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Brothels raided "to hold landlords to account" over properties

A series of raids on privately let properties in the West Country appear to have taken place as a way of holding landlords to account for the activities that go on inside the homes.

On 2 November police raided a series of properties in Yeovil, Somerset.

The Western Gazette newspaper has now carried a report with what many may regard as surprising quotes from the police.


After describing the raids  – involving five riot vehicles sent by Bristol police, and staff from the police, fire and rescue service, the council’s environmental health department and the Department for Work and Pensions  –  the newspaper then quotes from a spokeswoman for Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

She says: "Landlords need to take a degree of responsibility for insuring that there premises are safe. They've got to make sure that their premises are up to a certain standard.

"This means that all appropriate taxes are being paid by tenants. It also means ensuring their premises are being used for the reasons they're being rented out for. If it's a domestic property it shouldn't be used for a business. Landlords need to make sure whatever is happening is legal.

"We're taking an approach to say that landlords need to take a degree of responsibility for what is happening. This multi-agency response came after events last month. We used those events to gather intelligence, to check other properties and to check they are being used legally."

The story then quotes from an Inspector Tim Coombes, who says: "The public will know what's happening in their own communities. We don't want anyone to live with the consequences and effects of anti-social behaviour. If they believe there are happenings in their street and comings and goings at strange times in the night or they believe that an illegal brothel might be running, then we want to hear from them.”

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    Do I understand this correctly??? We are now responsible for ensuring that tenants pay their taxes?

    So do we now have to write into our ASTs that tenants must send us copies of their P60s or tax returns?

    Completely ridiculous!

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    Typical of our police. They just want to blame everyone else for their failings in doing their job correctly. Tenants are protected by the human rights act, and what about data protection? It beggars belief that anyone with an ounce of common sense could make such a statement.

  • Harley Welch

    As normal its all our fault how they choose to live. Of course we complete inspections, of course we check home but if they deny us access we have to take it to court to evict. That same system that our government forces us to use is taking months and causing further distress not to mention massive cost to all involved. The police have powers to shut down a house instantly but because they too have to dance through hoops they rarely use those powers instantly and go for arrests. Maybe shut it down instantly and give keys back to owner instantly and save everyone all the hassle. (INSTANTLY) so much bloody red tape, mainly due to the government allowing everybody to sue everybody. Lets go for Curbing Law firms and easy pay out insurance companies. This country is in a mess and its all due to greed and human rights.


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