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AIIC continue to push for mandatory independent inventories

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) remains hopeful that independent inventory reporting will become a compulsory requirement.

The AIIC, the UK’s only membership association for independent inventory clerks, has been campaigning for the introduction of mandatory independent inventory reporting of all private rental properties for two years with the aim of providing greater protection and higher professional standards.

Compulsory tenancy deposit protection was introduced in 2007, but there has never been any additional legislation concerning the documentary evidence required to enable adjudicators to adequately arbitrate on disputes, but the AIIC is trying to change that.


As part of its ongoing campaign, the trade body has petitioned and lobbied the government, carried out educational talks in London and held a series of meetings with deposit protection and property redress schemes.

The AIIC launched a petition late last year calling for independent inventory reporting to become a compulsory requirement.

The petition, which aimed to encourage the government to consider the benefits of mandatory inventory reporting as part of its plans to increase regulation of the Private Rented Sector, attracted 1,100 signatures.

Danny Zane, chair of the AIIC, said: “We’re knocking on all of the relevant doors to make compulsory inventory reporting a reality in the private rented sector (PRS).

“The importance of impartial check-ins and check-outs taking place at the start and end of each tenancy cannot be underestimated.

“As rents rise and subsequently push up the value of average security deposits, it’s vital that the tenant’s money and landlord’s investment are offered the required protection.

“Of course, even tenancies using zero deposit schemes can end in dispute or with property damage when the tenancy ends.

“Wider adoption of independent inventories will contribute towards fewer deposit disputes, while these documents remain invaluable in the event that a disagreement between landlord and tenant is referred to a deposit protection scheme.”

The AIIC says that as the government increases regulation of the PRS, mandatory inventory reporting must be one of the final pieces of the puzzle.

A ban on upfront letting agent fees charged to tenants as well as a six-week cap on security deposits are due to become law next spring at the earliest, and the rental trade body said legislation around inventory reporting would complement these policies.

Zand added: “In order for the deposit cap to be truly effective, landlords and tenants need to be sure that the money is protected not only by a deposit protection scheme, but by an impartial inventory which provides full details of the property’s condition.

“Moreover, if rents rise due to the ban on fees as expected, then typical damage deposits will increase as a result.

“This means landlords will need to be able to call upon an inventory to prove deductions. At the same time, higher sums of tenants’ money will be at risk and so they will need the assurance that it’s protected by impartiality.”

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  •  G romit

    I've used an independent inventory company for several years now. But without exception when a dispute arises adjudicator's have in my experience in every case have found in favour of the Tenant. Even when having a before and after photograph (which is often not the case as most inventories do not have photographs of undamaged items).
    The word on the street now is for Tenants to dispute everything because they'll win!

  • icon

    more parasites

  • icon

    sounds to me they are looking for more business, we have little choice here other than to build something into the rent to cover damage at tenancy end, deposits are getting to be a waste of time.

  • Andrew Hill

    What a surprise! An independent inventory company wants the government to force landlords to get an independent inventory.

    Crikey. I'm missing a trick here. Maybe letting agents should lobby the government so landlords are forced to use letting agents.

    Why shouldn't our clients be free to choose whether to do an inventory themselves, to pay for an independent inventory or ask their agent to do it?

    The tenant signs off on the inventory anyway so any inaccuracies can be disputed there and then. Independent inventories are a waste of money and time unless you need an inventory and are otherwise not able to do it yourself or have a letting agent/property manager do it for you.

  • James B

    The comments above accurately sum it up ! Just more jumping on the bandwagon to get money from landlords and agents, but using tenants as the reason .. same old stuff.

  • icon

    The Association of Mouse Trap Suppliers, Purple Towel Washers and Yellow Bucket Purveyors have statistics to prove these items are essential in every flat. People die every day in flats with no clean purple towels! Why has Landlord Today not highlighted this indisputable fact?

    PS: I still have stocks of all such essentials at ludicrously high prices. Buy now before your local Council forces you to get them or evict your tenants if stocks run out!


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