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Landlords in Wales urged to beware change in the law ‘with little notice’

Buy-to-let landlords and letting agents in Wales will have to start supplying a list of information to tenants before taking a holding deposit from next month.  

The Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Specified Information) (Wales) Regulations 2019 have been laid in the National Assembly for Wales and if not annulled will come into force on 13 December. 

The regulations will mean landlords and agents in Wales have to supply tenants with the following information to tenants before a holding deposit is paid:


Amount of holding deposit

  • Identify the dwelling in respect of which the deposit is paid

  • Name, address, telephone number and any email address of the landlord (and if instructed, the letting agent)

  • Nature and duration of the contract

  • Proposed occupation date

  • Amount of rent or other consideration

  • Rental period

  • Any proposed additional contract terms or proposed modifications or exclusions to fundamental or supplementary terms

  • Amount of any security deposit

  • Whether a guarantor is required and, if so, any relevant conditions

  • Reference checks the landlord (or letting agent) will undertake

  • Information the landlord or letting agent requires from the prospective contract-holder. The information must be provided to a prospective contract-holder in writing and may be given in person or sent either by post or provided by electronic means if the prospective contract-holder consents to receiving it electronically.

  • Unless the regulations are annulled by the Assembly, they will come into force on 13 December 2019.

    David Cox, chief executive, ARLA Propertymark, commented: “Once again, the Welsh government is changing the law with little notice.

    “We will be preparing a short factsheet and template for members to use in the coming days and we will publish this as soon as possible.”


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    • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

      What on earth is the rationale for this extra layer of bureaucracy ?


      It's the useless WAG trying to justify its existence.
      Comrade Drakeford and his politburo hate landlords.
      What do you expect from a Socialist government?

    • icon

      Does this mean a landlord now has to re issue a contract if an assured shorthand tenancy runs over into a periodic tenancy


      I'm not sure, I haven't looked at the details yet?
      If it does, then this will cause more unpaid work and expense for the landlord.
      They probably have more delightful regulations in the pipeline to keep us on our toes.
      That is why I will still use an Agent for a tenant find and leave the extra paperwork up to them. I can't be a***d with the extra hassle anymore.
      There is no doubt that PRS landlords in Wales are not welcome.

    • icon

      I am concerned a guarantor can claim they have not been given the information stated and that the duration of the tenancy has to be stated. Technically anyone whose agreement expired after the 13th December should be issued with new terms and conditions. If this is correct it has a massive legal impact on hundreds of landlords.


      You may be correct in this.
      I will contact my Agent and ascertain if this is indeed the case.
      Hopefully, it will just apply to new tenancies created after this date.
      I haven't looked up the date, but let's hope it's not a Friday?


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