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New Tinder-style lettings app could reduce the number of feuding tenants

From not paying their share of the rent or bills to failing to do their share of the household tasks, there are lots of reasons why housemates sometimes fall out with one another when renting a property together, but a new Tinder-style lettings app hopes to help reduce the problems that can often arise.

In the event of a conflict between renters who are sharing a property, the ideal scenario is to have them sort out their issues themselves, but there are times when a landlord needs to mediate to help alleviate the conflict between the tenants in order to protect the tenancy.

However, the new app, which is free to use, claims it can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to link like-minded people, which if it works would be welcome news for private landlords, especially those that have in the past had to deal with feuding tenants.


Badi, launched in August, has already acquired almost 100,000 users and thousands of listings across the UK.

The app aims to match tenants with people who share the same interests and outlook in order to avoid problems of incompatibility, which can lead to disputes that end tenancies early.

Carlos Pierre, CEO and founder of Badi, says that the idea for the app came to him when he was searching for a flatmate in Barcelona.

He said: “I saw a girl in New York had the same problem and used Tinder to put her room on it and she found a roommate in less than three days.

“Tinder is useful because you can accept or reject easily.”

Richard Truman, head of operations at Simple Landlords Insurance, is among those interested in how new technology can potentially solve problems between tenants.

He commented: “Housemates who can’t get on often cause problems for landlords further down the line and can lead to the premature end of tenancies, which means profitless void periods.”

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