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New online platform aims to help landlords ‘keep their costs down’

An e-commerce platform battling construction waste by enabling businesses to sell surplus materials to builders, renovators and DIY enthusiasts, claims that it can also help landlords keep costs to a minimum.

Builders Bay believes that it has come up with a unique way to save landlords money and help the environment with its online marketplace, Buildersbay.co.uk.

Landlords can use the site to purchase products at reduced prices for their housing projects while doing their bit for the environment at the same time.


Buildersbay.co.uk was launched with a view to tackling the issue of excessive construction waste by enabling nationwide suppliers to sell surplus products to builders, renovators and DIY enthusiasts.

Products offered on buildersbay.co.uk are up to 45% cheaper than anywhere else on the internet.

Builders Bay co-founder, Michael Chapman, said: “There’s hundreds of millions of surplus materials and products on sites, in stores and from supply chains which literally just go into landfill and it’s been an ongoing problem for these businesses. One supply chain is actually building their own incinerator to get rid of surplus materials!

“Builders Bay is the perfect solution for the supply chain that also benefits landlords looking to keep their costs down. It is the first service of its kind and we recommend it as the go-to marketplace in 2019.”

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    I've often despaired at the amount of waste in builders' skips - nearly full pieces of plaster board, brand new insulation panels, lengths of wood etc. Instead of Councils banning us from taking stuff away from their tips, they should be encouraging us to put excess materials carefully in easily accessible parts of their facility for others to take as required. IKEA are quite good at this, along with some B&Q outlets.


    My daughters partner worked on a developer's building site, he fished all sorts of brand new items out of their skips, doors, bathroom and kitchen items, boxes of tiles etc, seems they over order and then skip what they don't use, i'm all for recycling and reusing .


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