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Interview of Daniel Levine
Written by the Landlord Today team
Daniel Levine, Branch Manager of Winkworth Hendon

Who are you?

We are Winkworth Hendon, a franchised office with a very good reputation in our local area, we pride ourselves on giving professional advice with a friendly face which people can trust. Winkworth as a brand have been established since 1835 and were one of the founding fathers of the estate agency market we see today. The key to our success is the high level of training our staff members receive on a consistent basis making sure we stay at the forefront of this ever changing market. What makes Winkworth unique is that each and every agent is an established and independent professional in their neighbourhood, making us uniquely positioned to offer our clients, a more in-depth and insightful experience.

How long have you been trading?


Winkworth Hendon have been trading as the main agency brand in the local area for over 25 years. Experience is a key part of our brand.

Why are you going into the auction market Powered By LetsBid Property?

In an ever changing market place, agencies need to be able to adapt to the new technologies and services available to them, with the modern method of auction, vendors are able to achieve a great price for their property in a much quicker time frame with less hassle of a standard sale. Not only is the platform fully controlled and observed via the agent, it offers the vendors an insight into the level of interest and bids being made on their property. Legal packs are prepared in advance by registered solicitors so buyers are able to have all the information they or their solicitor needs to act fast and move to an exchange within 28 days.

Where do you see the property market moving in the next 5 years?

The London property market will always be strong in my opinion, It has taken a slump in recent years but compared to other parts of the country it still remains pretty strong. With The City being one of the oldest and most established financial centres in the world, London has always had a  consistent and buoyant property market which appeals to many investors across the wold whether it be the busy central areas or all the way out to the suburbs, interest is always there. I firmly believe that once the “uncertainty” of the market is less evasive and Brexit is out the way this slump will recover and the London property market will see some of the best statistics it has seen in long time.

What advice would you give to Landlords or property investors in today’s market?

Being a landlord myself, I would advise any investor to look at the long term picture and forget any short term worries they may have, no one buys a property for a short term gain, investments from property arise in the long term so things like Brexit may be a worry but will we still be worrying about Brexit in 4 years? I doubt it. I would also advice any new or experienced landlord to make sure they are fully up to date with all the new legislation and tenants’ rights before going ahead with a let as any problems or mistakes could prove to be very costly.  


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