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Landlord slammed for advertising corridor as a flat

A buy-to-let landlord in south London has been blasted for offering a corridor as a flat. 

The flat in Brixton was listed on Zoopla until yesterday at an asking price of £845 per calendar month (pcm), before being removed.

It was initially listed for £901pcm in August, but was reduced by the landlord in September.


The re-purposed corridor has no room for a proper bed, while the radiator is placed halfway up the wall. 

In addition, the flat features just a small cooker hood, a microwave, a sink, a cabinet, along with a washing machine – but there is no space for an oven.

Journalist, Joel Golby, who discovered the online property listing, wrote: “If your housemate left a sofa in the hallway of your share-house, you’d be annoyed, wouldn’t you? But if you do it and you’re a landlord and you can lock the door either side of it, then somehow you can charge £845 a month for that.”

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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    This is the worse of Private Renting and needs stamping out as its giving the vast majority an undeservedly bad name.
    Also, its attracting draconian measures against ALL Landlords ( for the actions of a very few )
    I hope they throw the book at both Landlord and Agent.


    It appears that it is possible to rent almost anything out in London for a 'sky high' price.
    You would be lucky to get that for a five bedroomed detached here in Wales.
    I suspect that that property mentioned above, wouldn't rent out in my area at all.
    The trouble is, that people who exploit the system are the ones held up as an example of a landlord and it just reinforces Corbyn's view that we can't be trusted.

  • phil dillon

    I agree entirely , but rather than just leave us all going bust when we are doing a great job, there needs to be some relief from all this for us decent landlords, sadly the NLA are completely useless.


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