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Tenant from hell shamelessly destroys rented property causing £20,000 damage

A private landlord in the Staffordshire was left horrified after nightmare tenants trashed her property and turned it into a drugs den.

Jean Fox had to spend £20,000 on repairs and cleaning the property after it took five months to get the nightmare tenant evicted.

The tenant, who had stopped paying rent for several months, left the property in a filthy state with rubbish and belongings in every room, graffiti on the walls, holes in doors and mouldy walls.


Fox, who lived in the property in Bentilee with her late husband Clive before deciding to rent it out in 2014, said: “It was a beautiful house and I was watching it being destroyed.

“The disrespect was disgusting, it was a cesspit. Every door and every wall was bashed. Everywhere was filthy and it stank. There was damp and mildew and graffiti on the walls.

“The front door was held together by bits of wood because it had been broken by police doing raids. There were cannabis pots and a tent, bongs and other drugs paraphernalia left.

“The electricity meter was tampered with, the kitchen and the bathroom were wrecked. It made me physically sick.

“I had to completely redo the whole house.”

Several neighbours complained about the tenant because he often played loud music, with various people visiting the property at all hours.

Drugs were often discovered during police raids and the landlord was advised to report the tenant to the council.

Fox continued: “Neighbours told me about all sorts of things going on in the house – drugs, fighting, cars always coming and going, people going in and out at all hours.

“There were police raids as well as loud music, banging, shouting and screaming inside the property.

“I went to the police who said I should go to the council because it was anti-social behaviour.”

But regaining possession of the property was not straightforward and Fox had to go to country court to get the man, who is currently serving a prison sentence for motoring offences, evicted.

She continued: “The system needs to be shaken up.

“People always talk about nightmare landlords but it needs to be highlighted that this is what can happen to good landlords.

“It was a living nightmare and it pushed me to the limit.

“Why was he allowed to flout the law?

“I gave the police all the information but nothing was done.”

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  • Suzanne Morgan

    Yet Shelter and Labour would have no qualms at PLL's having to accept this !. Absolutely heartbreaking.

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    Name and picture the lowlife scum

    John Cart

    You probably can't do that......you'll be infringing his Human Rights.

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    The scum will be a Labour voter and Jeremy will invite him to tea.

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    The Government needs to start considering that not all tenants are good. Landlords also need laws to protect and help them.

  • David Lester

    Can you take them to court and make them bankrupt, thereby ensuring that they never get credit or a credit rating?

    • 21 June 2019 09:19 AM

    You could but it costs about £750 to make someone bankrupt.
    Personally I wouldn't bother.
    Effectively the wrongun tenant is costing you even more in monies you will never recover.
    Also once bankrupt you can get potentially discharged after a year.
    This is why LL don't bother.

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    So the police asked the landlord to take action! Unbelievable! Jail the scum for years!

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    I had similar problem with a house I built in Croydon, where I lived before renting it out. Recked every wall bashed & holed plaster board no barrier to them. All new carpet gone, ceiling & walls painted wears colours, light fittings broke, every plug socket broken or cracked, consumer unit interfered with/ large metal screw put across main fuse to use equipment to powerful for a normal house. The Council was completely on their side & sent me warning letter about correct procedures. I eventually got house back & had to do all the work again at my own expense. Then sold so sorry for my years of labour not making a profit & then pay capital gains tax, so spare a thought.

  • Hans Retallick

    Sadly this is not unusual behaviour from our protected, feckless and often drunken and lazy tenants who only exist on the handouts which we taxpayers provide for them.
    I have had enough of these people who think the world owes them a living and do nothing to contribute to society, so I will leave providing homes for them to others when I sell my properties. Best of luck!

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    It's about time the law was changed so that this sort of thing was classed as criminal damage. Once arrested this should also be classed as instant eviction.

    It won't happen of course when you have Lib Dems like Rory Stewart in the Tory party.

