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Grants of up to £25,500 offered to landlords to restore empty homes

Private landlords are being offered money to help encourage them to restore their empty homes in the London borough of Barnet. 

Empty Property Grants of up to £25,500 are currently available to help owners bring long term empty properties back into residential use through either renovation or conversion. A grant is also available to assist with the development of new properties.

Owners can currently get £15,300 for a one-bedroom property, £20,400 for two bedrooms and £25,500 for three bedrooms or more - as long as they agree to rent them out.


The council is keen to ensure that empty properties are occupied as soon as possible, and that is why, as an added incentive, landlords can currently get an extra £2,500 on top of these figures as long as they apply by November 30.

Empty Property Grants are available to landlords and key workers purchasing empty properties to help bring them back into residential use. Grants are also available for owners of empty properties who are in care and unable to return due to poor condition of their home.

Cllr Gabriel Rozenberg, chairman of the Barnet Council Housing Committee, said: “Barnet has hundreds of vulnerable families who are looking for a long-term home.

“When we face such an extreme supply shortage, it’s vital that any empty homes are brought back into use as quickly as possible.

“Empty Homes Grants give landlords great incentives to help out Barnet’s social housing tenants.

“Having homes occupied, means a reduction in the risk of vandalism, squatting or burglary.

“It’s a win-win.”

To apply for an Empty Homes Grant, call 0208 359 4359 or email empty.properties@barnet.gov.uk.

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    It’s funny isn’t it, this empty homes grant. It’s almost as if they were desperate for housing at a time when the government wanted us landlords to stop supplying it?!

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    Councils are so reliant on the PRS but private landlords are being stamped out by government with Section24 which will produce tax rates of over 100% for larger landlords with mortgages.
    Unlimited regs trying to abolish Section 21 and 3year tenancies which neither landlord or tenants want.
    What is required is a quick eviction route when tenants trash property live like pigs and dont pay the rent . A recovery route which ensures the tenant pays for the damage and rent arrears.

    These types of tenants give good tenants a bad name and ask any trade what they have seen regarding this or the bailiffs having to evict them.

    If the councils want PRS then stop telling tenants to remain until the bailiff arrives costing landlords thousands of pounds and stress.
    The government could gaurantee the rent and any damage money for they have the means to get it back from the tenant

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    Shelter and the government wounder why most of us say NO DSS, don't these people watch TV, '' can't pay we take it away'' or ''the sheriffs are coming'' most of us have seen and experienced this first hand. No leave the DSS tenants to the councils to home, their problem, not ours.


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