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Search over 300,000 properties - register for off market and high return opportunities

05 August 2015 3894 Views
Search over 300,000 properties - register for off market and high return opportunities

PRING is a fast, informative and interactive website for property investors.

Why Investors Love PRING

Search Functions
No other website offers investors so many search criteria options tailored to property investment to identify the perfect property.

Property investors can compare properties they are currently buying or looking to sell against other investment properties. Pring.co.uk takes the data and instantly provides all of the relevant investment data.

Investors looking to sell a property can see the potential returns and ‘investability’ score, then with a click of a button they can request market valuations from local estate agents.

Off Market Sales
Investors love off market property, getting a property that others didn’t have access to is a property investors dream often with benefits of great returns.

Convert to HMO
The buzz word in the industry is “HMO” (house of multiple occupancy). Investors have identified that for generally little investment they can heavily increase the returns on the rental property.
We have developed a bespoke service for all users so they can view the potential earnings of an investment property if they convert the property to an HMO.

Investability Score
Pring’s unique ‘Investability Score’ checks several data sources including information from the land registry and generates a score which is displayed with each property as an investability score, this helps investors to quickly identify the most lucrative property investment opportunities.

The ultimate property sourcing tool.

For more information, visit pring.co.uk

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