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Buy-to-let tycoon offers £10k purse to fight journalist

The UK’s largest private landlord Fergus Wilson has called out a local journalist over a prospective fight after being insulted by the reporter.

Fergus Wilson, who owns hundreds of properties in and around Kent, suggested the bout after becoming incensed by an error in a report about one of his race horses.

The 69-year-old, who is a 22-stone former professional boxer, has offered senior reporter Ed McConnell, of the Kent Messenger, £10,000 prize money if he can last one bare-knuckle round against him.


According to Kent Online, the argument started after 24-year old McConnell, who weights 15-stone and has never boxed, described Wilson’s three-year-old colt Maidstone Mixture as the worst race horse in history.

The controversial landlord, who earlier this year said that he would not accept ‘battered wives’ or ‘plumbers’ as tenants, also disagreed with McConnell over what he sees as the journalist’s left wing views.

Wilson said: “The long and the short of it is I look upon Ed as being a bit left wing and I think I have left wing tendencies myself but I mellow it with a bit of common sense which he doesn’t.

“Maidstone Mixture came first twice and netted £40,000, that would generally be seen as a good horse but Ed pooh-poohed it. He doesn't know much about horse racing, not many reporters do. I give him stories but all he does is belittle them.”

Wilson, who owns a multi-million pound property portfolio, added: “I made an offer to fight him and I'm quite happy to get in the ring with him. It should be bare-knuckles I think.

“I don't think it's a fair fight. I think it would be very unkind of me to do it as I’d hurt him very badly which I really would not want to do.

“If I set about his face in a fight I would really make a mess of it.”

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  • Simon D

    Seriously? Is this adult behavior? Or am I missing something?


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