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Five Top Tips to become an Airbnb Host - Safely

It's claimed that home owners could be making an extra £2.000 per month by renting out a spare room on Airbnb, depending on your location and property. 

With the cost of living crisis uppermost, insurance firm Pikl Insurance has provided top tips on how you can rent out your spare room safely.


1. Set out a clear guide of house rules to establish boundaries

“House rules should be set up when your Airbnb spare room is listed, and it’s a great opportunity to clarify what type of guests you’re looking for to stay in your home. You can rule out pets, smoking, and even events being held at the property, which sets boundaries and could decrease the chance of property damage” the experts from Pikl explain. “We’d suggest including a printed copy of the rules in the home for reference, as when guests book in advance these may easily be forgotten.”


2. Ensure you provide locks for the spare room, as well as your own

“For multiple reasons, adding locks to the doors in your home is a must-do when renting out your spare room. Not only will it help to make you feel more secure when sharing your property with a stranger, it also allows your guest to feel safe and at-home in their rented room,” share the experts. “We also recommend using locks on certain cupboards or areas for storage where you keep personal belongings you wouldn’t want to get damaged or stolen”. 


3. Take out a dedicated insurance that protects your property and income 

“Another way to protect yourself as an Airbnb host renting out a spare room is to take out dedicated  insurance cover. The ‘Aircover’ protection provided by Airbnb is not a replacement for insurance and could leave hosts exposed in terms of property damage and loss of income. Not all sections of Aircover are actual insurance, which means you won’t get the same protections such as being able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman if something went wrong or having to follow strict regulations that protect the consumer”, explain the experts.

“Most standard insurers don’t provide adequate cover either, especially for things like theft and malicious damage. Many insurers don’t understand Airbnb hosting and cover varies wildly from insurer to insurer. Do your research on this prior to selecting a provider and speak to your existing insurer about cover if  you already have a policy. If you list your property on several platforms, having the right insurance is key as many platforms provide no protection at all.” 

4. Reach out to guests to ensure they are genuine and always verify their identity 

“There’s never any harm getting in touch with your guest prior to their stay to clarify a few details about their visit. We recommend, when they arrive, to deliver their keys in person so you can verify their identity and group size and introduce them to the property in person. This also gives you a chance to show them how to use appliances and any tech around the property, to lessen the likelihood of damage.”


5. Preparation and prevention is the key to protecting your property and income

“With a bit of planning ahead, you can significantly reduce your exposure to things that could result in property damage, serious out of pocket expenses and ultimately lost income if you’re unable to fix things in time for the next guest. 

"Simple things like ensuring secure key handovers, doing regular inventory checks and making sure you have the right insurance cover can help you make sure you’re better prepared for unexpected events that may eat into your income or affect your property.

"Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, meet the guest in person at check in and when they leave. You can do your bit to protect the property, but insurance can be there to protect you when things get out of your control.”

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