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    There is more they dismembered my wardrobes & reused the parts staked together in the garden to make perimeter of swimming pool, then draped a large lorry tarpaulin to form pool and filled with water which it did hold, then left there indefinitely until it stank. I am now going to do some work to get my mind off those things.

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    A few years ago landlords were being encouraged to rent to young people. We had a property ready for renting having spent £5k on improvements and redecoration. A young lady applied and we decided to accept her application. Within 3 months she had stopped paying the rent. We tried to contact her by phone but she didn't talk. We went to the property to converse but she shut the door in our faces. We had witnesses to prove there was no harassment as we were thinking at this stage that it would probably end in court for eviction. An hour after this attempt to speak to her , her mother sent me a vile text message accusing me of harassment, thank goodness for witnesses. Sent her a NTQ. Thankfully she left the property of her own choice. We quickly changed the locks and took stock of the damage including dog faeces squashed into the carpets, unwashed plates with mould growth, broken kitchen units, stained and abandoned mattresses plus other broken furniture. We tried to employ professional cleaners but they wouldn't go near due to the stench. The dog poo and wee had gone right through the carpets to the floorboards. All told we ended up out of pocket for over £3k. We would never rent to a first time tenant ever again. This sort of thing happens all too often, time for Councils and the Law Makers to take stock and punished these low life tenants.

    Daniela Provvedi

    Unbelievable!! So sorry for your ordeal. May I ask you why you didn't kick her out with a Sec 21 notice? It was possible 3 years ago - not now anymore unfortunately. Also, did you do a reference on her? Referencing people and charging them for it, filters out the scum, in my experience. There again, we can't charge tenants these fees anymore, so it will only get worse, I think.


    Daniela you can still use a section 21 notice. It hasn't been banned yet.

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    Name and shame and stuff their human right. Put the lowlifes on every social media you can as a warning to other LLs and scum like this. Do Not Be Intimidated.

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    Everyone should forward this to their MP and ask what action the government will take to protect LL

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    The Govt needs to create new laws to protect Landlords from unscrupulous Tenants, Lodgers & local Council.
    Tenant eviction in 5 months - either the local council is supportive of landlord or please share the details of solicitors who helped.
    My friend helped another friend’s family as a Lodger (Brazilian Portuguese), who wanted a maximum stay for 3 months after arriving from Portugal. Naively my friend thought that renting a spare vacant large double room could be a source of income as per Govt’s heavily publicised ‘Rent a room’ Scheme.
    Fast forward 10 months later, no rent, hallways with holes, staircase damaged, holes in walls, brand new bathroom damaged, kitchen utensils & gadgets stolen, £6,000 spent on legal costs so far, still waiting for Hounslow based courts (as it has to be a local council only) to issue a Bailiffs order!

    Gov. U.K., Landlord today and other bodies encouraging private renting options should put clear warnings for Homeowners, Landlords of excluded and non excluded occupiers that it can cost More in Eviction & Property damage than the Return on Rental income.
    My friend (in 70’s age bracket) have decided not to rent or become a private residential landlords. All laws are stacked up against Residential and Commercial Landlords in Housing, Landlord and Tenant as well as other Acts.
    Time for a quick overhaul of laws and clear guidelines for judges to rule in favour of Landlords for Commercial & Residential lets when a tenant stops, delays rent payment even by 1 day, damages property (without the police or courts requiring evidence of them damaging it from inside the place-effectively needing a CCTV in rented homes/areas resulting in costs and breaking privacy laws) or behaves in an anti social manner.

    3 days eviction rule for an automatic court order with an easy to follow application steps by Landlords should be applied in the above mentioned breaches by unscrupulous Tenants/Lodgers to encourage more people in becoming private landlords to help the Govt reduce the pressures on lack of good rental homes in private sector housing.

