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Getting your property picture perfect at the click of a button

23 April 2015 5728 Views
Getting your property picture perfect at the click of a button

We’re always on the look out for useful services that can help the budding property mogul. In recent months, one that we’ve spotted creeping up repeatedly in the media is London storage company, Boxman.

Touting themselves as ‘a self-storage company with a difference’, the startup has taken a traditionally rather dull industry and added a bit of tech sexiness.

Adding an on-demand element, the service allows you to order waterproof storage boxes via their website, which are delivered to you within a couple of hours. Once you’ve packed your clutter away, it is digitally tagged, taken off and stored securely until you decide you want it back. When you’re ready, you use the tagging system to call back each box as and when you need it. Efficiency and simplicity rolled into one!

Clearly, for anyone involved in the buying, selling and letting of property, an on-demand decluttering service offers considerable value. It is often said that the key to making a successful sale, or to letting your property quickly, is allowing prospective tenants to imagine their own personalities imprinted on the space they’re viewing. Removing your own stuff, however temporarily, is the first step to making that happen.

Of course, self-storage is nothing new, but for landlords operating in London it has always meant schlepping out to the farther reaches of the M25, and then clambering over other peoples’ boxes. As with all the best on-demand services, Boxman brushes away the dust and puts this shiny new service right there on your doorstep, leaving you to focus your time and attention on less cluttered issues.

When it comes to self-storage, maybe thinking outside the box might not be the best option after all…

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