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New petition calls for pet damage insurance to be paid by tenants with pets

Landlords and tenants are being urged to sign a new online petition calling for the government to better support tenants with pets, ahead of the introduction of the tenant fees ban.

Many pet-owning tenants have a tough time finding a suitable rental home, as few landlords embrace the idea of a pet in their property.

The reasons are understandable given that some animals, such as dogs, can be noisy, smelly and destructive.


However, it is argued that the Tenant Fees Bill is leading the nation of tenants and animal lovers to disaster and will find tenants with pets at an even greater disadvantage against those without as a result of the intention to ban landlords and letting agents from asking tenants to purchase insurance to cover the pet damage in rented property, which is why the petition has been launched.

You can view and sign the petition by clicking here

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    I'm one of very few landlords in my area that will consider pets, I do ask for an extra deposit which once the cap comes in I won't be able to, so it looks like I will now be saying no pets.

  • Andrew Hill

    Thanks for sharing our petition. :D

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    If tenants can afford pets, they can afford to pay any necessary insurance against damage. Being a pet owner is not a disability, religion, race, sexual orientation etc - so discrimination against pet owners refusing to take full responsibility for them is not only legal but justified.

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    So far, 710 people have viewed this, 73% say they support this petition but only 58 people have actually signed it! Come on, if you support it, sign it!


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