    • 21 June 2019 12:05 PM

    Unfortunately your IDIOT friend did not need to suffer what occurred.
    Surely they knew that tenancy regulations don't apply!!!??
    If the LODGER agreement states 1 week notice then that is all that is required.
    If the lodger hasn't vacated change the locks when they next go out.
    Any attempt to enter is breaking and entering; a criminal offence.
    It is most likely that your IDIOT associate gave a tenancy agreement when it should have been a lodger agreement.
    TWO different things.
    Perhaps your IDIOT friend might do a bit of gentle research as to how LODGERS are managed in future.
    You will be surprised that there are many idiot homeowners that give tenancy agreements to lodgers!!
    Beggars belief that these idiots do this.
    Just a simple lodger agreement is all that is needed which prevents any rights under tenancy laws.
    There a couple of things required with lodgers

    Right to Rent checks
    A Gas cert required
    A TV licence for the room though how TV licensing would ever find out beats me!!
    If you wish a deposit may be protected but it is not legally required.
    IGNORANCE can be very costly can't it!!!??


    Paul Barrett, Your assumptions describing nativity as idiot actions are wrong. My friends (a couple) had checked the lodgers passport (right to rent), are always exceptionally HSE aware in their home hence have fire, smoke alarms preinstalled, and gas, electricity safety checks are completed regularly. They used gov.uk ‘rent a room’ link to download and got the lodgers to sign a ‘Lodger’s agreement’, not Tenancy agreement, which clearly stated the notice period. They didn’t take any deposit, just as well or the Hounslow Council would have definitely classified them as criminals-knowing how the council has harassed these senior citizen homeowners.
    The lodgers subsequently (after receiving a written notice) got her mother and a child to start living with her in the room and took the notice letter to Hounslow council. The council team behaved more of a rogue lodger, telling the homeowners that the lodger is classified a tenant as per certain sections of housing act 2000 and warned in writing that if they change the locks, the council will issue criminal proceedings, resulting in them having to pay legal costs plus rent and compensation to the Lodgers!
    The lodger then assaulted one of the homeowners. When reported to council and police, they wanted evidence-with the warnings from council that cctv could not be put in shared areas to protect the lodgers rights to privacy!
    Hence they were Forced to get a lawyer involved to help with the eviction using S.8 -still waiting for Bailiffs 11 months later because Hounslow council team hires people who support unscrupulous Lodgers, and Tenant’s.
    Hence not everyone is an Idiot by placing trust in govt schemes. The unscrupulous Hounslow council team members and Lodgers definitely are the Idiots & bad news for Honest Landlord victims.
    My friend’s experience taught me to Beware and Not rent to EU migrants especially Brazilian Portuguese female as lodgers or tenants even after referencing.

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    • 21 June 2019 11:56 AM

    There is a free database which EVERY LL should register their good and bad tenants on.


    It enable LL to contact previous LL with no GDPR issues.
    If every LL used this for all their tenants eventually all the wrongun tenants would be homeless as other LL won't take on the wronguns.


    Great idea but should come with a legal warning ⚠️
    A lodger/tenant can legally ask for the referencing file and LL must provide the information.
    Anything negative can then be taken to courts resulting in fines, and potential criminal proceedings if the user/tenant claims that they have been left homeless due to the referee/s actions. Free negative media coverage against LL will have further reputation damage impact.

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    Good point. All Professional LLs need and shouild use that site As per PBs note

    • 21 June 2019 14:01 PM

    The other thing I forgot to mention is that LRS allows lodgers to be registered.

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    These scum tenants make me sick. Supported by councils and charities like Shelter to enable them to keep being scum tenants. No interest from police and yet landlords aren’t allowed to prevent the bad behaviour unless they go through months of stress and expense. This is why Section 21 needs to stay!! And this is also why anti-landlord organisations and charities should stop attacking landlords and start seeing the crap they have to put up with! What would Shelter do with this spunktrumpet tenant?!?!

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    The law is an arse! Complete joke. There should be a common sense factored into tenant renting. If they are involved in any illegal activity it should be instant ban on staying in the property. Better still hung drawn and quartered!

