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MPs call for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in all homes to let

Buy-to-let landlords across the UK should be responsible for the installation of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, according to a new report.

Under existing regulations, landlords are legally required to provide CO alarms in all properties in Scotland, but in England and Wales landlords are only obliged to provide a CO alarm in properties with a solid fuel appliance, i.e. coal or wood burning stoves. But MPs want that to change.

MPs this week called on the government to make it illegal for a landlord not to install Co alarms in post-Grenfell Tower building regulations review.

With up to 1.6 million rental home believed to be at risk from CO poisoning, a new report on CO, launched by the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG), recommends that the government introduce legislation requiring all landlords to fit CO alarms.

The All-Party Group’s report - entitled Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Tenants Safe & Secure in their Homes - suggest that there is a need for a ‘fundamental health and safety review’ following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower.

Barry Sheerman MP, co-chair of the APPCOG, said: “Housing regulations have become a pressing issue – with pressures on housing market provision, more people moving into the rental market, and the population growing, we have to make sure that people are safe and secure in every home from CO.”

Eddie Hughes MP added: “Research, lived experiences and data all demonstrate that now is the time to take action to protect families where they live.

“This report is especially timely as the Government looks to achieve its commitment to safeguard the more vulnerable in our society.”

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    Don't disagree with this however would have been better to have included this with the smoke alarm regulations

  • Anthony Stevens

    Not much point in an all electric property

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    Another cost for the landlords. What about the millions of homeowners who don't have to have Carbon monoxide or smoke alarms.

    It is about time tenants took responsibility for their own lives!

  • Bill Wood

    Good idea, I've done it already. 10 alarms, £20 each, 7 year battery life. Total cost £30 per year. Tenants were very impressed. Apart from the peace of mind we both now have, I have gained significant gratitude and loads of 'brownie points'
    I installed one in our own lounge (has a wood buring stove), got lots of brownie points from the missus too!


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