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RLA sets out industry demands ahead of general election

The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has compiled a manifesto that it hopes all political parties will take note of ahead of the general election, setting out key priorities for the industry, including committing to the development of a housing court. 

As part of what it describes as a ‘positive, ambitious’ vision’ for the private rented sector, the RLA’s manifesto for the PRS encourages political parties to build on the positive developments in the market, including recent research showing that 84% of private tenants being satisfied with their accommodation. 

The RLA’s key proposals include improving access to justice for tenants and landlords when things go wrong by developing a housing court, supporting vulnerable tenants by ending the Local Housing Allowance cap and ensuring councils have the resources to find and root out criminal landlords using the wide range of powers they already have.


With warnings of noticeable rent rises as a result of the demand for private rented housing outstripping supply, the RLA is calling on all parties to boost supply by scrapping the stamp duty levy on additional properties where landlords provide homes adding to the net supply of housing.


The RLA calls also for a rejection of all forms of rent controls which the RLA argues would serve only to dry up the supply of homes to rent, reducing choice for tenants and thereby increasing rents overall. 

David Smith, policy director for the RLA, commented: “For too long we have let the actions of a minority of landlords who bring the sector into disrepute dictate the debate around rented housing. 

“Whilst we must find and root out such people we cannot let it distract from the positive news in the sector.

“The vast majority of landlords and tenants enjoy good relations, with many tenants staying long term in their rental properties. It is important that we build upon this record, ensuring pro-growth policies to ensure a sufficient supply of homes to rent, supporting vulnerable tenants and ensuring tenants and landlords can access justice more quickly if things do go wrong.

“We call on all parties to accept our positive, pragmatic programme for the sector and end the unnecessary scaremongering which is causing many tenants to live in fear.”

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  • David Lester

    At present there are plenty of articles relating the problems in the Housing and PRS sectors, predicting gloom and despondency all with excellent arguments, however the message is not getting across to the politicians. On the other side of the argument, i.e. Shelter and Generation Rent seem to get media coverage and achieve to get their message across.
    As this election will be a once in a possible 5 years to get the PRS point of view, we need to rally support, I personally have written to my MP on several occasion. Can I suggest that Landlord associations get together produce a communication that all Landlords can personalise to send to their MP’s

  •  G romit

    Very surprised that the RLA is not calling for the repeal of Sec.24. in fact Sec.24 doesn't get a mention.

    phil dillon

    Totallyagree , and if any of the writers of these articles actually read these comments perhaps they might like to make the point to RLA and all other bodies that are supposed to be representing us. 1) S24 must be scrapped 2) If the Govt is so hell bent on getting Private LL to sell, then reduce CGT to standard levels. 3) If neither of these are actioned there will be a mass exodus in the new year when PLL get their next tax bills. 4) Boris said he was going to movethe 40% threshold to £80000 ok Lets see it in themanifesto.

  • icon
    • 31 October 2019 10:11 AM

    If Boris increased the HRT threshold to £80000 that would result in far fewer Mortgaged sole trader LL having to sell up.
    Very effectively mitigating for many LL the bonkers S24 tax policy.
    Can't see this happening for that reason alone.
    Though I suppose the HRT limit could be increased for EVERYONE EXCEPT sole trader LL!!!

  • phil dillon

    Well they need to be put under pressure to let us know exctly what their plans are in their Manifesto. We know Crbyn will just increase all taxes as he sees the PRS as a bunch of Dodgy LL.
    So who in these "Organisations " that aparently our the mouthpiece for the PRS, who is going to make a formal statement. I need to know who I should vote for?

  • icon

    I see that Corbyn has specifically targeted landlords in his speech today.
    We are seen by the looney left as 'the devil incarnate'.
    God help us all if these idiots ever get into power.


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