  • icon
    • 21 June 2019 14:18 PM

    There is much self-righteous indignation being expressed here which is perfectly justified and I am just as guilty as you all are of feeling this way.
    However the bottom line is that there is only one person to blame for when a LL experiences a wrongun tenant.
    That person IS the LL!!
    Now this may seem harsh but we are operating businesses.
    We are responsible for managing our businesses.
    If we end up with a wrongun tenant ultimately we LL are to blame.
    How we choose to manage our business may result in negative outcomes.
    It is very easy to cast around and blame others for our business decisions.
    We may well be justified in our annoyance with these circumstances.
    But that is hardly the point.
    If we are incapable of managing our businesses we need to seriously question our capabilities to manage.
    Personally I prefer the backstop of RGI cos I know as a self-managing LL I will eventually take on another wrongun.
    The problem with my strategy is very few tenants qualify for RGI.
    Fortunately I have properties in an area where some tenants may qualify for RGI.
    But LL need to seriously consider whether they should remain invested in areas where RGI is rarely possible on the tenants.
    So all us fed up LL should appreciate that the buck stops with us annoying though that concept maybe!

    Michelle Amato

    I agree with you. Ultimately the Landord is the professional and should know the legalities. The buck stops with the Landlord.
    The eviction process is tedious and time consuming and we know there are more laws to protect a tenant than a landlord so he Landlord needs to ensure that he is fully compliant with paperwork and evidence to get a swift decision by the courts

  • icon

    Paul Barrett,
    I disagree.
    Buck stops with Govt laws and Councils to stop supporting unscrupulous Tenants to have private rental housing supply.
    To research the results of wrong Govt policies-just search zoopla to see how many landlords (& companies since tax breaks changed) are now selling up HMO and rental properties.
    In my opinion, the Bottom line is: Private Landlords should be protected better, and supported with tax breaks, quick, efficient & cost effective tenant eviction if the Govt wants to reduce declining good quality private rental properties stock.
    No one evicts a good tenant, hence logic clearly states that something is inherently wrong with the system when the Govt is trying to stop/delay eviction processes, thereby helping unscrupulous tenants.
    Our laws, councils and court system need an urgent overhaul to support Landlords, which will by default release the pressures on the Govt’s limited housing supply issues.

    • 21 June 2019 15:38 PM

    Listen I TOTALLY agree with you!!!
    But we LL are operating under our own recognisance.
    There is nobody but us that is responsible for what we do.
    We may feel perfectly correctly about the law and politicians BUT ultimately we decide to take on a tenant.
    Nobody forced us to.
    We have every right to feel aggrieved about the situation.
    But we need to manage things despite all the issues.
    I know of one or 2 LL who have excellent methodologies of assessing tenant suitability.
    Rarely has it gone wrong for them.
    Now it involves them being INVOLVED!!
    Have a read of the excellent posts on propertytribes by DL and Johnathan Clarke.
    Adopt what they do and you won't go wrong
    This is what I mean by the buck stopping with us.
    We are managing our business.
    Whether it is being managed the most effective way is for further discussion.
    Needless to say neither of these two very very experienced LL use LA
    Which must tell you something!!!

  • icon

    Sorry to disagree but we are not allowed to run our business anymore.

    • 21 June 2019 16:06 PM

    Agree but that is the point.
    We have to consider other ways of managing.
    Other LL seem to be able to.
    How many times do you have to be unlucky before you determine that the way you are managing things is NOT working out.
    In my 5 evictions it was reliance on a useless LA and my taking on HB tenants.
    All MY fault!!!
    I made the decision to take them on.
    I was the one to blame!
    The facts that the system facilitated my business being abused is irrelevant.
    It is what it is and I should have managed things differently!!

