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Can quality appliances contribute to higher rental yield?

05 August 2022 9448 Views
Can quality appliances contribute to higher rental yield?

Homes in the rental sector are more likely to have old and inefficient appliances for tenants to use in order to cut costs. However, the appliances and lifestyle perks available within your property can allow you to generate a higher yield whilst broadening the properties appeal. In a recent survey of landlords conducted by AO Business it found that on average, landlords believed that premium appliances would help generate a 4% increase in rental income per month. Most prospective tenants do not own their own appliances as these can not easily be taken from property to property (especially fridge freezers), therefore, tenants are likely to pay higher monthly rent for quality appliances that are readily available within the property.

When considering looking for appliances to help increase your monthly income it is key to consider the energy efficiency of the appliances and the innovative technology that can help aid day to day tasks for your tenant. Appliances with innovative technologies such as frost free and HarvestFresh™ can be a key selling point when marketing your property to a potential tenant.

Make defrosting a thing of the past

Beko’s frost free technology does all of the work for you, so you don’t have to waste time defrosting again. Using an automatic fan, the freezer is defrosted whenever it needs without your tenant needing to move a muscle.

Frost build-up forces the motor in freezers to work harder, and by working harder, the freezer is using more energy. So, with frost free technology, energy is saved, and costs are lowered for the user.

Keep temperatures flexible to fit your needs

Depending on the season, families may prefer to have more fridge space or freezer space. Unfortunately, there’s only so much space one fridge freezer will have. That’s where MultiZone® technology from Beko comes in.

A MultiZone® compartment allows the user to change the temperature at the touch of a button to go from -24°C to 10°C. This means they can swap it from a fridge compartment to a freezer compartment whenever they need.

Keep fruit and veg fresh

HarvestFresh™ technology from Beko will give your fruit and vegetables a boost. Using 3-colour light technology in the crisper drawer, their fridge freezers mimic the sun’s cycle to preserve vitamins in fruit and veg for longer. *

This means that meals will be more nutritious to help your tenant live a healthier life with less food waste.


Get the absolute best of both worlds

A regular fridge freezer will typically only have one cooling system. This means one system is working to keep the fridge and freezer going.  But with NeoFrost™ fridge freezers, there’s a dual cooling system.

A dual cooling system means that the fridge and freezer work separately from each other for optimal freshness and faster cooling. Each compartment can then focus on a specific task – the fridge can keep food fresh, and the freezer can keep food frozen.

Extra safety means no stress

All Beko fridges and freezers come with either a metal or aluminium foil flame retardant back and even exceed the UK and European safety standards, for extra protection and peace of mind. Beko plc first included flame retardant backs across its entire refrigeration range in 2007, 10 years before it became a mandatory requirement, and was the first major white goods manufacturer to do so.  


Beko freestanding products come with a standard 1-year callout parts and labour guarantee, extending to 2 years for built-in products. This is valid from when the product is registered. Beko also make it easy to speak to an expert advisor, with a fully trained local service team on hand to help when required so you can get your tenant back up and running as quickly as possible at no extra cost.

Beko refrigeration appliances can be bought through AO Business.


* Tested by Intertek. Based on Vitamin C and Vitamin A measurements in tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, spinach and celery directly exposed to the light technology compared with Day 0 conditions over a 5-day period.

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