tenants' financial issues, and while no doubt complaining about the cost, keep their properties in good repair.

“When the government talks of a Section 21 ban what do landlords hear?  They hear that they will not be able to get their property back when they want it. They conflate the issue with rent control, which is also mentioned in the news in London and Scotland. " Could it happen here, too?” they ask. Three quarters of individual landlords are over 55 – the spectre of Rent Control and Sitting Tenants is real.

“So landlords have been leaving the sector, cashing in at these high prices to beat the ban. Ironically, as a property is worth more empty, many tenants who might otherwise have been secure have been turfed out prior to sale.

“And since recent rate rises, nobody has replaced these fleeing landlords. The homes have disappeared from the rental market, pushing up competition between tenants and therefore, rents. 

“Many people on all sides of politics, who should know better, have accepted that the ban is a good idea.  

“It seems inevitable that it will come to pass, possibly soon. That is my hope at least, because during this time of uncertainty, whilst the government squirm in an effort to placate all sides, tenants are losing their homes for absolutely no good reason.”

* Jonathan Rolande is founder of House Buy Fast *

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    If the abolition of Section 21 is causing so much harm, then it should not come to pass ever, unless there is an alternative way of ending a tenancy which does not require proving fault on the part of the tenant.

    At least in Wales they had the sense to retain a no fault provision in their legislation while, at the same time, increasing rights for tenants.

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    I fear Labour will sweep any concerns to one side and bring in the ban, add into that an evictions ban and rent control and we have the very worse of scenarios, this IS why I have been selling. It’s a brave landlord indeed who would trust the future 😬

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    Sec21 was the very foundation of the PRS success story that now houses more than 9 million. It could have so easily been modified or tweaked to the satisfaction of both tenants and landlords.
    Instead it has been consigned to history at the whim of populist lefties masquerading as ‘charities’ and the PRS has been ‘sold down the river’ by a Gov too weak and inept to stand up against the open assault against our society driven by the far left.
    It’s never really been about tenants or landlord's rights.


    Don't forget Bungling Boy Beadle had a hand in this.

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    The war on landlords and the PRS creates only housing shortages, higher rents, homelessness and financial disincentive to invest.
    Stupid and shortsighted, doesn't even come close

  • Matthew Payne

    Mismanagement = Politics. This is all that has driven the RRB, its timing and content. This is a left of centre policy nicked by the Tories which ideologically to most of the party is like drinking meths, but the new liberal wing love it. Banning S21 has been ditched with excuses of Court delays as the right wing of the party revolted. Whether it ever makes it back will only be a matter of politics once more.

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    It hardly matters anymore what they do its getting to the point I couldn’t care less what they do let them stew in their own mess. We are the ones doing the work, paying the taxes making all sacrifices and carrying the can. Just so sorry for the past the work done the people houses to be vilified and civil law changed to treat us as criminals, now sitting Tenants for Benefit Claimants, children allowance £25/£17 a week for a gang of children even until they are 20, housings allowance, top ups, school meals education etc no wonder they all want to be on it. Then Government complains about the huge amounts given to Private landlords to house them as if we have any say in the matter it’s Government giving it to them.
    In the past I houses a great number of Aussies & Kiwis and from many other Countries but not East Europeans as they weren’t here until 25/30 ago . I was one of the first to house them as others were nervous of new comers but turned out to be a far better culture than many of our own. With the RENTERS REFORM BILL look like we’ll be going back to Rent to Kiwi’s again with their limited 2 year stay to avoid sitting Tenants and not entitled to Benefits either.


    I too have housed many East Europeans and generally have found them to be better people than our own


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