  • icon

    Agree AB. Go to the council office make a major complaint and insist seeing Line Management untill this matter is taken seriously. Copy in your local MP. Contact council every day until resolved

  • icon

    Steve Sykes -Thank you for the advise.
    #1 step is planned for action, once my friends lodger has actually left (see earlier comments in this thread). They are willing to write, and I will be a witness but don’t wish to prejudice the current case.
    #2 - Hounslow is a Labour Majority Council = full of unscrupulous people-no chance (or as they say-no hope in hell) of an action to support honest landlords or hardworking honest people either. If one knows an insider, is willing to defraud the system - things will get done, or just go to the end of queue until the next 4-5 general elections have happened and if one is still alive!
    It was bad before the EU floodgates opened, when many people arrived all prepared with how to use the system to get housing benefits and council housing with no regards to anyone else’s home, or respect for the LL.
    Now it’s getting worse as many have settled from previous waves, got council benefits/housing and work for the council. They help their friends/network associates.
    As per my earlier thread-my friends lodger spoke perfectly good English when asking for help in Oct 18, but suddenly lost her linguistic skills on the court hearing day in June 19-requesting an interpreter at HM taxpayers cost!
    The Council staff had advised her all along to act in such a manner, whilst threatening the Landlords with the criminal proceedings.
    Unless the media, Organisations like Landlord today and Legal Eagles influence the urgency of laws for better protection of LL against lodgers/tenant’s & Councils, the Rental Properties stock will continue declining, in due course one of the Politicians might take notice.

    • 21 June 2019 15:48 PM

    Mate the council simply behaved illegally.
    There was nothing they could have done had the lodgers been booted out..Statute law wins out everytime against silly council ones.
    The facts are the lodgers could have been booted out anytime. Usually a month notice is given.
    That is all that needs to have been given.
    Of course councils threaten all sorts of things.
    They play on the fears and ignorance of the victim LL.
    The homeowner could have had a free half hour consult with a solicitor about this matter.
    Would have saved a fortune!!
    Councils are simply lying; cheating, thieving scum.
    ALWAYS trust but VERIFY what they state!!!

    • 21 June 2019 15:56 PM

    You are yet again TOTALLY correct.
    But that doesn't help our situation does if!?
    We have to accept we are where we are and manage accordingly.
    As you will be aware any regulation that favours LL is not politically acceptable.
    Kicking a LL is a vote winner.
    Don't expect things to turn in our favour.
    If this results in a smaller PRS then so be it.
    The country will have to suffer the economic effects of a smaller PRS.
    Eventually the PTB will realise they made a mistake.
    I reckon that will take about 8 years for that to occur
    By then I will have been out of the PRS for 4 years.
    Wild horses couldn't get me back into the PRS for tenants!!

  • icon

    Do not give up chum. Give the council as much grief as they give you. Keep naming and shaming them all.

  • icon

    Sorry again I was not disagreeing with you Abi Bhalla which I totally agree with but about previous comment by Paul who I usually agree with.

    • 21 June 2019 16:16 PM

    I get why you disagree.
    But at some point we LL have to take responsibility for our actions.
    It might mean not investing in certain areas due to the tenant demographic.
    One should always operate on the basis that it goes wrong.
    If a LL couldn't cope or wouldn't want to then they should not invest
    This might saying No DSS or however you do it now..
    In light of all the anti-PRS regulations LL need to carefully consider their investment decisions.
    Things have substantially changed since 2015.
    New rules new game.
    Adapt or die as DL is oft quoted as saying!!


    Michael Foley - no problem.
    I agree with your statement and issues faced by LL’s whether operating a business or letting room/s in their homes.

    Landlord And Tenant Act is not fit for purpose in the current Residential or Commercial market dynamics.
    Our Laws need to be changed to eliminate the unfair advantages provided to Tenants by local councils.
    Landlords and Police should be empowered to take an immediate action regardless of other restrictive legal acts (eg race, age, human rights etc), and an expedited court decisions/Bailiffs actions in favour of the true victims of unscrupulous tenants-claimant Landlords.

