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Tax-dodging UK landlords based abroad find the net is closing

HMRC is starting to catch up with overseas-based landlords who have not been paying tax on the rental income they receive in the UK or overseas.

Having intensified its campaign to net offshore landlords failing to declare their earnings, HMRC has seen 397 overseas based buy-to-let landlords disclose unpaid tax on rental income in the last 12 months.

The tax authority has been sending letters to thousands of UK landlords as part of its Let Property Campaign, suggesting it knows that they are not declaring the full tax they owe.


A number of overseas landlords, most of which are UK expats, have come forward in response to the campaign, which provides an opportunity for landlords who owe tax through letting out residential property, in the UK or abroad, to get up to date with their tax affairs in a simple way and take advantage of the best possible terms.

The 397 overseas-based buy-to-let landlords that admitted to HMRC that they had not been paying the tax on their rental income represents a 61% increase on the 246 that came forward in the previous year, according to accountants Moore Stephens.

HMRC is using its immense artificial intelligence (AI) database, Connect, to gather more information on landlords.

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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Why doesn't it share that intelligence with Local Authorities, - there wouldn't be a need for a National Landlord register then !

  • icon
    • 11 July 2019 00:20 AM

    Connect can't find lodgers who are paying more than the RFR tax free allowance.
    No chance of detecting live-in LL not declaring Lodger income in excess of £7500.
    No chance of detecting LL letting on short-term basis to things like AirBnB etc.
    Mass fraud occurs in the PRS.
    Perhaps HMRC would be wise to leave things or create a mass homelessness situation.
    For a start HMRC aren't detecting all the fraudster Accidental LL who shouldn't even be letting the resi mortgaged properties.
    They house about 1 million tenants.
    HM RC should be told to back off.
    The costs of TA would far exceed any Tax receipts.
    Govt would do well to let sleeping dogs like or be faced with mass homelessness costs.


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