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MPs start carbon monoxide campaign to alert ‘new landlords’

MPs have launched a campaign called ‘Carbon Monoxide Safe 4 Summer’ to highlight concerns over risks associated with the poisonous gas.

They say new landlords - who may for the first time be letting out properties, perhaps especially as short lets - may be unaware of the issues. 

Chaired by Barry Sheerman MP, the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group - known as APPCOG - says it’s key to highlight the threat of carbon monoxide in wood and coal burners, liquid petroleum gas, and even some barbecues.


“It is more important than ever to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide this summer. The APPCOG has pushed carbon monoxide safety up the political agenda year on year, and the #Carbon Monoxide Safe4Summer campaign draws on the incredible work of the Group’s members to promote awareness and increase carbon monoxide safety. Please get involved, and share these simple steps to keep loved ones safe this summer” says Sheerman.


He says that across the UK, there has been an increase in entrepreneurial owners letting out properties for the first time, as many prepare to enjoy their summer holidays in this country.

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  • George Dawes

    Lot more dangerous than CO2 will ever be

  • icon

    Many people don’t know if they are using their fireplace either with logs or gas the chimney needs sweeping at least once a year.
    I alerted a neighbour to this as I could smell gas from her fireplace and when she got it checked out she was told she was lucky nobody had died.

  • George Dawes

    Tbh the sooner we stop using gas the better , total pain in the bottom

    The annual gas test , the maintenance, risk of flooding with pipes damage…carbon monoxide poisoning etc etc

    Electricity is definitely the way forward , just hope they sort those new boilers out soon 😂

  • icon

    How much more, per unit, is electricity than gas?

    Will the heating bill be the same? or 2x or 3x more expensive after the shift from gas to electricity?


    It will be more expensive, but that's the tenants problem, not mine, the government are out to shaft the landlord at every chance, but all they succeed in doing is shafting the poor tenants.


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