  • icon
    • 21 June 2019 15:59 PM

    No you are wrong.
    There is no issue with the data LRS supplies.
    Permission is given at the outset of the tenancy.
    If they refused would you take them on as a tenant!?
    Give LRS a call they are always happy to explain to LL how their Network Referencing system operates.

  • icon

    Just keep making life very very very uncomfortable for any scum tenant.

  • icon

    Paul Barrett - I will bear that in mind if I ever decide to return to PRS or support, help anyone looking to do so.

    Note: In legal terms, Permission granted doesn’t qualify as a Disclaimer from legal claims after receiving information under FOI requests. Without prejudice noted on the advise from counsels in a jury case during my civic duty.

    I do voluntary work with the local Community in 2 Boroughs of London, including community policing support and have seen the issue of unscrupulous tenants disrespecting honest LL’s (some LL’s in 70’s or older having used their lifetime earnings to get a property to rent, & known personally for over 20 years), damaging properties, anti social behaviour, non payments etc but Police’s hands are tied until laws change with direct clear guidelines to support LL.

    I strongly disagree that it’s LL’s fault or that they don’t know what to do.

    Over 95% of my pro bono voluntary support cases were EU lodgers or tenants using LL’s as a stepping stone to gain a Council home with the help of Council staff who guide the tenants tactics about what to do.
    The fault lies with our housing laws and govt policies (accumulated over multiple govt changes over the last 35 years)-well known globally as ‘The Easy Target/Asylum nation-an easy life for economic migrants, and lazy people’.

    To be clear- I myself am from migrant heritage. My ancestors contributed to the economy by Defence Services sacrifices & financial funding from the starting point & we have never looked to the state for assistance. In fact, my ancestors (passed away) frowned upon state support if anyone mentioned seeking the council or benefits support during their toughest times hence I am qualified to comment about the impact of uncontrolled immigration as well as unscrupulous migrant tenants.

    • 21 June 2019 19:04 PM

    I totally get your sentiments and agree wholeheartedly.
    I'm afraid good LL are used as stepping stones by the unscrupulous.
    That is just life I'm afraid.
    I have learnt from bitter experience that despite what tenants contend at the outset of a tenancy with a wrongun it goes wrong pretty quickly!
    Tenants have no regard for LL and they will manipulate circumstances to advance what they desire.
    Something it seems you have very direct experience of and which few other LL have.
    We LL must be on our guard all the time as we are in the weaker position as soon as an AST is signed.
    We should pragmatically plan for failure.
    Not to do so is planning to fail.
    My strategy involves declining all tenant applicants that can't qualify for RGI.
    That means about 90% are unsuitable.
    As you can possibly imagine that stricture imposes a lot of stress on me.
    Without it what I do is unviable.
    One rent defaulting tenant could bankrupt me.
    So because of all the new regulations I have decided I am getting out of the AST game.
    I will try the lodger strategy if I can afford a suitable property from the sale proceeds of my BTL properties.
    I have a similar jaundiced view as you do and I know when I'm not wanted.
    My tenants want me of course but their views count for very little in the overall scheme of things.
    Ridiculous ideology trumps all common sense and practicalities.
    I sense with you an air of resignation with the debacle that the PRS has become and that you might be getting out of the game like me.
    I'm sure many LL share your sentiments and have had enough and will be slowly exiting the PRS.
    Obviously a crying shame that so many experienced LL such as you obviously are feel this way.
    But I suppose there is a straw for everyone that breaks their back!
    Govt just blunders around like a bull in a China shop not understanding or appreciating the havoc it is causing..
    Well we will see how they cope with a much reduced PRS.
    I suggest not very well and then inevitably the call will go out for rent controls and there we are back in the 70's with the dysfunctional rental market.
    I have direct experience of this.
    My parents had some houses with regulated tenancies..Cost them a fortune to keep going.
    Never made a penny in profit.
    Had to wait til the tenants died before they could let at market rents.
    Being a LL with rent controls in force is no good for your stress levels!!
    You know when your time is up it is just time to go.
    Doesn't matter how great a LL you are the PTB don't want you around.
    You can't beat them..
    When the wind is against you and unlikely to change in the bear future with the distinct possibility that it might develop unto a full blown hurricane time to recognise this and plan to go before you are sunk!!

