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Landlord who threw young family out awarded £1,250 by TV’s Judge Rinder

A landlord in Edinburgh who evicted a young family and dumped their belongings in the garden after they fell into rent arrears was last week awarded £1,250 compensation on ITV’s Judge Rinder.

David Love, who owns a portfolio of 15 buy-to-let properties in and around Edinburgh, hit the headlines earlier this year after evicting mum-of-nine Donna Newby and her children, who had occupied the flat for nine years, for not paying the rent.

Aside from face being homeless, the family saw several of their items, including TVs, laptops and electronic toys, broken beyond repair after they were flung into the communal front garden in the city’s Wester Drylaw Place by their 37-year old landlord, who is also an amateur boxer.


The incident took place in March after an eviction notice was served against the family to vacate the property.

Having failed to leave the property, Love and three helpers turned up at the flat and disposed of the family’s possessions by throwing them from the second-floor flat's balcony.

Despite the rather harsh nature of the eviction, the television judge ruled that the landlord had done nothing wrong reclaiming his property, although he said that his actions were “not an advisable thing to do”.

Love requested £5,000 in damages from his former tenant for damage Newby had caused to the flat, including a broken sink, broken window pains, locks and handles, along with damaged floors and skirting boards, but had to settle for £1,250.

The landlord, who last month feared losing his landlord license following the incident, received back payments for unpaid rent in a previous court hearing.

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  • Neil Moores

    This smacks of an heavily edited article with the important bits missing. I am presuming that the Judge balanced the value of the Tenants' losses against money due to the Landlord.

  • icon

    9 children ! why ? leave that sort to the council to house.

  • icon

    Landlords after a court says tenants must vacate,should be allowed to enter the property and remove all items (not throw them) and call the police to escort the tenants out !
    All this bailiff nonsense should not be necessary

  • icon

    Failure to follow the court order should also result in contempt of court action also

  • icon

    Although this seems heavy handed, the tenants were there illegally and no doubt had claimed their rent from benefits and spent it. Whilst I sympathize with some people who end up in a financial mess, to have 9 kids and not be able to afford your rent is their own fault. I had tenants like this once who destroyed a property and didn't pay rent, and you do get to a stage where you feel they are just taking you for a ride, and I can see why the landlord acted the way he did. Frankly, they got what they deserved and no-one should be expected to house people who cannot be responsible for themselves. In order to warrant having 9 kids you would need to be a multi millionaire, so irresponsible!

  • icon

    Surprised, but heartened by this verdict. I wonder how much he would have been awarded if he hadn't wrecked their stuff? Maybe Shelter will start to advise rent dodgers to leave before this happens to them now?

  • Susan Mathews

    I have just had a nice Christmas dinner with my family. I doubt his tenants have done the same as they will be worried sick about the landlord and his thug “helpers” coming round and throwing them out. It is disgusting that the Judge gave David Love a payout. He is a millionaire anyway. He should have donated the money to Help The Homeless Foundation! I hope he loses his license as Edinburgh tenants are not safe whilst this gangster landlord is controlling the properties.


    You are clearly a hacked off tenant. This is a forum for Landlords not the likes of you to make comment on. Tenants should act responsibly or face the consequences. Well done Judge Rinder.


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