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Hastings Council sets up own letting agency

Hastings Council has launched its own letting agency called Letstart Letting.

The authority says its aim is to help make accommodation accessible and affordable for local households struggling to secure housing, and to attract private landlords to 'hassle-free' letting.

There is no contractual arrangement between the property owner and the tenant, as the council says it carries full landlord responsibility including tenant finding, tenant sign up, rent collection, some repairs and terminating tenancies.


Deputy leader of the council, and lead member for housing and communities, Cllr Kim Forward said:

"Once the council take on the management of a property, the Letstart Letting agency team will find suitable tenants and carry out all necessary checks while offering a guaranteed lease period of up to three years and, rent will be paid to the landlord even if the property is empty.

"Throughout the tenancy, the team will deal with the day-to-day care of the landlord's property and will take every reasonable measure to ensure that it's protected and treated well.

"The team will act upon all emergency situations and liaise with tenant and landlord on repairs. The property will be returned to the landlord at the end of the lease in exactly the same condition it was taken on (minus fair wear and tear), and repairs will be done to address any tenant damage.

"This really is hassle-free letting. So, if you have a property to let or know of someone that does, why not contact The Letstart Letting team to find out more. Also, if you are a tenant you can recommend this service to your landlord."

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    How would the insurance work if there is no contract with the tenant? My insurance company would not unsure this type of risk.


    They are not the first...I've seen this scam time and time again. Yes guaranteed monies for 3 years but no guarantee you will get the property back in the same condition.

    "...take every 'reasonable' measure..."
    "The property will be returned to the landlord at the end of the lease in exactly the same condition it was taken on (minus fair wear and tear)"
    The tenant doesn't normally pay out of their pocket any form of deposit, so no incentive to look after it.
    Council will hide behind fair wear and tear rules which means that the landlord is responsible for redecorating, reflooring after 3 years anyway.
    Allowing Anti-Social Behaviour can also put you lease in jeopardy too.
    I wonder if the landlord get the full LHA or does the council pocket the difference?

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    Most councils couldn't locate their own backsides. Would I trust them to rent my property? As if.


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