  • icon

    Obviously some great LL’s and wonderful Tenants in the main
    who are a pleasure to deal with, that we would never evict and only sorry the day they move on. S21 is only there protect bad Tenant which I haven’t use in years but the fact that it is there helps because they know as a last resort you could use it if they get too much out of line.
    The last time I used s21 I was owed £9k got Court Order for fill amount, cost me another £1500 legal plus VAT of course didn’t finish there had to pay Bailiffs, to make a long storey longer I never actually received a penny, good system isn’t it not ?

  • Suzanne Morgan

    Taking in a lodger under the spare room scheme as I do does not give the lodger any tenancy rights. They are in my home under a license to use a room in my home. I ensure a written terms and conditions are given and signed. I am paid weekly so am entitled as they are to a weeks notice. This is FACT and anything that a council or lodger says otherwise is incorrect. There is NO tenancy security if those lodgers are renting in your home.

  • icon

    Thank you Paul I digress and agree with you. I shouldn’t invest and definitely not able to coping now but not with any aspect of providing quality affordable housing. It’s all the nonsense regulations & legal farce to drive us. They need our Tenants for the thousands of Flats they are building clearly not required, it’s a shame someone didn’t tell me that I wasn’t fit for purpose in 1978 41 years ago & I wouldn’t have bothered, just sorry for ever being a LL and the contribution I made.

    • 21 June 2019 19:43 PM

    For me S24 has been the decider.
    I'd thought I would just bumble along.
    But with the issue of S21 going that is my straw.
    S8 is not fit for purpose and is unlikely to ever be.
    I will be consequently slowly exiting the PRS.
    Unless someone wants to make me a retail price offer for 4 flats in the same block then I'm up for that!!!

  • Michelle Amato

    You know with all said and done, the Government rely on the PRS and yet every housing minister comes up with some hair brained regulation and always against the Landlord. They want rid of the landlord that only rents out his old hone. They want rid of the small portfolio landlord. What they want is Housing Associations purchasing more rental or building where they can then take from the LA's homeless list. They are working their way to bringing back rent controls for sure but somehow forget or really don't care about rental prices being set by a supply & demand market. They are already forcing banks to remove the BTL mortgage offer clause about only renting to professional tenants, which basically we all know is anyone in a job and not anyone on benefits.
    It's a business. At the end of the day, I'm not here to subsidise the councils lack of available housing. That said, twice I have rented to tenants on benefits and twice I've had to evict them and deal with the expense of getting the properties back to a good standard. The arrears and damage we write off. If they gave a job, trace them and go for attachment to earnings!!
    Fortunately I am able to deal with S21 & S8, and complete and submit claim forms to the Court myself, deal with all evidence and attend Court and no I'm not a lawyer or in the legal profession but I've been a landlord for many years and in the property business for over 37 so I'm familiar with Where agents and landlords go wrong. .

  • icon

    Good on you and I wished I had your administration skills but unfortunately haven’t. I was a Tenant for 9 years & lived in various around the uk because I followed the work. However I Built my own house in Ealing in 1973 by my own hands with only hand tools no Electric on site and cordless tools yet to be invented, proper 4 bed Detached House, incidentally which I still have.
    Regarding getting rid of us in preference to housing all Benefit Tenants, this is fine by me but they’ll get the shock of their lives when they realise we’re not there to pay the taxes to fund them all.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Depending on the type of damage, if its obviously willful and intentional damage, then the Police have a duty to take action.
    We specialise in contesting Police (in-) action in Tenant dispute cases. Contact us for help with this.


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